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Nearest Metro Station To Cyber City Gurugram

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Trehan, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Trehan

    Trehan New Member

    Hi everyone, I have joined this forum to get some help with my traveling issue to Gurugram. I have just got a new job in Cyber City which is in Gurugram, there is transport available but that means that it would take over an hour for me to reach the office as I would be the first one to be picked up. I am considering traveling by metro as it would be easy and less time-consuming.

    Please, can someone please tell me which is the nearest metro station to Cyber City Gurugram?

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    The nearest metro station to the Cyber City in Gurugram would be the Indus Bank metro station. The Cyber City area is quite big so depending on where you need to be in Cyber City it may take up to a minute or two less or more to reach your destination.

    I have posted two images below showing the walking distance and going by an auto distance between the Indus Bank metro station and Cyber City.

    Car (auto) route from Indus Bank metro station to Cyber City Gurugram. If you get an auto when you arrive at the metro station the distance to getting to Cyber City would be 2.7 km which would take you around 7 minutes to reach.

    indus bank metro station to cyber city by car.jpg

    Walking route from Indus Bank metro station yo City Cyber Gurgram. When coming out of the station the distance to the Cyber City is only 300 meters and this would only take you 4 minutes to reach, which is quite convenient.

    indus bank metro station to cyber city by walking.jpg