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Tickets To India From Usa

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by RishiMishra, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. RishiMishra

    RishiMishra New Member

    I going India in October with my family and am yet to book the flights. Tickets are quite costly and obviously like anyone else I want to get the best deal. I don't know whether it is possible but do you think I can book tickets to India from USA from an Indian travel agent or Indian website?

    Would booking tickets from India work out to be cheaper than booking from USA?

    Can someone give a quote for a ticket from USA to India for the dates 14th October to 28th October?

  2. Jessica_91

    Jessica_91 Member

    Where in the US?

    I have been just searching on Google and it comes up with prices and flight details on search page itself. I have also used skyscanner with some success in finding good deals. Priceline and a few other last minute deals websites can also be useful. Just search a bit and compare prices, I am sure you would land a good deal.

    If you let me know which airport you want to fly to and from I can do some searching around and give you a few suggestions.

  3. Ilivewhereistand

    Ilivewhereistand New Member

    It seems that flights from pretty much anywhere in the U.S. would range from 600 to 1000 dollars one way. It would also depend what are of India you are flying into. You may want to check with some of your local travel agencies as they can sometimes help to find you good deals. Be comfortable spending over 1000 for round trip at least.
  4. CaptainOblivious

    CaptainOblivious New Member

    The flight costs are almost the same either way. I know this because I travelled to LA this way, hoping that tickets would be cheaper on the way back. The USA tickets actually ended up being marginally cheaper. Just book them in the US itself, it'll also be much more convenient.