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Places To See in Munnar

Discussion in 'Kerala' started by Shokeen, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Shokeen

    Shokeen New Member

    I will be going to Munnar the popular hill station in the Kerala district. It would be the first I would be going to a hill station for a holiday and the only reason I know why people go to hill stations is to get some fresh air, peace, and serenity.

    I am someone who loves exploring places, visiting places of interest. I would like to know what places to see in Munnar, which should include historical places as well.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Shokeen! Welcome to the forum!

    Munnar is located in the Idukki District of Kerala. Like you said, it's a popular hill station which is about 1,700 feet above sea level. It is probably famous for its lush greenery and tea plantations. There's lots of places that you can visit in Munnar. Here are some of the best attractions in the region:

    • Atukkad Waterfalls. Located just between Munnar and Pallivasal, about 9 kms away from the former, this is a popular destination for tourists. If you can, visit it after the monsoon season, when it is in its glorious beautiful state.
    • Lakkom Waterfalls. This is about 24 kms from Munnar, en route to Udumalaipettai. It has cascading waterfalls which can be visited all year round.
    • Echo Point. This is about 15 kms from Munnar. Its name comes from the phenomenon that happens when you scream here. Just wait a minute after and you'll hear your echo back. It's also a famous picnic spot for its picturesque views of the surroundings. There's also a lake here which also provides from some laid-back feel.
    • Top Station. At about 40 kms from Munnar, you'll find the Top Station. It is about 1,800 meters above sea level. From the peak, you can view the Western Ghats and the Valley of Theni. You can also find the highest railway station here in the region, which is the Kundala Valley Railway Station here, hence the name "Top Station."
    • Eravikulam National Park. There's about 750 species of animals and plants here. The Rajamalai Park, part of the Eravikulam National Park, is about 15 kms from Munnar. The Nilgiri Tahr can be found here, which is more related to the Ovis despite the name. It's a particularly endangered species which is why the park was converted into a sanctuary, to protect this animal.
    • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. About 60 kms from Munnar, there's the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. It's the home to the endangered Grizzled Giant Squirrel. Other species of animals here are Panthers and Spotted Deers.
    • Blossom Park. Just about 3 kms from Munnar, it's a great place to relax and chill. You can try biking, boating and even roller skating here.
    • Kundala Lake. About 20 kms from Munnar, there's the artificial lake called Kundala. It's a great place for boating and having a picnic.
    • Mattupetty Lake/Dam. The dam was built over the lake, from which you can find several species of animals. It's a great picnic spot as well.
    • Marayoor Sandalwood Forest. This is 42 kms North of Munnar. It's a natural sandalwood forest dating as far back as the 10,000 B.C.
    Tea Plantations
    • Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation. This is about 8,000 feet and is one of the highest tea estates in the world. There's tea tours, tea tasting and of course, you can also buy teas to take home.
    • Chithirapuram Tea Plantations. This is just 10 kms from Munnar and is well-known for its lush tea plantations.
    I hope this helps!