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Best beaches in Goa for foreigners

Discussion in 'Goa' started by JaneSaunders, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. JaneSaunders

    JaneSaunders New Member

    I am from Wales in the United Kingdom and together with my husband and my friend and her husband we are planning a Goa holiday. We know a lot of people visit Goa, not just foreigners but Indian nationals as well, as it is a popular holiday destination.

    We would be spending time sightseeing but most of our days will be spent at the beach getting some sun and going for a swim maybe, so we need to know what the best beaches in Goa for foreigners are.

    We want to relax so are not too keen on loud noises or too much hustle bustle, so I think that those kind of beaches would best be avoided.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    There are a total of 52 beaches in Goa, spread across its northern and southern part. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, then do not go to the central parts of Goa, where the beaches of Baga and Calangute are in. Aside from them, most of the beaches are relatively less crowded but the more you go to the northern end or the southern end, the more secluded the beaches become. Still, that's a lot of choices, so let's try and find the best suitable beaches for you as a foreigner in Goa:

    Best Beaches in North Goa for Foreigners
    • Arambol Beach - Although North Goa has become synonymous with its noisy and crowded beaches, there's plenty of hidden ones in the state that remain away from commercialisation. One of them is the Arambol Beach, just north of Mandrem Beach. Hotels here are sparse though and you need to stay in cozy guest houses. That's the best part, you get to be immersed in the local way of living just by staying in a guest house. There are a few beach shacks here serving local Goan cuisine too. The beach here has soft, powdery and golden sands and the waves are not too rough for swimming. As you walk further to the north, you would find a cliff, which has very picturesque views. Further ahead this cliff, there's a small lake, bounded by the sea on the other side. For relaxing and lounging around, Arambol Beach is the perfect choice for that. It's no wonder foreigners flock to the place as well.
    • Ashvem Beach - Located on the south of Arambol Beach is yet another deserted and pristine beach, Ashvem Beach. It has silvery shores and calm waters, perfect for swimming and relaxing. This beach is frequented by foreigners but not much by locals. For staying here overnight, there are some beach huts around the area which are quite affordable. But being in the vicinity of Panjim, it's easy as well to just stay in the capital and venture into the beach as a daytime excursion. Food-wise, the beach shacks here offer a variety of cuisine to cater to the foreigners so it's not just Goan cuisine that you can find here.
    Ashvem Beach in North Goa%u200B.jpg
    Ashvem Beach in North Goa
    • Querim Beach - This is the northernmost beach of North Goa, forming the boundary between Maharashtra and Goa. The water of this beach is a turquoise blue and the sands are golden, which has scattered small rocks in some parts. As it is slightly away from the centre of Goa, not many tourists throng to the beach and it is very possible to have it all to yourselves. There are no beach shacks and only a few accommodations here though so that's a downside.
    • Small Vagator Beach or Ozran Beach - At the southern end of the Vagator Beach, you can find the Small Vagator Beach, also known as Ozran Beach. Its characteristic feature is its rocky shores and gentle waters. There are not much crowds here but there are plenty of restaurants and beach shacks that you can dine in. The beach is also famous for its Shiva rock, which is a rock with a carving of Shiva on it. Since the beach is in Bardez, accommodations are plenty and you won't have to worry about budget at all.
    • Dona Paula Beach - The best place for sunset viewing in North Goa is Dona Paula Beach. Just an hour away from Panjim, this beach is where the confluence of the rivers of Mandovi and Zuari with the Arabian sea is located. Climb a bit to reach the hillock and you'd be rewarded by beautiful views of the sea and the city on the other side. There are a few water sports available on the beach but really, what I recommend is the climb to the hillock.
    Best Beaches in South Goa for Foreigners
    • Hollant Beach - Located at the city of Vasco Da Gama, Hollant Beach is a small but picturesque one. In contrast to the Dona Paula Beach, this beach is perfect for viewing sunrises so make sure you visit just before the sun rises. It has golden sands, devoid of rocks, and clean water, with very gentle waves. As a downside, you cannot do much here, no water sports, nor eateries nearby so only make this a short day trip and reach back to the city after a few hours. But yes, lined with coconut shades, it's one of the most serene beaches in the southern part of Goa.
    • Benaulim Beach - This beach is very popular amongst foreigners as well but nowhere as crowded as the northern beaches. Its shores are a powdery white and its water is very clear. You can even spot some star fishes around the shores. There are also some beach shacks and restaurants that line the shores of the beach. For water sports, only a few are available in the area. But for spending a quiet day just swimming and getting your tan, Betalbatim Beach might work for you.
    • Sernabatim Beach - Just a few kilometres away from the popular Colva Beach, there's the Sernabatim Beach. One of the most deserted beaches in South Goa, yet pristine and beautiful. It has silvery sands and clear water, coupled with lush greenery all around. The waves here are small, perfect for swimming. When in Sernabatim Beach, you can go for excursions like island hopping or dolphin spotting. But for water sports, they are sparse in the area. Some resorts and beach shacks line the shores, which are good enough for a short stay in the area.
    • Cola Beach - Being inaccessible, Cola Beach does not attract throngs of tourists despite its natural beauty. To reach the beach, you need to traverse through rocky and unpaved roads and even trek a bit down to finally see the hidden beauty of the beach. With a lagoon on one side and a beach on the other, you can easily spend a few hours here just swimming and relishing in the beauty of the place. There are two hotels located nearby the beach so staying here is possible.
    Cola Beach in South Goa%u200B.jpg
    Cola Beach in South Goa
    • Patnem Beach - A lively yet uncrowded beach, that is Patnem Beach in the southern part of Goa. With numerous beach shacks lining the shores, you won't find a shortage of dining options here. Yet it has retained much of its rural charm and the beach itself remains fairly clean. If you do like yoga and meditation, there are plenty of ashrams here for that. During night time, the beach shacks transform into live music bars but not as crowded or rowdy as the ones in Baga or Calangute. Thus, if you want some type of entertainment but still doesn't want to noise or chaos, Patnem Beach might be suitable for you.
    I hope this helps you in choosing which is the best beach for you. Good luck!:)