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Top 5 beaches in Goa

Discussion in 'Goa' started by Boralli007, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Boralli007

    Boralli007 New Member

    Next year I want to go Goa for my holiday, and I know it's early to be planning, but I like making plans beforehand.
    There are a lot of places to visit in Goa, and I am trouble deciding which location I should choose. My main reason to go Goa is to be at the beaches, so I think knowing which are the top 5 beaches in Goa, will allow me to decide my location so that I can be close to the beach.

    It is not necessary that I need to know about the cleanest or popular beaches, but as a general the best beaches.
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  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    With over 50 beaches to choose from, you're spoiled with choices when in Goa. Whatever your interests might be, partying, water sports, swimming or just lounging around, chances are, that there's a beach in Goa suitable for you. Though North Goa has been stricken by commercialism, there are still hidden gems around the region. And then you have South Goa, which has more secluded and serene beaches. For the top five beaches in Goa, I'll try to vary their types so that you are left with not just one type of beach. So here we go:

    The Top Five Beaches in Goa

    1. Baga Beach - Perhaps this is the most lively beach in Goa, with an assortment of everything in between. Yes, you can find literally everything here, from flea markets, beach shacks, hawkers, water sports, etc. Thus, a visit to Goa won't be complete without experiencing the chaos that is of Baga Beach. Here you can find people from various walks of life, whether it's the vendors, the local tourists or the foreigners. Once upon a time, Baga Beach was part of the hippie trail in the state and even years after that era, the beach has traces of the hippie culture still. During day time, you can enjoy water sports here like banana boat riding, wind surfing, water scootering and plenty more. If ever you're into art, there are tattoo and henna tattoo stands here as well. With the numerous beach shacks here, you won't also get hungry but the top-rated ones are the Shining Star Beach Shack and Saint Anthony's Beach Shack. Relish in the delightful seafood dishes, while enjoying the views of the sea. During night time, indulge in some of the most amazing night life venues like Cape Town Cafe and Cafe Mambo's. If you're someone who doesn't mind the crowds and in fact adore it, then why not venture into Baga Beach, the most happening beach of Goa.
    • Activities - Water sports, nightlife, food trips and shopping.
    2. Arambol Beach - Yet another beach in the northern part of Goa, but quite a contrast from Baga Beach, is the Arambol Beach. With its laid-back appeal, it's no wonder that the beach has attracted lots of foreigners. Those who enjoy meditation and yoga would love Arambol Beach as it has plenty of ashrams and centres for these activities. The Arambol Beach is not yet commercialised and locals hope it stays this way. Because of this, no big hotels can be found around the beach. The guest houses allow one to experience the rural way of living here, which can be an exhilarating experience for travellers. On the other hand, despite the rural vibe of the beach, you can still find plenty of shops and beach shacks around. The shops here sell the usual hippie items like colourful bags and ethnic jewelries. The beach shacks here are simple and offer local cuisine to guests as well as some shade from the sun. As you venture further to the north, you would reach the Harmal Beach, which is still a part of the Arambol Beach. Because of the surrounding cliffs, the views here are stunning and hence, this part is more visited by travellers. Walk a bit more and you'd find another hidden gem, a lagoon bounded by the sea on the other side. Yes, this gem of the north is definitely worth a visit before it becomes commercialised.
    • Activities - Yoga, meditation, food trips and dolphin spotting.
    3. Colva Beach - Colva Beach is the counterpart of Baga Beach in the southern part of Goa. Because of this, the beach is relatively crowded and not as clean nor as serene as the other South Goa beaches. However, this is also the most happening beach in the south, with plenty of water sports, beach shacks, hotels and restaurants for guests. So if somehow, you cannot go to the northern part of Goa, then Colva Beach might give you a little glimpse of Baga Beach. Water sports that are available here are plenty like jet skiing, speed boating, parasailing and windsurfing. There are also stands here for having henna tattoo or a permanent tattoo. Accommodations-wise, there are plenty of high-end resorts and hotels here as well as budget ones. There are also plenty of restaurants around here, the best-rated ones are The Garden and Jamies Colva. During night time, you can join in parties, with the bars here like Mickey's and Club Margarita. The Colva Beach itself has white powdery sands and blue waters but it can get quite dirty during peak tourist season.
    • Activities - Water sports, food trips and nightlife.
    4. Cola Beach - Quite a distance away from Canacona, there's the hidden Cola Beach. All efforts in reaching this beach is well worth it because its beauty is unlike any other beach in the state. With a lagoon on one side and the beach on the other, you'd be enamoured by its beauty. Of course, this is after a bumpy ride and about a 50-metre climb down. Away from commercialism and not haunted by pollution, the water in both the lake and beach is a crystal clear blue. The lake is calm and serene, perfect for kayaking and canoeing. On the other hand, the beach is a bit rough but still very pristine and captivating. Surrounded by coconut trees, the place is just perfect for relaxing and soaking in all the beauty. You can opt to stay here through tented accommodations or cottages. There are also a few restaurants around that you can enjoy your meals with the surrounding beauty.
    • Activities - Kayaking, canoeing and swimming.
    Cola Beach

    5. Benaulim Beach - One of the most deserted beaches in South Goa, yet easily accessible from Colva. The beauty of this beach is its serenity and though it has a few beach shacks, it's nowhere as chaotic as the other beaches. It has white sands which are very fine and powdery. Its shores are sometimes lined with starfishes too. The water here is not that rough, perfect for swimming and enjoying the sun. The downside is that there are no water sports available here. Staying here strictly means just enjoying the sun, sand and water, nothing more. For a luxury stay, there are some five-star hotels here like the Taj Exotica and Karma Royal Palms. If on a budget, there are also some cottages and beach huts that are more affordable here. So after exploring the chaotic beaches of North Goa, do yourself a favour and venture into the south, specifically into the Benaulim Beach.
    • Activities - Swimming and getting your tan on.;p
    There you go, I hope this helps you! I'm sure others would have their fair share of favourite beaches in Goa though. But for me, these are the best beaches in Goa, you get a bit of everything, when you visit these five beaches. Enjoy!

  3. Satish Joshi

    Satish Joshi New Member


    Thanks for sharing your doubt and will sure help you out on the same .
    1)Cola Beach
    2) Morjim Beach
    3) Anjuna Beach
    4) Calangute Beach
    5) Vagator Beach