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Mussoorie to nanital by road

Discussion in 'North India' started by Haseena, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Haseena

    Haseena New Member

    I am travelling from delhi to mussoorie by road. Is it safety to travel in jan month. Then From mussoorie to nanital i am travelling by road is it also safety to travel in winter. How are roads from delhi to mussoorie in winter, mussoorie to nanital, nanital to delhi. There will full of snow in the road or not.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi, @Haseena! Welcome to the forum!

    So there are different routes that you can take for Delhi to Mussoorie:
    • Route No. 1 via Yamuna Nagar - Delhi > Sonipat > Panipat > Karnal > Yamuna Nagar > Kalesar > Mussoorie.
    This route is about 323 kilometres long and can take around 7 hours to cover. This route is longer but is in better condition than the second route and has better sceneries along the way as well.

    From Delhi to Karnal, roads are in excellent conditions. Leave early from Delhi so that you can avoid the rush hour traffic.

    From Karnal to Yamuna Nagar, road conditions are excellent as well. However, this stretch is traversed by many trucks so that can be a huge delay in your journey if you don't leave early. It's best to pass by this route before 9:00 am, if you can. Otherwise, just be prepared with the trucks in this stretch.

    From Yamuna Nagar to Mussoorie, there are constant speed breakers along the way. But aside from that, roads are in good conditions and you would be able to reach Mussoorie quite smoothly. Some roads to Mussoorie might have snow by January and road blocks might also occur but not that frequent.
    • Route No.2 via Meerut - Delhi > Ghaziabad > Meerut Bypass > Khatauli > Muzaffarnagar > Roorkee > Dehradun > Mussoorie.
    This route is about 290 kilometres long and can take around 7 or more hours to cover.

    From Delhi to Khatauli, road conditions are excellent. Leave early from Delhi to avoid the traffic within this stretch. If you leave later in the day, trucks and other heavy vehicles might pile up in the highway already. But road conditions are smooth and your drive would be a breeze.

    From Muzaffarnagar to Roorkee, four lane constructions were ongoing in this stretch last year. I'm not sure if it's completed by now. But even if it's not, roads are in good condition, at least the remaining lanes. You do need to change lanes quite frequently because of the construction but beyond that, roads are easily traversable.

    From Roorkee to Dehradun, road conditions are average. There are bad patches, especially between Roorkee and Mohand. As you pass through this route, roads do get better and you'd have a smoother drive. If you leave early, you can also bypass the traffic within this area.

    From Dehradun to Mussoorie, road conditions are okay. Your main dilemma here would be the traffic especially if you don't leave early. During January, you might encounter snow in some parts of this stretch. This can lead to landslides that can then lead to road blocks along the way. Fogs are also common during this time so do be careful and slow when driving.

    We now go to the routes you have to take from Mussoorie to Nainital:
    • Route No. 1 via Ambala - Mussoorie > Dehradun > Haridwar > Najibabad > Nogina > Kashipur > Nainital.
    This route is about 317 kilometres long and can take around 8 hours to cover. This is the shorter route and also the more preferred one by travellers.

    From Mussoorie to Haridwar, road conditions are good. It's also quite scenic and enjoyable so do prepare your camera for this route. You can also have a stopover in Haridwar and visit the Har Ki Pauri.

    From Haridwar to Kashipur, roads are in good conditions as well. These roads have been recently re-laid so they are quite new and smooth. There's no traffic on this route as well.

    From Kashipur to Nainital, roads are in excellent conditions and very scenic as well. Go straight until Kaladhungi and then turn a left into Nainital. Driving this stretch won't be painful as roads are a breeze to drive in.
    • Route No. 2 via Saharanpur - Mussoorie > Dehradun > Saharanpur > Deoband > Muzaffarnagar > Bijnor > Dhampur > Kashipur > Nainital.
    This route is about 388 kilometres long and can take around 9 hours to cover. This is the longer route and less chosen by travellers as it has some bad stretches of roads.

    From Mussoorie to Dehradun, roads are in good condition but do leave early to avoid the traffic in Dehradun. Also, listen to the news so you'd know if there are landslides for that day in the area.

    From Dehradun to Deoband, road conditions are bad. There are some very rough patches, almost like you're not driving into roads at all. If you have a vehicle with a lower ground clearance, it might be damaged by the patches. Some said though the this stretch has been re-laid recently, I don't know if that's true and whether it's a good stretch now.

    From Deoband to Muzaffarnagar, some road constructions are still on going in this route. The remaining lanes are good though but as much as possible leave early so you can reach Muzzafarnagar before rush hours.

    From Muzaffarnagar to Nainital via Dhampur, roads are in good condition. It's very scenic as well and the drive until Nainital is smooth.

    In going home, you can also go through any of these routes. I hope this helps you.:)