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South Indian Food Vs North Indian Food?

Discussion in 'South India' started by Sharath S, Feb 3, 2016.


South Indian Food vs North Indian food?

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  1. Sharath S

    Sharath S Member

    I live in South India and I love the food here. A lot of people who have come from Northern part of India also love the food here. Here is a question to the readers. I am biased by the fact that I live in South India but I feel South Indian's have a lot more types of food when compared to North Indians. I believe North Indians have a lot of desserts to offer and I don't like desserts. Which part of India are you from and do you like South Indian food over North Indian food or vice versa?

  2. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I'm actually from the United States but I didn't know there was such a difference in Indian food from the north to the south of the country! Are there particular foods they could be characterized as North Indian and others as South Indian? Are there any telltale signs to know the difference? I'm curious about it now!

  3. Elaine

    Elaine Member

    Are there really a lot of differences between North Indian and South Indian foods? I did not know that! Is South Indian food much spicier?
  4. swalia

    swalia Guest

    I am from North India. I love South Indian food like masala dosa, uttapam and idli sambhar. However I disagree with you that North Indian food has little choice. Probably you haven't tried North Indian dishes yet. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes, North Indian food has so much to offer.
  5. I am from a cosmopolitan city and have tasted all kinds of food from all parts of India. Generally I noticed that South Indian food would be based on rice and rice derivatives. They will also have slightly more spices than North Indian food. While North Indian food is generally more heavy. The North Indian dishes mostly have roti/naan/bread along with a variety of sabzi or curry as you might call it over in other countries, although it's technically not correct to call it curry. I generally prefer South Indian for breakfast and snacks and North Indian for lunch and dinner.
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  6. kooljojo

    kooljojo New Member

    South Indian food varieties have rice as the main course and North Indian food items have a base of the wheat products such as Chappathi, Roti, Nan and Paratta. In South India spices are used in medium level and the North Indian food items are spicier. The oil component in South dishes is lesser than the other part. The oil used mostly by South is coconut based which is now proved healthier for its anti cancer element. In South the availability of fish is more than any other parts of the country and each state in south has some special variety of fish food item. The authentic method of preparing the spiced fish by wrapping it on a banana leaf and frying it on the cinder is very much appreciated by the tourists. The food items are in total more on the south side than north as per my experience.