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Seeing India On A Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by daniel john, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. daniel john

    daniel john New Member

    Would it be advisable to journey round India on a motorcycle? I have an old Honda motorbike which I could take with me, but I was wondering about 3 things:

    1. Safety
    2. Fuel costs
    3. Licence and tax issues

    Would this be feasible?

  2. Tanmaya

    Tanmaya Member

    It will be cheaper to buy a new motor bike in India and sell it when you want to go back. Get a Bullet :) take it with you on your way back. I have seen some in London.

    If you are not used to Indian roads then I won't suggest riding bikes for long distances. I do see plenty of foreign tourists riding to Ladakh every year. It is a matter of personal choice.

    Petrol is cheaper than England.

    You can use your driving license issued in your home country here in India as long as it specifically says two wheeler. Which tax are you worried about?

    It is a good idea but I am not sure about bringing a motor bike all the way from the UK to India.
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  3. daniel john

    daniel john New Member

    Thanks, that clears a lot of things up. Being able to use my own licence is convenient.

    Re: tax - here in the UK we have road tax and a few other things that need to be paid, but I assume these aren't needed in India, then. That should save some money too. Brilliant!
  4. Tanmaya

    Tanmaya Member

    We do have road tax but not something we discuss about as it is just a few hundred rupees for life time and not something you pay every year or month. If you buy a used motor bike you dont have to pay any road tax as it is paid when you buy a new one and is valid for the life of the vehicle.

    Insurance is extremely cheap in India. For a motor bike you would pay a couple of thousand rupees may be not too sure. I paid Rs 7500 for the whole year for my car this year and I know for a fact that two wheeler insurance is way cheaper unlike UK and other western countries.

    Repairs and spare parts are also cheap and not something you should be worried about.
  5. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    If you are a good rider and have experience riding in other countries it should not be much of a problem. In some areas gas can be in short supply, but proper planning can avoid these problems. Also, paying a little bit more will ensure you get preference at the pump. The big thing is to know your roads, and have backup roads. There are a lot of people that tour the country, and there are sites dedicated to this. Check out those communities for some great advice and support.