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Things to buy by a foreigner

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Alexandoy, May 28, 2017.

  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    Whenever I would go on a tour, my list is not complete without the things I would buy. First is the food, what dishes to sample, what fruits to eat. Next is the souvenir items. Speaking of souvenir, the t-shirt is always on top of the list, I don’t know why. Anyway, when we went to Bangkok for the first time, we bought a jade figurine that costs a lot. Maybe we can consider it as the most expensive souvenir item we bought abroad. But in India, what items are good to buy to bring home?

  2. pravish

    pravish Member

    There are ample of things you can take from India. I would say you would have to pay for your extra baggage if you consider taking them all (on a lighter note). If you consider food, Sweets for sure would be number one on my list of take away from India. There is a wide range of varieties of sweets throughout this country and I can say they are exclusively made in India alone. India has a variety of snacks that you can take along with you which are finger licking good. You can buy t shirts in Goa and Sareers for women in the southern part of India. A lot of handicrafts can be found here like decorative pots etc. A place called Surat is know for having the finest supply of dimonds, so you may impress a lady with that. ;) India has a lot more than you can take in one go. :)

  3. TiaraSy

    TiaraSy New Member

    I know exactly what I will be buying as souvenirs to take back home with me after my trip to India. First up, I have always wanted a genuine authentic sari like the Indian women wear. They are just so beautiful. I wish I could get one in every color but I know that's not going to happen... Also, I will be taking home some of the Indian culture in the form of Ganesha sculptures and ganesha gold bangles.
  4. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    If you want anything typically Indian then you could visit Khadi shops where every kind of item that has an Indian flavour would be available. You can go for some pure silk scarves, khadi clothing, sandalwood artifacts or even brass items. What you get there is genuine and at reasonable rates. (Khadi is handwoven or handspun cloth)