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Pushkar in one day

Discussion in 'Rajasthan' started by jess9834, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. jess9834

    jess9834 New Member


    I am in Jaipur right now and want to visit Pushkar too, so is it possible to hire a car and see everything/main attractions of Pushkar in one day and return to Jaipur by night. If it is possible, then how much it should cost me?

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Pushkar has nothing much to see as such so I am not sure what to suggest really. Pushkar is a kind of place where you spend a few days and relax and see the local culture and stuff like that.

    From Jaipur you can make it a day trip by hiring a taxi which should not cost more then I would say Rs2500-3000 depending upon the kind of car you choose. The going rate for Toyota Innova is about Rs14 per Km to give you an idea.

  3. Gori Bride

    Gori Bride Member

    Pushkar is just a street with lots of shops and there is a big holy pond with some temples around it. The best thing to do at Pushkar is to be at Sun set cafe in the evening for sun set and sip your tea or coffee there looking at the sunset. It will get hot in a few days so you might to consider the weather as well.
  4. DhongiBaba

    DhongiBaba Active Member

    One day in Pushkar is enough if you are going for religious purposes but otherwise stay there for atleast 3 days. Not every one likes it there so if you are the kind who likes laid back slow moving places then Pushkar is the place for you.
  5. Anurag

    Anurag Member

    There is not much to see in Pushkar apart from the sarovar and the mandir's. One day is more than enough to spend there and the rest of the day can be spent in the cafe opposite the sarovar.
  6. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    The distance between Pushkar and Jaipur is about 144.8 kms. That is about 3 to 4 hours of travelling time by car. Rates for car rental vary but it averages between Rs. 1,700 to Rs. 2,100 for a one-way trip.

    You can definitely tour the major attractions in Pushkar in one day and make it back to Jaipur by night. That is, provided you leave early on the day. Here's some of the major attractions in Pushkar:
    • Pushkar Lake. This lake is believed to be sacred and holy by Pilgrims. Just one dip in this holy lake is said to be equivalent to about a hundred years of meditation and prayers. The lake is also surrounded by many temples which make for a great view as well. Pilgrims and tourists alike find this lake serene and beautiful.
    • Man Mahal. Located on the Eastern side of Sarovar, you'll find the Man Mahal. This is built by Raja Man Singh under Rajasthani style of architecture. Nowadays, it's a tourist bungalow handled by the Tourism Development Corporation of Rajasthan.
    • Brahma Temple. The only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in India. It is made of marble which adds elegance and beauty to this temple.
    • Camel Safari. You can try out a camel safari in Pushkar as well. It's less commercialised and crowded than the one in Jaisalmer.
    • Craft Shops. You can find plenty of craft shops in Pushkar with authentic handicrafts and souvenirs you can take home.
    • Varah Temple. This is a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and one of the most popular as well in Pushkar.
    I hope this helps!