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Patil Resort Virar entry fees

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by Brahm, May 8, 2017.

  1. Brahm

    Brahm New Member

    I would like to inquire about the Patil Resort in Virar and in particular, would like to know about the entry fee.
    I have a choice of two resort either Patil Resort or Sagar Resort and once I find out the entry fee for both I will decide which resort to visit and which one is the best out of the two.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Brahm, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Patil Resort Website)


    The Patil Resort is one of the newer properties in the Virar area. It was recently renovated in 2016, with the addition of new slides and facilities that upgraded the overall look of the resort. Comprising of various swimming pools and fun slides, the Patil Resort assures the guest of a fun-filled stay. Whether you're in for a short day outing or maybe a weekend full of surprises, the Patil Resort is one of the best choices in Virar. Its close proximity to the beach and to other commercial areas also ensures that you have places to go to if ever you get tired of frolicking in the resort's swimming pools. This guide would showcase the facilities available in the Patil Resort. Along with that, the entry fees for the resort would also be highlighted.


    The Patil Resort is located in Virar West, just two minutes away from the shores of the Arnala Beach. You can find it off the Navapur Subhash Road, close to the Green Paradise Resort and Anand Resort. The nearest railhead is the Virar Railway Station, which is about eight kilometres away from the property. You can take the local bus reaching the Arnala Bus Stop. From this bus stop, the Patil Resort is about 1.3 kilometres away. You can just ride an auto rickshaw to cover the remaining distance. From Mumbai, the Patil Resort is just 72 kilometres away and from Nashik, the resort is about 172 kilometres away.


    A mixture of various bright colours, yellow, red and blue, would greet you upon entering the resort premises. The surrounding plants add their bright palettes into the mixture as well. As you walk into the swimming pool areas, the bright motif continues, specifically in the widely hued slides. There are even slides that are a mixture of two different colours, almost looking like candy canes from a distance. The lively colours are very inviting especially for the wide-eyed onlookers who won't be able to take their eyes away from the resort. This vibrancy is the unique selling point of the Patil Resort, the main feature of the property that makes it stand out from the rest.

    Swimming Pools

    There are various swimming pools in the resort. The first one that you'd encounter from the entrance is the Family Swimming Pool. This swimming pool has very shallow waters, suitable for families with small children. It has a central umbrella canopy, where there is falling water from the top. The main attraction here is the huge and wide Family Slide, which follows the overall motif of the resort. Dressed in colours of the rainbow, you'd enjoy a slide down this attraction. There are also two narrow slides, one is an open slide and the other is a tube spiral slide.

    Just nearby the first pool is the Children's Swimming Pool. A small but enjoyable area for children, this swimming pool has three central straight slides and two side curvy slides. The water is barely knee deep for adults so it won't be too dangerous for the little ones. The slides here are in different hues too, more pastel in the shades of blue, orange, yellow and white.

    Next to the first two swimming pools is a simple Adult's Swimming Pool. Unlike the previous swimming pools, this one doesn't have any slides or umbrella canopies. It has a deeper depth and is only suitable for adults or those who know how to swim. There are lots of sitting areas nearby this swimming pool though where you can rest in or relax in.

    The next swimming pool is the Ice Bucket Swimming Pool. Now this is a fun section as it has an assortment of features. Different slide types like spiral slide, tube slide and open slide flank the corners of the swimming pool. Statues of various animals can be found on the structure as well. Falling water from buckets can excite the little ones. This swimming pool has shallow waters too so it's very suitable for families.

    The last section is the Fun Slides Swimming Pool, but it is connected to the Ice Bucket Swimming Pool so they are considered as one section. This section has the most thrilling and longest slides. The Green Spiral Slide is located in the centre and is narrower than the two other slides. The Blue Spiral Slide is located at the western side and would take you through a long dark ride. The last one is the Red Open Slide, which is probably the longest open slide in the resort.

    Schedules & Timings of Swimming Pools

    SectionScheduleTimings (Morning)Timings (Afternoon)
    Family Swimming PoolDaily9:00 to 13:0015:00 to 16:30
    Children's Swimming PoolDaily9:00 to 13:0015:00 to 16:30
    Adult's Swimming PoolDaily9:00 to 13:0015:00 to 16:30
    Ice Bucket Swimming PoolDaily9:00 to 13:0015:00 to 16:30
    Fun Slides Swimming PoolDaily11:30 to 13:0015:30 to 16:30
    Other Facilities

    Other fun sections in the resort are two Rain Dance areas. The two Rain Dance areas are located nearby the Family Swimming Pool, on its two sides. There's also a rock edifice with Artificial Waterfall, located near the Fun Slides Swimming Pool. There are also ample changing rooms and bathrooms to accommodate staying guests at the same time. Near the entrance, there are locker facilities that guests can use for a surcharge. There's also an open-air hall area where buffet meals are served. There are also food stalls for snacks or beverages in case guests get hungry or thirsty. Last but not the least are the accommodation options, that guests can choose to rent for longer duration stays in the resort.

    Schedules & Timings of Meals

    Meal TypeScheduleTimings
    BreakfastDaily9:30 to 11:00
    LunchDaily13:30 to 14:30
    Evening Tea/SnacksDaily16:00 to 17:00
    Entry Fees (Day Outing)

    For a fun day out, the resort has fixed entry fees for guests. Guest types can be divided into two, namely: children and adults. Rates are more affordable for children, those aged below 10 years old. Adults, those aged above 10 years, including seniors, have to pay for a higher entry fee in the resort.

    Entry Fees for Patil Resort (Day Outing)

    Guest TypeDescriptionEntry FeeInclusions
    ChildBelow 10 Years of AgeRs. 400Access to Swimming Pools + Breakfast, Buffet Lunch & Tea in Between
    AdultAbove 10 Years of AgeRs. 600Access to Swimming Pools + Breakfast, Buffet Lunch & Tea in Between
    For children, the entry fee is at Rs. 400 per head. This fee includes access to swimming pools plus meals and tea in between. For adults, the entry fee is at Rs. 600 per head. This fee also includes access to the swimming pool and some meals of the day plus tea.

    Room Rates (Overnight)

    The Patil Resort doesn't offer overnight entry fees unlike other resorts in the vicinity. The resort does have rooms that you can rent on a per night basis. Renting any of these rooms means that you can access the swimming pools of the resort as well.

    Room Rates for Patil Resort (Overnight)

    Room TypeRateInclusions
    Semi Deluxe Non ACRs. 1,500Room + Access to Swimming Pools
    Deluxe ACRs. 1,800Room + Access to Swimming Pools
    Super Deluxe ACRs. 2,100Room + Access to Swimming Pools
    The Semi Deluxe Non AC Room costs Rs. 1,500 per night. The Deluxe AC Room costs Rs. 1,800 per night. The Super Deluxe AC Room costs Rs. 2,100 per night. With these rates, you avail of an overnight stay in the resort as well as access to the various swimming pools.


    This ends our guide on the Patil Resort in Virar West. In contrast to the Sagar Resort, the entry fees here are higher. However, the swimming pools and slides here are more varied so you can have more fun and adventures. Patil Resort is also quite popular so you might find more crowds here especially on weekends, that's one of its downsides. But if you love thrilling slides and blasting music, then this is the place to be.

    I hope this helps you!:)