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Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Cookie, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    Being early on in the trip planning stage, I'm yet to settle on exactly when I want to travel. Am I right in thinking that the seasons are still very definitive? I mean, our British seasons are all so mixed up these days (August was a wash out, yet it's December but it was 14 degrees the other day?!) - is it like that in countries such as India too, or is the weather more predictable?

  2. arthnel

    arthnel Member

    I don't know much about the predictability of weather in India. If I were to take chance at advising you though I would say it will be predictably hot. This is not having with you because when I visited the joke was on me when I packed wrong clothing. Yes the night do get cool but the relief tends to come very late at night. Most of the daytime you will find sweltering heat. Not to worry much though because you're still going to love the visit.

  3. Barty

    Barty New Member

    This is a very good question, since weather everywhere seems to be changing. Some places are getting cooler, while others are getting hotter. You should try to see if you can look up a predicted forecast for the time you are preparing to go, in order to be prepared.
  4. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    Thanks both. I guess that if I at least know that 'hot' is on the cards, then if I can just buy extra/different clothing when I'm there if I need it. It'd be just my luck to turn up in monsoon season or something though if I don't do enough research! :eek:
  5. arthnel

    arthnel Member

    :D:D@Cookie A monsoon season is possible and I hope your going to be lucky and get to enjoy a nice season in India. Just pack a little bit of everything and you should be fine. India has a way of absorbing you into its people and culture, that will diminish any anxiety about the season, whether hot, wet or cold. There's a nice mix of everything in foods, art, activities on a whole that will keep you and your mind otherwise occupied. Have a great trip.
  6. Cookie

    Cookie Member

    That's such a lovely way to describe it. :) I'm really looking forward to learning about all kinds of things and experiencing a whole new culture, be it while sheltering under an umbrella or sweating like I've just run a marathon!