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Nearest place to visit from Delhi

Discussion in 'North India' started by ChandraMohan, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. ChandraMohan

    ChandraMohan New Member

    I would like to know about the nearest places to visit from Delhi, as currently with being low on budget and spending time with the family is overdue I have to consider nearby places from Delhi.

    I would like to know about some picnic spots or resorts which are suitable for families for a short stay or even day breaks.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    Want to spend some time away from the busy city life with your loved ones? Are you a fan of natural sceneries and greenery? On a tight budget or maybe just wanting to save some money? If you have answered 'Yes' to all these questions, then it's a good thing you have stumbled upon this list. There are some places around Delhi that doesn't take much time to reach, nor much money to enjoy. You can still enjoy life, or travelling, even with such limitations on time or money. Get ready and find out which places near Delhi that you and your loved ones can visit on a weekend or even for a one-day trip.

    Nearest Places to Visit from Delhi (Picnic Spots & Resorts)

    A blanket and a picnic basket...

    1. Mehrauli Archeological Park - Just an hour's drive away from Delhi proper, located on the southern side of the city, is the Mehrauli Archeological Park. This heritage site is hidden away from the glory of the Qutub Minar Complex, which is located close to it. Mehrauli is one of the seven ancient cities of Delhi and is believed to have been continually inhabited since the 10th century. For a long while though, the heritage site remained under the radar of tourists. It wasn't until the 20th century when excavations began in the region and the monuments hidden were shown to the public for the first time. Now, you can explore the ruins of the ancient city, way before the colonial era started. There are over 100 monuments here, spread over 100 acres of land but not all of them are in great conditions. Perhaps the main attraction here is the Rajaon Ki Baoli, a massive step well, built around the 16th century. The huge steps lead to a water reservoir below, still quite in good shape as compared to the other step wells in the country. Also worth mentioning is the Mosque and Tomb of Jamaali-Kamaali, intricately designed and still looks as vibrant despite the time that has passed. Finally, ensure that you bring a small blanket and some snacks plus beverages as there are some spots in the heritage site where you can spend some leisurely time in with your family. There's also a small children's park here with swings and slides that the younger ones can enjoy. The Mehrauli Archeological Park is best visited during the early morning or late afternoon, to avoid the intense heat of the sun, especially during summer season. Since it is a bit isolated, it's best to reach the park before dark and leave just before night sets in.
    • Distance from Delhi - 34 Kilometres
    • Entry fee - Free
    Mehrauli Archeological Park (Image from Wikimedia)

    2. Jahanpanah City Forest - The Jahanpanah City Forest is just under an hour's drive away from Delhi proper. It is located in the Greater Kailash II area of New Delhi. Although the Jahanpanah City Forest is located in the city, it's as if you're transported into a different place once you reach it. Dense jungles, the chirping of the birds and the fresh air, these features make it seem like you're in a rural area, not in the concrete jungle of Delhi. The Jahanpanah City Forest is popular amongst locals especially for an early morning jog or run. You would find that the areas closer to the entrance are densely populated with people but as you venture into the deeper parts of the forest, there are less people and you can definitely enjoy the serenity. Within the forest, there is also a small children's play area where the younger ones can play in slides, swings and monkey bars. You can find a serene and covered spot to spread your picnic blanket in and enjoy the greenery around with your loved ones too. Opening times differ though, from 5:00 am to 10:00 am in the morning and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the evening. Entry is free though so you only have to spend some money on the transportation to reach the forest.
    • Distance from Delhi - 26 Kilometres
    • Entry fee - Free
    3. Damdama Lake - Damdama Lake is located in Sohna, in the state of Haryana, about 62 kilometres away from Delhi. If you're taking your own vehicle, it can take around two hours to reach this place from Delhi proper. The Damdama Lake is one of the state's largest natural water reservoirs. The lake is best visited during winter or monsoon, as summers can be a bit unpleasant and the water in the lake subsides during that time. The lake offers a serene getaway for families and friends. Fun activities such as pedal boating, motor boating, row boating and picnicking can also be done. In the banks of the lake is the Dream Island Resort, which offers day packages for guests, with a rate of Rs. 1,200 per person. With this package, you can indulge in all the adventure sports that the resort has to offer. Three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, are also included in the package. Finally, a boat ride to reach the Dream Island in the middle of the Damdama Lake is also included in the package. Of course, if you would prefer to just have a picnic around the lake, that is also acceptable and entry is free for all guests. You can park your car outside the premises of the lake since you need to pay for parking if you park it within the premises of the lake.
    • Distance from Delhi - 62 Kilometres
    • Entry fee - Free
    4. Mangar Lake - Also located in Haryana but this time in Faridabad, is the Mangar Lake, about 50 kilometres away from Delhi. A part of the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, it requires a five-kilometre trek to reach the lake. It is approachable from the nearby village of Mangar and the trek would take you around thorn forests and grasslands. Once you reach the lake, its beauty would mesmerise you. With a view of the distance Aravalli mountains and the surrounding greenery, it's hard to imagine that this lake is merely an hour or so away from the city of Delhi. During the winter months, especially during the early morning, a foggy mist covers the lake which adds to its pristine beauty. You can set up your blanket nearby the Mangar Lake and enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. Do keep in mind that the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is open on weekends only if there are events conducted by the Conservation Education Centre of Delhi. You can go to the Conservation Education Centre of Delhi website and register for the event, which normally costs Rs. 350 per person. During weekdays though, the wildlife sanctuary remains open for tourists with an entry fee of Rs. 100 per person.
    • Distance from Delhi - 50 Kilometres
    • Entry fee - Weekdays at Rs. 100 per person and weekends at Rs. 350 per person
    Mangar Lake (Image from Panoramio)

    5. Tilyar Lake - Last on this section is Tilyar Lake, located in the Rohtak district of Haryana. Within just two hours of driving away from Delhi, you can reach the pristine beauty of the Tilyar Lake. While there are fees for activities like boating or fishing, entry to the lake itself is free. You can spend the least with just bringing your own snacks and beverages and spreading out a blanket beside the lake. Or if you want the kids to enjoy some more, indulge in a boat ride amidst the lake or visit the nearby Tilyar Zoo. At the most, you need to pay Rs. 20 for the entry the zoo which is a fun activity for children. The grounds around the lake are huge though, perfect for running around or walking with your loved ones. If you're bringing your own vehicle though, there's a parking fee of Rs. 20 as well.
    • Distance from Delhi - 64 Kilometres
    • Entry fee - Fee
    Day outing in resorts...

    6. Botanix Nature Resort - Located just beside the Damdama Lake is the Botanic Nature Resort. From Delhi, it can take around two hours to reach the resort. Embracing a theme of natural greenery, the resort boasts of a lush expanse of lawns along with a myriad of activities to keep families busy. Even their accommodation options resemble that of a rural house, with simple amenities, taking you back to the simple life. The resort also has an outdoor swimming pool that guests can access. For a day outing, it costs Rs. 1,200 per person plus the necessary taxes. This package includes two meals of the day, breakfast and lunch, plus snacks for dinner. You can also access all the adventure activities in the resort like the obstacle course, zorbing and many more. Also included in the package is access to the rain dance area, swimming pool and indoor or outdoor sports.
    • Distance from Delhi - 62 Kilometres
    • Day outing package fee - Rs. 1,200 per person
    • Inclusions - Buffet breakfast and lunch, snacks for dinner, adventure activities, indoor/outdoor sports, access to swimming pool and rain dance area
    • Address - Damdama Village, Near Damdama Lake, Damdama Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122102, India
    • Contact number - +91 124 438 2565
    7. Surjivan Resort - Just over an hour away from the capital, located in the state of Haryana, is the Surjivan Resort. Their main goal is to take guests back to nature, with a vast surroundings of greenery, they have surely done well in that aspect. Also a part of their philosophy is to take guests back to the simpler rural times, and that's why the plethora of activities here include some rural ones like organic farming, cow milking, herbal garden touring and even a village safari on a tractor. Children would also have a blast with the assortment of adventure activities, traditional, modern and indoor games in the resort. Their outdoor swimming pool is open for guests as well during the summer season. Their Day Outing Package costs Rs. 850 per adult and Rs. 750 per child. It includes a buffet lunch and an evening snack, with of course, access to all rural activities, adventure activities, modern games, traditional games and indoor games in the resort. Away from the city life, away from the modernities of life, the Surjivan Resort would surely make you appreciate your life even more.
    • Distance from Delhi - 62 Kilometres
    • Day outing package fee - Rs. 850 per adult and Rs. 750 per child
    • Inclusions - Buffet lunch, evening snack, rural activities, adventure activities, traditional, modern and indoor games
    • Address - Naurangpura-Tauru Road, Opposite ITC Grand Bharat Hotel, Gurugram, Haryana 122105, India
    • Contact number - +91 98100 15159
    Surjivan Resort (Image from Trip Advisor)

    8. Pratapgarh Farms - Boasting of a true rural village charm is the Pratapgarh Farms in Haryana, about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Delhi. If your children haven't been to a real rural village or a province, the Pratapgarh Farms is a good alternative. Green fields with various farm animals such as cows, cattles, goats, ducks and chickens make the farm as authentic as a real rural area. It's a nice break from the chaotic streets of the city, where you won't bump with people at every chance or where you breathe fresh air instead of a polluted one. Their Day Outing Package costs Rs. 1,050 per adult and Rs. 600 per child. It includes breakfast, lunch and snacks for the day. A myriad of activities can be done with this package too. Kids can enjoy traditional village rides like bullock cart riding, tractor riding, camel riding and camel cart riding. Rural activities like cooking, pottery making and painting can be enjoyed by the whole family. Indoor games, outdoor games and traditional games can also be enjoyed by the younger ones.
    • Distance from Delhi - 62 Kilometres
    • Day outing package fee - Rs. 1,050 per adult and Rs. 600 per child (Children below 5 years old are free)
    • Inclusions - Breakfast, lunch, snacks, traditional village rides, rural activities, indoor games, outdoor games and traditional games
    • Address - Near Railway Station, Gwalison Road, Jhajjar, Haryana 124103, India
    • Contact number - +91 99999 64266
    9. Laksh Farms - A sustainable farming village supporting the livelihood of locals, the Laksh Farms is another good option for a day outing close to Delhi. It is under two hours of driving away from the city of Delhi and as soon as you reach the place, you would be greeted by lush green farms and a village setting. While there isn't much you can do here, aside from the few rural activities offered by the farm management, you can certainly enjoy the change of surroundings. Rural farming activities like milking of cows, weeding, fertilising of crops and tractor riding can be enjoyed by the whole family. The rates for their Day Package Outing are on the higher side, at Rs. 1,800 per adult and at Rs. 1,000 per child. But since the farm focuses on sustainable farming and supports a needy community, the money you spend goes to a great cause anyway.
    • Distance from Delhi - 58 Kilometres
    • Day outing package fee - Rs. 1,800 per adult and Rs. 1,000 per child (Children below 6 years of age are free)
    • Inclusions - Lunch, rural activities and farm tour
    • Address - Manger - Dhauj Road, Haryana 121004, India
    • Contact number - +91 98710 74201
    Laksh Farms (Image from Laksh Farms)

    10. Golden Turtle Farm Resort - Over two hours away from Delhi is the Turtle Farm Resort, also located in the state of Haryana. It is a fairly small resort as compared to the previously mentioned ones. The beauty of it though is that it offers more privacy for small families. It's almost like a private retreat away from the busy scenes of Delhi. The resort only has about six rooms, a swimming pool and lots of greenery to provide shade for guests. Even the meals served here seem like home-cooked ones. Their Day Outing Package costs Rs. 1,200 per adult and includes a buffet lunch along with tea/snacks. It also includes indoor games, outdoor games, adventure course, rain dance access and swimming pool access. For a simple getaway, the Turtle Farm Resort might just be what you need.
    • Distance from Delhi - 74 Kilometres
    • Day outing package fee - Rs. 1,200 per adult
    • Inclusions - Buffet lunch, tea/snacks, indoor games, outdoor games, adventure course, rain dance access and swimming pool access
    • Address - B14, Uppal Farms, Bilaspur Chowk, Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana 122015, India
    • Contact number - +91 95997 25932

    Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the serenity... All these places would take all your worries away and ready you for the next busy days ahead of you. For the busy locals of Delhi, it's always important to find some time away from your hectic schedules. Always remember: 'Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.'
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