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Ramoji Film City bus timings

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by DivitParsh, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. DivitParsh

    DivitParsh New Member

    I am taking my relatives to go and see Ramoji Film City and we have planned to go by public transport. I have never been to the film city before it is why I have come to the forum to get some information about the bus journey to the film city.

    I would like to know what the Ramoji Film City bus timings are and where I would get the bus from?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!



    For South Indians, the Ramoji Film City is truly something to be proud of. Earning its very own spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, it is known as the largest integrated film studio complex in the world. It has made its way as one of Hyderabad's top tourist attractions. Just visiting the film studio complex can take you through different regions in and out of the country. The vast expanse of the film studio is quite surprising too, even surpassing Hollywood's area over four times. While many of the tourists visiting the film studio are foreigners, even locals make it a point to explore this wonderful attraction of their very own city.

    Ramoji Film City Bus Options + Timings

    For those planning to reach the Ramoji Film City via bus, you have several options. The Ramoji Film City itself operates buses plying between different points in Hyderabad and reaching the film studio complex. There are also some government-operated buses that ply between Hyderabad and the Ramoji Film City. Last option would be the private buses that ply between different points in the city until the film studio complex.

    1. Ramoji Film City Buses - The film studio complex itself has different buses that ply from various points in Hyderabad until the Ramoji Film City. There are four main routes undertaken by four different buses. These buses have a main boarding point and then several pickup points along the way. Buses leave from the points early in the morning though so you have to plan accordingly. Below are the different routes, along with the buses' different pickup points and timings.

    BHEL to Ramoji Film City Route

    Pickup PointLandmarkTimingPickup PointLandmarkTiming
    BHEL DepotBus Depot6:30 amGolkonda X RoadsX Roads7:45 am
    RC PuramOpposite Police Station6:35 amAttapurGolkonda Function Hall7:47 am
    JyothinagarRTC Bus Stop6:37 amHydergudaPrakash College7:50 am
    BHEL TownshipRTC Bus Stop6:40 amUpparpally X RoadsGanga Bhavani Restaurant7:55 am
    Lingampally X RoadsBHEL Check Post6:40 amDairy FormRajendranagar X Roads8:05 am
    ChandanagarOpposite Narayana College6:50 amLaldabhaHotel Khaja8:10 am
    DeeptisranagarBavarchi Hotel6:55 amSivarampally X RoadsBus Stop8:12 am
    Huda ColonyJunction6:57 amBhavani ColonyNaser Hardware8:15 am
    HafeezpetOpposite New Shan Hotel6:58 amArmaghar X RoadsJunction8:17 am
    RTO OfficeRTO Office7:00 amKatedan X RoadsRTC Bus Stop8:20 am
    KondapurIndian Bank7:00 amMailardevarpallySanchara Hospital8:22 am
    KothagudaJunction7:05 amBandlagudaStar Function Hall8:23 am
    Anjaiah NagarPolice Station7:08 amChandrayanguttaMazid8:25 am
    GachibowliX Roads7:10 amDRDLVikas School8:30 am
    APIICJunction7:15 amMidhaniDiamond Caff8:32 am
    RaidurgamJunction7:15 amOwisi X RoadsManapuram Office8:35 am
    Kajaguda X RoadsJunction7:17 amBalapur X RoadsHanuman Temple8:40 am
    ShaikpetHDFC Bank7:20 amGayatrinagarJunction8:45 am
    Galaxy Bus StopBus Stop7:25 amSagar X RoadsBharath Petrol Bunk8:47 am
    TolichowkiLimra Garden7:30 amChithalkunta Check PostBhararh Furnitures8:50 am
    RethibowliOpposite Sub Station7:30 amPanamaRTC Reservation Counter8:55 am
    MehdipatnamChandana Brothers7:35 amBhagyalathaRTC Bus Stop9:00 am
    Rethibowli X RoadsShah Function Hall7:35 amHayathnagarSindhu Travels9:20 am
    LaxminagarBajaran Hotel7:40 amRamoji Film CityTicket Counter9:25 am
    Medchal to Ramoji Film City Route

    Pickup PointLandmarkTimingPickup PointLandmarkTiming
    Dhola-Ri-Dhani (Kompally)Dhola-Ri-Dhani6:30 amMetu Guda X RoadsRTC Chirmen Bus Stop7:45 am
    Dulla PalliDulla Palli6:35 amRailway Degree CollegeRailway Degree College7:47 am
    Cini PlanetCini Planet6:37 amTarnakaAradhana7:50 am
    Angadi Pet PBalagi Hospital6:40 amHabsigudaSwagath Grand Hotel7:55 am
    Jidimetla VillageBharath Petroliyam6:40 amGri GateAdishwar8:05 am
    Suchitra X RoadMy Friend Restaurant6:50 amLittle Flower CollegeLittle Flower College8:10 am
    Layola CollegeLayola College6:55 amUppal X RoadUppal X Road8:12 am
    HMT Sai Baba NagarSri Sai Garden6:57 amNagole X RoadBharath Petrol Bunk8:15 am
    Old AlwalIndira Gandhi Statue6:58 amAlkapuri X RoadMahendra Finance8:17 am
    Old AlwalKanaka Durga Temple7:00 amKamineniKamineni Hospital8:20 am
    Temple AlwalNeo Institute7:00 amManusurabadCommunity Hall8:22 am
    AlwalSyndicat Bank7:05 amSahara EstetSahara Estet8:23 am
    Loth KuntaSubha Sree Garden7:08 amSushmaSushma8:25 am
    Lal BazaarMaha Kali Temple7:10 amAuto NagarBharath Petrol Bunk8:30 am
    Thirumala GiriTraffic Police Station7:15 amHigh Court ColonyDeer Park8:32 am
    Hanuman TempleRTO Office7:15 amBagyalathaBharath Petrol Bunk8:35 am
    KarkanaLucid Medicals7:17 amHayath Nagar DepotHDFC Bank8:40 am
    Vikram PuriOxygen Medical Group7:20 amRTC ColonyKrishna Veni Hospital8:45 am
    JBSJBS Bus Depot7:25 amHayath NagarHayath Nagar Bus Stop8:47 am
    PatnyGanesh Temple7:30 amWord and DeedWord and Deed School8:50 am
    Saint Ann's SchoolSaint Ann's School7:30 amLaxma Reddy PalemHanuman Temple8:55 am
    Sangeeth X RoadSangeeth X Road7:35 amAmber PetA1 Bakery9:00 am
    Rail NilayamRail Nilayam7:35 amRamoji Film CityTicket Counter9:20 am
    Ala Gadi BaviBus Stop7:40 am
    Nizampet to Ramoji Film City Route

    Pickup PointLandmarkTimingPickup PointLandmarkTiming
    Miyapur DepotMiyapur Depot6:35 amKoti (W College)Opposite Hotel Haridwar7:47 am
    Miyapur X RoadsOpposite Indian Oil Petrol Bunk6:40 amChaderghatOpposite Malakpet Railway Station7:50 am
    Hyder NagarNarayana College6:45 amNalgonda X RoadsYashoda Hospital7:55 am
    NizampetNizampet Hill County6:50 amMusharam Bag/TV TowerHDFC Bank8:05 am
    Nizampet X RoadsOpposite CMS College6:55 amDilsukhnagarRTC Bus Stop8:10 am
    JNTURailway Reservation Counter7:00 amChaitanyapuriICICI Bank8:12 am
    Malaysia TownshipJunction7:02 amKothapetRythu Bazar8:15 am
    KPHB ColonyPadmavathi Temple7:05 amNTR NagarRRD Court8:17 am
    KPHB Main RoadKala Mandir7:08 amLB Nagar Ring RoadSitara Grand Hotel8:20 am
    KukatpallyOpposite Narayana Jr College7:10 amChintal KuntaSaint Patrick's School8:22 am
    MoosapetBharath Petrol Bunk7:15 amPanamaRTC Reservation Counter8:23 am
    Bharath NagarVictoria Restaurant7:17 amSushmaHotel Raghavendra8:25 am
    ErragaddaSaint Therissa Church7:19 amAuto NagarBharath Petrol Bunk8:30 am
    SR NagarICICI Bank7:25 amHigh Court ColonyDeer Park8:32 am
    AmeerpetRTC Bus Stop7:30 amBagyalathaRTC Bus Stop8:35 am
    Begumpet/ParyatakOpposite Greenlands7:32 amHayath Nagar DepotHDFC Bank8:40 am
    PunjaguttaGokul Towers7:35 amRTC ColonyKrishna Veni Hospital8:45 am
    EenaduOpposite Eenadu Office7:37 amHayath NagarSindhu Travels8:47 am
    KhairatabadICICI Bank7:40 amWord and DeedWord and Deed School8:50 am
    LakdikapoolThe Central Court7:42 amAbdullapur MetuRamoji Film City9:20 am
    AbidsCharmas7:45 am
    Shapur Nagar to Ramoji Film City Route

    Pickup PointLandmarkTimingPickup PointLandmarkTiming
    Shapur NagarKapil Chit Funds6:40 amSecunderabad Railway StationSwathi Tiffin Center7:50 am
    Chinthal HMTSwarupa Nursing Home6:50 amChilkalguda X RoadsJunction7:55 am
    IDPL Bus StopIndian Oil Petrol Bunk6:55 amMusheerabadPolice Station8:05 am
    Jeedimetla DepotJeedimetla Bus Stop6:57 amRTC X RoadsSandhya Theatre8:10 am
    Narzapur X RoadsSrisaipadmavathi Collection6:58 amVSTCharminar Factory8:12 am
    Shobana (Balanagar)Shobana Theatre7:00 amNallakuntaRaghavendra Tiffin Centre8:15 am
    FerozgudaAir Force Academy7:00 amBarkatpuraHP Petrol Bunk8:17 am
    New BowenpallyRTC Bus Stop7:05 amNaryanaguda X RoadsDeepak Theatre8:20 am
    Jeedimetla VillageBharath Petroleum7:08 amKachigudaOpposite Railway Station8:22 am
    SuchitraMy Friend Restaurant7:10 amNimboliaddaMutoot Finance8:23 am
    Old AlwalIndira Gandhi Statue7:15 amGolnakaAqua Cafe8:25 am
    Temple AlwalNeo Insitute7:15 amChey NoHP Petrol Bunk8:30 am
    AlwalSyndicate Bank7:17 amAmberpetSree Ramana Theatre8:32 am
    LothukuntaSubha Sree Garden7:20 amRamanthapurDurdarshan8:35 am
    Lal BazaarMaha Kali Temple7:25 amUppal X RoadsUppal X Roads8:40 am
    TirumalagiriTraffic Police Station7:30 amNagole X RoadsBharath Petrol Bunk8:45 am
    Hanuman TempleRTO Office7:30 amAlkapuriMahendra Finance8:47 am
    KarkhanaLucid Medicals7:35 amLB Nagar X RoadsSitara Grand Hotel8:50 am
    VikrampuriOxygen Medical Group7:37 amPanamaRTC Reservation Counter8:55 am
    JBS Bus StandJBS Bus Depot7:40 amHayathnagarSindhu Travels9:00 am
    PatnyFire Station7:45 amRamoji Film CityTicket Counter9:20 am
    ParadiseParadise Hotel7:47 am
    The four tables above depict the different routes taken by the Ramoji Film City buses plus their pickup points and timings. There are four routes in total, namely: BHEL, Medchal, Nizampet and Shapur Nagar. Fare is at Rs. 250 per passenger and these buses ply daily. You can book any of these buses from the official website of Ramoji Film City.

    2. Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) Buses - The TSRTC operates a few buses plying from Hyderabad, and even Secunderabad, to the Ramoji Film City. A total of three TSRTC buses ply between different points in the city to the film studio complex. Fares are on average at Rs. 200 but can go higher, depending from which point you come from.

    TSRTC Bus No. 206/290 Route

    Stop NumberPickup PointStop NumberPickup Point
    1Secunderabad Junction15LB Nagar Bus Stop
    2Alugadda Bhavi16Panama Godown
    3Mettuguda Bus Stop17Sushma Theatre
    4Railway Degree College18High Court Colony Bus Stop
    5Tarnaka Bus Stop19Bagyalatha
    6State Archives20Lecturer's Colony
    7CCMB21RTC Colony Bus Stop
    8Habsiguda Bus Stop22Hayath Nagar Bus Stop
    9NGRI23Amberpet Chowrasta Bus Stop
    10Survey of India24Ramoji Film City
    11Uppal X Road Bus Stop25Abdullapurmet
    12Snehapuri Colony Bus Stop26Batasingaram
    13Nagole Bus Stop27Kothagudem
    14Kamineni Hospital
    This table depicts the schedule or route of Bus No. 206/290 which starts at Secunderabad Junction and ends at Kothagudem. The first bus from Secunderabad Junction departs at 9:00 am and the last bus departs at 5:45 pm. Frequency of buses differ depending on the rush of passengers but usually it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes for a bus to arrive at the pickup station. From Secunderabad Junction, Ramoji Film City is at the 24th stop so you need to get off at this station as the bus has a different destination.

    TSRTC Bus No. 206 Route

    Stop NumberPickup PointStop NumberPickup Point
    1Women's College Bus Stop12High Court Colony Bus Stop
    2Chaderghat Bus Stop13Bagyalatha
    3Malakpet14Lecturer's Colony
    4Super Bazaar15RTC Colony Bus Stop
    5Mosarambagh16Hayath Nagar Bus Stop
    6Dilsukhnagar Bus Stop17Amberpet Chowrasta Bus Stop
    7Chaitanyapuri18Ramoji Film City
    8Kothapet Bus Stop19Abdullapurmet
    9LB Nagar Bus Stop20Batasingaram
    10Panama Godown21Kothagudem
    11Sushma Theatre
    This table depicts the schedule or route for Bus No. 206 which starts at Women's College Bus Stand and ends at Kothagudem. The first bus from Women's College Bus Stop departs at 7:13 am and the last bus departs at 10:07 pm. Buses depart every 32 minutes or so, depending on the rush during that day. Ramoji Film City is the 18th stop, starting from the Women's College Bus Stop.

    TSRTC Bus No. 209 Route

    Stop NumberPickup PointStop NumberPickup Point
    1Women's College Bus Stop11Sushma Theatre
    2Chaderghat Bus Stop12High Court Colony Bus Stop
    4Super Bazaar14Lecturer's Colony
    5Mosarambagh15RTC Colony Bus Stop
    6Dilsukhnagar Bus Stop16Hayath Nagar Bus Stop
    7Chaitanyapuri17Amberpet Chowrasta Bus Stop
    8Kothapet Bus Stop18Ramoji Film City
    9LB Nagar Bus Stop19Abdullapurmet
    10Panama Godown20Tharamatipet
    This table depicts the schedule or route for Bus No. 206 which starts at Women's College Bus Stand and ends at Tharamatipet. The first bus from Women's College Bus Stop departs at 8:50 am and the last bus departs at 10:10 pm. Buses depart every 7 hours or so, it's not that frequent so it's best to catch the early morning bus as much as possible. Ramoji Film City is the 18th stop, starting from the Women's College Bus Stop.

    3. Best Bus (Private Bus Company) - This private company has fixed routes, from which their buses pick up passengers from different points in the city and bring them to the Ramoji Film City. You can choose which is the closest pickup point from you and board the bus from there. Fare for a 2-way non AC bus is at Rs. 350 and for a 2-way AC bus is at Rs. 400.

    Best Bus Route No. 1

    Pickup PointLandmarkTimingPickup PointLandmarkTiming
    LingampallyKaveri Hotel7:00 amBarathnagarSriramulu Theatre7:45 am
    ChandanagarChandanagar RS Brothers7:05 amErragaddaBharat Petrol Bunk7:50 am
    MadinagudaBus Stop7:10 amESINear Bajaj Showroom7:52 am
    MadinagudaOpposite My Home Apartments7:15 amSR NagarICICI Bank7:55 am
    Allwyn ColonyCine Town7:20 amAmeerpetChennai Shopping Mall8:00 am
    MiyapurIndian Petrol Pump7:25 amAmeerpetOpposite Big Bazaar8:05 am
    HydernagarBus Stop7:25 amPanjaguttaHyderabad Central8:10 am
    Nizampet X RoadNizampet X Road7:30 amPanjaguttaRed Rose8:15 am
    KPHB JNTUViswanth Theatre7:35 amKhairathabadNear Shadan College8:20 am
    KPHBNear Kala Mandir7:35 amKhairathabadNear Hotel Dwaraka8:25 am
    KukatpallyVivekananda Nagar7:40 amNampallyOpposite Nampally Railway Station8:30 am
    MoosapetNear Sangeetha Wines7:42 am
    Best Bus Route No. 2

    Pickup PointLandmarkTimingPickup PointLandmarkTiming
    BalanagarBalanagar Vimal Theatre7:00 amSecunderabadSecunderabad Railway Station7:45 am
    ParadiseNear Hotel Paradise7:15 amRanigunjRamgopalpet Police Station8:10 am
    Best Bus Route No. 3

    Pickup PointLandmarkTimingPickup PointLandmarkTiming
    KondapurNear Harsha Toyota7:25 amMadhapurNear Police Station7:50 am
    MadhapurNear Cafe Nandini7:40 amJubilee HillsJubilee Hills Checkpost8:00 am
    These are all the bus routes taken by the different Best Bus buses. Their timings and the landmarks close to the pickup points are also included. You can choose which one best fits you, or the pickup point closest to you. You can book any of these buses from this link.


    These are all your options on how to reach the Ramoji Film City by bus. Keep in mind that the fares for these buses only include the transportation and you need to pay a separate entrance fee once you reach the Ramoji Film City. I hope this helps you!