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Taxi from Pune to Mumbai

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by MouniChak, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. MouniChak

    MouniChak New Member

    I need to reach Mumbai from Pune the first week of April. I have quite a bit of luggage with me, and it would be easy to get a taxi from Pune to Mumbai.
    I know that taking a taxi can work out to be a bit costly but its the best option for me. I would like to find out what the average cost of a taxi from Pune to Mumbai would be and hopefully get the cheapest option.

  2. Karan

    Karan Member

    I am assuming that you are traveling alone, which means you won't need a really big car, and can do with a small one like a Tata Indica with the luggage in the boot and some on the passenger seat, but like you said you will have quite a bit of luggage so I can not estimate exactly how much.

    I have given the rough idea of the taxi cost from Pune to Mumbai for three types of vehicles, as it all depends on the amount of luggage you have. These are estimates from Ola Cab services which provide an outstation taxi service as well.

    India, Micra or Ritz car would cost around Rs1950

    Dzire, Etios or Sunny car would cost you around Rs2200

    Innova or Ertiga car would cost you around Rs3300

    Regarding the cheapest option that would be with OneWay Cab who charge around Rs1600 for a one-way journey from Pune to Mumbai.