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Places to visit in Mumbai with girlfriend

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by KetanKap, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. KetanKap

    KetanKap New Member

    I am going to Mumbai with my girlfriend, and our company is sending us for some project. During my time there I would like to take my girlfriend out to places to see and good places to eat at.

    I would like to know what places to visit in Mumbai with my girlfriend.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum!



    A stroll around the beach during sunset, maybe a romantic dinner by the sea. A view of a historical monument, taking in the past while enjoying the present. Strengthening your relationship by focusing on your spirituality either in an age-old church or temple. A greener view, a breath of fresh air, while walking hand in hand. Does any of these sound like your perfect date idea with your loved one? Then you're in for a treat, because all of these specific places can be found in the city that never sleeps, that is Mumbai. No matter how chaotic and busy this city is, there are still some spots for lovers that you need to visit with your other half.

    Places to Visit in Mumbai with Girlfriend

    Of sandy shores and sunsets...

    1. Aksa Beach - Most of Mumbai's beaches are crowded and noisy but there are a few exceptions, like the Aksa Beach. Found in the Malad area of the city, Aksa Beach is frequented by locals but not too much by tourists. You can enjoy a serene time here with your loved one, especially on a weekend when crowds are lesser. It's bustling, not with hawkers or activities, but mostly with families or other couples, just having a picnic or maybe playing some sports on the shores of the beach. There's that added bonus of cleanliness, where you can dip your feet in the water. Swimming isn't advisable because of the strong currents though. Make sure you reach the beach just before sunrise or sunset, when the views of the sun rising or sun setting can set the mood even more for romance. You can find a few restaurants and food stalls around the beach too, in case you get hungry or thirsty. But if you want to save some money, you can also bring your own food and beverages, plus a blanket, to have a picnic in the shores.
    • Location - Malad
    • Best Time to Visit - Sunrise or Sunset
    2. Gorai Beach - This beach can be accessed by sea or by road but for couples, the former is more recommended. After all, isn't an early morning boat ride, while the sun is still rising, quite romantic? To reach the beach, just ride a jetty from the Marve Beach to the Manori Creek but make sure you bring some snacks and water because there isn't much tourist facilities in here. The beach has blackish sands for the most part, with interspersed coconut tree shades all around. At the very end of the beach, there are rocky shores, that are quite amusing to watch, as the waves crash into the rocks. The water of the beach is generally cleaner as compared to the other beaches of Mumbai. Because Gorai Beach isn't located right at the centre of the city, it isn't frequented by tourists as much so couples can have a bit of privacy and serenity here.
    • Location - Dharavi Bhet
    • Best Time to Visit - Early Morning or Sunset
    Gorai Beach (Image from Kishore)

    With a glimpse of the past...

    3. Gateway of India - The iconic landmark of Mumbai, the Gateway of India also deserves a spot on this list. Popular as it is, it remains a hot sport for couples and families alike. Make sure you visit the monument early in the morning to avoid the crowds and have some bit of quiet. The monument was built in the 20th century to commemorate the visit of the British royalty to Mumbai. However, for Indians, the monument is important more so because this is the last place where the British passed through on their end of rule in the country. With such heritage, the Gateway of India is a can't be missed attraction in the city. The views of the Arabian sea, with the elegant Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel, add to the charm of the place. You can also take a romantic boat ride into the sea, feeling the cool breeze and enjoying the waves around you. You can also ride a boat to reach the Elephanta Caves, a group of Hindu and Buddhist rock-cut caves off an island in the Arabian sea.
    • Location - Apollo Bandar
    • Best Time to Visit - Early Morning
    Gateway of India (Image from Christian Haugen)

    4. Colaba Causeway - Colaba Causeway is located close to the Gateway of India, in the Cuffe Parade Area. It is the best place to have that experience of the Old Bombay, where you can still find traces of the past like colonial era structures and even shops that are decades old already. If you just want to explore the old world charm of the place, then you can visit it early in the morning, as shops usually begin to open around 9:00 AM. If you want to do some shopping with your girlfriend, then make sure you visit early in the evening, because that's when the place is bustling with activity. You can enjoy the cooler temperatures, the night lights and even have dinner in one of the cafes around the upbeat market area. Don't forget to visit museums like the National Gallery of Modern Art or the Prince of Wales Museum. In contrast to the busy streets of Colaba, these museums are rarely visited by tourists so you can enjoy some time away from the crowds.
    • Location - Cuffe Parade
    • Best Time to Visit - Early Morning or Early Evening
    Where spirituality brings you closer...

    5. Mount Mary Church - Located in a hillock in Bandra West is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, simply known as the Mount Mary Church. Though the present structure was just built in the early 20th century, the location has had a church in its presence for over 300 years already. The facade of the church is very beautiful, with high spires, bricked exteriors and exuding a Victorian era charm. The interiors are equally stunning, with wall paintings depicting the life of Jesus Christ. The altar has a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, brought by the Portuguese to Mumbai during the 16th century. When the church is lit during night time, it becomes even more mesmerising. Couples can enjoy some peace while enjoying the view of the Arabian sea, visible from the grotto outside of the church.
    • Location - Bandra West
    • Best Time to Visit - Sunset and Early Evening
    6. Babulnath Temple - For the devout Hindu couples, a visit to one of Mumbai's oldest temples is also a must. Babulnath Temple has a long history behind it, as the shivalinga and idols of other deities here were found to have originated from the 12th century. However, the older temple and idols were buried for a long time before finally being recovered again during the 17th century. Located upon a hillock, close to the Chowpatty Beach, the Babulnath Temple requires devotees to climb a bit to reach it. Alternatively, you can use this paid lift facility as well, if you're not up for the climbing challenge. The temple has a typical tall shikhara with a pure white facade. There are a number of shrines within the temple premises, but the main shrine itself is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The intricately carved pillars of the main shrine are sure worth exploring. If you want to avoid the crowds and have a peaceful darshan with your loved one, visit the temple any day of the week except Monday, which is when devotees flock to the area.
    • Location - Chowpatty
    • Best Time to Visit - Early Morning
    Babulnath Temple (Image from Viraj)

    Greenery everywhere...

    7. Priyadarshini Park - Combining both a sea side view and greenery view, the Priyadarshini Park is another must visit for lovers in Mumbai. It is located in Walkeshwar, close to the Napean sea road, on the foothills of Malabar hill. The park is spread over 20 acres of land, overlooking the sea. Entrance to the park is free and you can even access a few areas for free too, like the jogging track and cycling track. You can also pay to avail of entrance to other areas like the gymnasium and yoga hall. The park is open everyday from 5:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. If you're a sporty couple, reach it early in the morning, to have that whiff of fresh air while jogging or running. If you're more of a laid-back couple, reach it before the sun sets and enjoy the view of the Arabian sea.
    • Location - Walkeshwar
    • Best Time to Visit - Early Morning or Sunset
    Priyadarshini Park (Image from Mumbai Outdoors)

    8. Central Park - The Central Park in Kharghar is one of the world's largest parks and by the time that it is fully completed, it would be Asia's largest park. There are various attractions in the park like an open-air amphitheatre, sculptures, musical garden with displays of Indian instruments, jogging tracks, botanical garden and theme park. Fountains, plants and trees add to the scenic vibe of the park too. For couples, the artificial lake is quite a treat especially during evening time. The park is also setup in such a huge expanse of land that couples can easily find a secluded spot for themselves. One downside though is that you cannot bring outside food inside the park. While there are food options inside the park, they aren't that much so you might need to eat prior to reaching the park or eat after visiting it. Other than that, Central Park is a nice place for couples to have some alone time in, just be mindful of its timings, which are from 6:00 to 9:00 AM and from 5:00 to 8:00 PM daily.
    • Location - Kharghar
    • Best Time to Visit - Early Morning or Early Evening
    Spotting wildlife together...

    9. Sewri Jetty Flamingo Point - Who knew that Mumbai has a place that is actually a wildlife spot for flamingoes? Venture into the southern suburbs of Mumbai, into the Sewri Jetty, popularly known as the Flamingo Point. Every year, the best months are from December to March, thousands of migratory bird species, more commonly the flamingoes, reach the Sewri Jetty. These bird species are attracted to the marsh and muddy mangrove areas of Sewri Jetty. They feed on the algae of the muddy mangrove areas of the Sewri Jetty, which they can easily do during low tides, either before sunrise or sunset. These migratory bird species are from far away lands such as Siberia, which reach India via the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat as well. Aside from the pink-feathered flamingoes, you can also spot egrets, pond herons, Brahmin kites, red shanks, green shanks, black-tailed godwits, sandpipers, wagtails and many more bird species. Bring a binocular as well for a better view of the birds that flock into the place. Bird watching with your loved one can be a very romantic experience, especially since Sewri Jetty is one of the off the beaten track attractions in Mumbai.
    • Location - Sewri
    • Best Time to Visit - Before Sunrise or Before Sunset
    Sewri Jetty Flamingo Point (Image from Damitr)

    10. Sanjay Gandhi National Park - Last on this list is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, one of the few wildlife areas in the world located within a metro city. While you might think that this is a very touristy and crowded attraction, the national park offers couples seclusion and a breath of fresh air away from the busy city of Mumbai. It is where nature and wildlife prevails, though you might have to fight through crowds during weekends. Thus, venture into the national park during weekdays and have some tranquility at the very least. Try the Shilonda Trail, for which you need permission prior to doing the trail. You would also need the assistance of a guide. However, this trail takes you through the very core of the national park, away from the crowds. The trek is very mild too, so good enough even for the not so sporty individuals. Spotting animals like leopards, hyenas, langurs and antelopes may be difficult but smaller ones like chitals and macaques can be easily seen. At the end of the trail, enjoy a scenic view of the small stream located within the park premises.
    • Location - Borivali East
    • Best Time to Visit - Early Morning

    So there you have it, just some of the best places that you can visit in Mumbai with your loved one. Having that special time is essential for couples, to further strengthen their relationship and also to provide some quality time spent together. Venture into these places around Mumbai, for some peace and quiet, or even for some thrilling adventure. Whichever place you choose, remember that, any time spent with your loved one is time not wasted at all. Enjoy and make lots of memories that you'd cherish forever!


  3. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    You can also visit Elephants Caves...

    Streamers run daily from gate way of india to Elephants Caves( an island in the Arabian sea)