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Shivaji Nagar bus stand Pune

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by AVinit, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. AVinit

    AVinit New Member

    I will be arriving at Pune airport, and my plans are to go to Kelsha in Ratnagiri. I have a few questions which are related to Shivaji Nagar bus stand Pune. So please be kind enough to answer the questions which I have mentioned below.

    1. How long does it take to reach Shivaji Nagar bus stand from Pune airport?

    2. Can I easily get a taxi from the airport to the bus stand?

    3. What would be the cost for a taxi?

    4. What bus options do I have to go from Shivaji Nagar bus stand to Kelsha?

    5. What is the travel time from Shivaji Nagar bus stand to Kelsha?Ratnagiri

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there! Welcome to the forum!

    The distance between Pune Airport and Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand is about 11 kms. It can take you 20 to 30 minutes to reach the Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand from the Pune Airport.

    Yes, there's a prepaid taxi counter in the terminal itself. You'll find the prepaid taxi counter before you exit the terminal. You just have to pay the fixed fee at the counter and you'll get a ticket for it. You then show the ticket to the security guard who will assist you in riding the prepaid taxi.

    Aside from prepaid taxis, there are also general taxi services you can find outside the airport. However, these taxis are not metered and you'd have to negotiate a price for the fare with the driver.

    There are also radio cabs within the city. All you need to do is download the apps for these radio cabs or have their contact number. Then, as soon as you depart from your plane, you can contact one to pick you up. This is another great alternative.

    Here are the different fares for different taxi companies:
    • Taxi for Sure - Rs. 124 to Rs. 150.
    • Uber X - Rs. 178 to Rs. 214.
    • Ola Cabs - Rs. 188 to Rs. 226.
    • Wings Radio Cabs - Rs. 200 to Rs. 250.
    • Travel Time - Rs. 220 to Rs. 265.
    • Speed Cabs - Rs. 222 to Rs. 270.
    There are no direct buses from Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand to Kelshi. However, there are MSRTC buses from the Swargate Bus Stand to Shrivardhan. Here are their timings:
    • Bus No. 1 Semi-Luxury - Departs at 6:15.
    • Bus No. 2 Semi-Luxury - Departs at 14:15.
    Then, from Shrivardhan, you must ride an auto or a bus to reach the shores of Kolmandale. From there, ride a ferry or boat going to the other side. And then another ride with an auto to reach Kelshi. It's just 42 kms from Kelshi so travel time is around 1 to 2 hours.

    There are also MSRTC buses from the Swargate Bus Stand to Ratnagiri. Here are their timings:
    • Buses from Platform No. 1 - Bus timings are 21:00 and 21:15.
    • Bus from Platform No. 2 - Bus timing is 8:35.
    • Bus from Platform No. 10, 11, 12 and 13 - Bus timing is 7:45.
    Then, from Swargate Bus Stand as well, there are private bus operators going to Ratnagiri:
    • Ghatge Patil Transport Mohan Travels (Non-AC Seater) - Departs at 10:00 pm and arrives at 6:00 am. Fare is at Rs. 450.
    • Sana Travels (AC Sleeper) - Departs at 10:15 pm and arrives at 7:15 am. Fare is at Rs. 500.
    • Sai Ratna Travels (AC Sleeper) - Departs at 10:30 pm and arrives at 6:30 am. Fare is at Rs. 600.
    • Naik Travels (AC Sleeper) - Departs at 10:45 pm and arrives at 6:30 am. Fare is at Rs. 600.
    Now, from Ratnagiri to Kelshi, it's another 179 kms, so journey time is about 4 hours more. Here is the bus timing from Ratnagiri to Kelshi:
    • MSRTC Ordinary Bus - Departs at 15:00.
    I wasn't able to find bus schedules from the Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand to Ratnagiri. However, the distance between Pune Airport to Swargate Bus Stand is fairly the same so you'd have the same fares for taxis.

    From the Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand, there are no direct buses to Kelshi in Ratnagiri. With the first route, Swargate to Shrivardhan then to Kelshi, you might be able to reach Kelshi within 7 to 8 hours or even less.

    The distance between Swargate and Ratnagiri is about 302 kms. So that's about 6 hours of journey time. From Ratnagiri to Kelshi, it's another 179 kms. So it can be a journey time of 4 hours more or less. Average travel time is about 10 hours to reach Kelshi from this route.

    I hope this helps.:)