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Places to visit near Chandigarh

Discussion in 'Punjab' started by Himanshi, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Himanshi

    Himanshi New Member

    I will back in my hometown Chandigarh for a time of two weeks. I come to Chandigarh every year or so, and this time, I want to go someplace else as well.

    The place can not be too far, as I would have very few days left out of the days I would be spending with the family in Chandigarh, so place to visit should be near.

    I was thinking of places to visit near Chandigarh, but my mind went totally blank and could not anything, so I am leaving the most experienced and knowledgable people to deal with this.

  2. Dybbuk Jones

    Dybbuk Jones New Member

    There's always Nek Chand's Rock Garden, which is beautifully weird especially the parts where the kitchen sinks are used as part of the borders. I have been there a few times and it's always peaceful and a welcome respite from the rest of the trip. Well most of the time. I got mugged there once but I was there late at night.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi, @Himanshi! Welcome to the forum.

    Here are some place near Chandigarh that you can visit:

    Places Under 100 Kilometres from Chandigarh

    1. Kasauli - This hill station is about 63 kilometres away from Chandigarh. The city is just small and you can explore it within a day or two. There are also just a few attractions within it. The main one being the Manki Point, which can only be accessed through trekking. The views from the point are quite stunning. Since Kasauli was once a British cantonment area, it also has some churches that you can visit. If you're just looking for a quick getaway, to be away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, it's a great destination. It provides a view of the valleys and at times, a view of the mountains. Walking along the sleepy little city can be refreshing and can surely take your problems away. There are only a few hotels in Kasauli, with a few luxury ones and some budget ones.
    • Must visit places - Manki Point, Sunset Point, Christ Church, Baptist Church and Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple.
    2. Solan - This is about 68 kilometres away from Chandigarh. Hailed as the Mushroom Capital of India, Solan is emerging as one of the best hill station destinations in the country. Its proximity to Chandigarh and Shimla is yet another reason why this city is a must-visit destination. Surrounded by forests, mountains and rivers, the beauty of Solan is picturesque. Its elevation provides travellers with a cool climate almost all-year round. The city also has many temples that you can visit, most prominent of which is the Shoolini Mata Devi Temple. Don't forget to take a walk around the numerous mushroom plantations around Solan. If you'd like to stay in a hill station that is less commercialised than popular ones, then Solan is a great alternative for that.
    • Must visit places - Shoolini Mata Devi Temple, Mohan Shakti Heritage Park, Jatoli Shiv Temple, Dagshai Jail Museum and many more.
    3. Parwanoo - This is just 35 kilometres away from Chandigarh. Parwanoo itself is home to many industrial businesses so there is not much to see. But if you have the money, do consider staying at the Timber Trail Resort or the Timber Trail Heights. Both of which are operated by the same management. The hotel is a luxury one but its main attraction is its cable car ride. These resorts are separated and located on two different hills, the only way to reach them is via cable ride. The hotel has built the Parwanoo Ropeway and guests staying in the hotels can access this ride for free. However, you can still ride the ropeway even if you're not staying in the hotel, with a charge of course. The entire ride lasts for 8 minutes and gives you a commanding view of the valley below and the Shivalik ranges.
    • Must visit places - Mansa Devi Temple, Shri Balaji Temple and Parwanoo Ropeway.
    4. Nahan - This is located in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 82 kilometres away from Chandigarh. This sleepy little town is surrounded by dense forests and hills. It has a very laid-back appeal with a few attractions. The most prominent attraction in the town is the Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, built around the Renuka Lake. It has a few varieties of animals that you can see like tigers, birds and deers. You can also try boating within the Renuka Lake. The Suketi Fossil Park is also the first of its kind in Asia, where a fossil park was built around the area where the fossils were excavated. There are also some temples that you can visit around the town.
    • Must visit places - Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, Suketi Fossil Park, Shri Mahamaya Balasundari Jee Temple, Rani Tal and many more.
    5. Nalagarh - This is located in Himachal Pradesh, about 66 kilometres away from Chandigarh. The town was inhabited by many Rajputs during the pre-colonial area. Now though, it is one of lesser known hill stations in the country. There's not much you can do in the town as it's not highly urbanised. But you can explore many of the ruins of the ancient forts here like the Ramgarh Fort and Nalagarh Fort. The Nalagarh Fort even houses a heritage hotel now which you can stay in. Nalagarh is an offbeat destination, especially for those who love history.
    • Must visit places - Nalagarh Fort and Ramgarh Fort.
    Places Under 150 Kilometres from Chandigarh

    1. Shoghi - This is about 101 kilometres away from Chandigarh. It's also just 13 kilometres away from Shimla. The beauty of Shoghi is that it is relatively unexplored as compared to its neighbours. There are some temples in here that you can visit. But the best thing to do in Shoghi is trekking, exploring its hidden areas. Adventure activities like rock climbing, valley crossing and rappelling are also emerging tourist attractions of the town. The town is surrounded by beautiful views of the hills and forests as well.
    • Must visit places - Tara Devi Temple, Hanuman Temple and Kali Temple.
    2. Chail - At just about 107 kilometres away from Chandigarh, Chail is also an underrated tourist destination. It was once home to the British soldiers, just like many hill stations in the country. Being in Chail is being closer to nature and at the same time, closer to the rich history of the region. Chail is home to the Maharaja Palace, built by Bhupinder Singh. It is now a heritage hotel but they also allow visitors for a nominal fee. The town also has a number of temples that you can visit. Don't forget to visit the highest cricket ground in the world, located only in Chail.
    • Must visit places - Maharaja Palace, Kali Ka Tibba, Gurudwara Sahib, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary and Cricket Ground.
    3. Shimla - This popular hill station is about 113 kilometres away from Chandigarh. Shimla is the Queen of Hill Stations so there's no reason not to visit it especially if you're in quite close proximity to it. Provided it can get crowded during peak tourist season, so do be prepared for that. However, Shimla also has many attractions that you can visit, mostly structures dating back to the colonial era. Since this was once a British summer capital, it's only expected that there are many structures from that era here. The Kalka-Shimla Railway is a preferred way of reaching Shimla as it provides the best views and experience to travellers. Oh, and did you know that it's an UNESCO Heritage Site as well? The hill station is relatively free from the chaos of the city, especially since vehicles are not allowed in the city centre. There's plenty that you can do here, visit the attractions, enjoy the local cuisine and even shop in the markets. There are also plenty of hotels in the city, ranging from cheap to expensive ones.
    • Must visit places - Jakhoo Temple, Kamna Devi Temple, Viceregal Lodge, Scandal Point, Jakhoo Hill and many more.
    4. Mashobra - This is about 124 kilometres away from Chandigarh and just 13 kilometres away from Shimla. The hill station is surrounded by oak and pine trees. Perhaps the main attraction in Mashobra is the presidential retreat here, which is one of the only two in India. It is also home to several luxury resorts that can be great weekend getaways. You won't have to go to a sanctuary to spot the wild animals as well as they are quite plenty in the town. Animals like monkeys, deers, jackals and even leopards reside in the town. Because of the picturesque beauty of Mashobra, there are also numerous summer retreats of famous personalities here.
    • Must visit places - Mashobra Presidential Retreat, Bandochy, Dane's Folly and Saint Crispin's Church.
    5. Kufri - This is about 128 kilometres away from Chandigarh. At just about 13 kilometres away from Shimla, Kufri is a popular winter destination due to the number of winter sports that one can do here. The best time to visit Kufri is during the winter season, when you can enjoy skiing, snow boarding or even just playing with snow. There's also a national park here which is home to many animals like the elusive snow leopard, goral and brown bear. For the adventure lovers, Kufri is a place that you cannot miss to visit.
    • Must visit places - Mahasu Peak, Himalayan Nature Park, Bhima Kali Mata Temple and Indira Tourist Park.
    There you go, I hope this helps you!