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Unsafe For A Male To Travel Alone?

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Ralph, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Ralph

    Ralph New Member

    I have read that it is unsafe for women to travel alone to India. (In all honesty, it's unsafe for women to travel to most places alone.) How is it for males? I'm not exactly physically imposing and I'm wondering if the country as a whole would be safe for a male foreigner.

  2. nomad

    nomad New Member

    I wouldn't say it is unsafe for women to travel alone in most places. I think people are generally well-meaning the world over, and it just pays to be knowledgeable and respectful of the culture you are visiting. I think advice regarding this applies to both women and men, and it's really more about being aware of your surroundings.

    Thousands of people arrive in India every day as tourists and have a fantastic time. India is not an especially dangerous place - the media just picks up on the negative stories as they sell well.
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  3. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    India is not that a dangerous place. People are very peace loving here. As you already said that in today's world it is sometimes unsafe for a woman to travel alone anywhere in the world. I think India is comparatively the safest place. As @nomad has rightly pointed out that nowadays media is more interested in cooked up stories to improve TRP level. They will do anything to get a breaking news. Even in history India never attacked any other country for power or wealth.
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  4. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I guess it would depend on the state or province. May I cite that this summer I was in the province of Batanes, the northernmost part of the Philippines. The peaceful province has zero crime rate and there was even a store called Honesty Store without an attendant. You get the item you want and leave the exact payment in a bin. But in Metro Manila, the opposite is true.

    So in traveling, whether alone or with companion, it depends on your disposition or evaluation of the place if it is safe or not. But I'm glad that @travelguide is giving us assurance that India is safe.
  5. turtledove

    turtledove Member

    I would say it's a little safer for men than women, but as mentioned before, it really does depend on the part of the country you're visiting. Busy, bustling cities generally have far more security, so they're usually safer. But, I think overall, it's not really dangerous. You have to be a little careful and cautious as you would be if you visited any other country, but I believe it's quite safe.
  6. Ralph

    Ralph New Member

    That's a very good point, thank you! I guess the thing about the media is true. I have heard of people being afraid to visit New York City because they think it would be dangerous. Obviously, everywhere you go, there is a chance of danger. I think one place is rarely all that more dangerous than another.
  7. bluegreen

    bluegreen New Member

    I agree with @nomad the media usually (well, always) picks up all the shocking news, because they are the ones that sell best! The problem is that there are people that doesn't have their own opinions and don't do research, then they think that all over the place there are bad people with bad intentions because they saw in the news some bad situation happening there and then the generalise. I'm glad to know that India is somewhat safe, I was thinking of making a trip around Asia and India is on my plans! Such as Japan and Thailand!
  8. nomad

    nomad New Member

    @Ralph I totally agree. There is a chance of danger everywhere really - that's a part of life. It all depends on your own perspective and experiences. I have traveled around many countries including India and the USA. I personally felt safer in Mumbai than in Los Angeles. No matter where you are though, even your own small home town for example, it is a good idea to keep aware of yourself, your possessions and your surroundings.

    @bluegreen I agree that a lot of generalizing can happen, especially as a result of skewed media coverage. There are so many friendly and welcoming people in India, and the culture has such a wonderful focus on family. These things are not shown often in the Western media and so it is easy for us all to make opinions based on a couple of negative stories.
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  9. fatema

    fatema New Member

    That is so not true! How do males travel for business trips. I never heard that it's unsafe for males to travel alone? I would never imagine that it's not safe. It's just going on a plane and straight to either hotel, or family's house. If it's at a family member's house, there most likely going to wait for you at the airport. So I think it's pretty much safe if your a male and are planning on traveling alone. You have to weigh the stuff though. I mean what would really happen if you travel alone? As long as there's a good amount of people around, no one will do anything.
  10. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    I recently read a new report about a gang of nymphos operating near New Delhi airport. You should be very worried in my opinion, they look for vulnerable foreign single men that have just landed and "not being physically imposing" is a quality they really look for in their victims.


    I mean really?
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  11. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    Having just finished reading a thread about it India being unsafe for females, I now come across this one asking is it safe for males! You'd think that India was some war torn country, crippled with gang warfare and criminals on every corner.

    Travelling alone, male or female, to any country in the world is slightly riskier than travelling with a partner or in a group. India is no different in my opinion, and with the basic common sense to avoid certain situations, you won't have to much to worry about I wouldn't have thought.
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  12. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    Could I please have some more information on this nympho gang you are talking about, strictly for educational purposes of course, no other reason! ;)
  13. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    beautiful Indian girl.jpg

    Thats the leader of the gang and apparently in to British guys. You might wanna take your chances as I see your location says UK in your profile.

  14. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    I feel sorry for that banana @Chahal and after seeing that picture, I would like to retract my previous comments about India being a safe place to visit!
  15. bragadish

    bragadish Member

    India as a place is like all other countries.Crimes happen everywhere and to curb it all is nearly impossible as well.Let alone that,changing notions of each individual to respect fellow humans (be it a lady/man) is impossible.
    On a personal stance i reckon,we need to start taking it easily.You can't make the world a safe place,but you can make yourself safe by learning marital arts maybe :p (Women especially)
  16. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

  17. bragadish

    bragadish Member

    I take it that you replied to my post,but yes not often do you see women mastering marital arts.

    @Ralph : India is an incredible experience.We follow "Athithi devo bhava" meaning Guests are our God.When you take a tour to India,you are a guest to us and most people here are genuine,friendly and caring to foreigners and help them accustom with the culture,but to be brutally honest and on the other side of the plate,there are rodents here (as is with many other countries)which prove to be a big pain for foreigners.
    We cannot eliminate them,but you can choose to be careful.
  18. bluegreen

    bluegreen New Member

    Yes, fortunately I grew up and made my mind opened to this kind of generalizations and I don't care that much about that stuff. Only if IREALLY REALLY know and I'm 100% sure that the country I'm talking about and generalizing has that kind of persons, I don't want to give examples.

    Media takes a big role in a lot of stuff related to discrimination, there a lot of people that doesn't think from themselves, they just copy what they watch and hear about certain themes. And the media doesn't care about that, all they want is sell the newspappers/maggazines and have loads of viewers, regardeless of the stuff they stream.
  19. Chrisanswer

    Chrisanswer New Member

    I've travelled alone in India before and was perfectly safe. It depends on where you going though. Cities in any country are full of nice people and idiots, all packed together within the confines of urban existence. India is no different, so its about using common sense and if anyone tells you they can show you something amazing down a dark passage way, that's usually an indication that they have evil intentions. You'll read lots of generalisations about crime in India, but almost all of it is untrue, or someone's experience that is not representative in India itself. You should travel in India the same way you travel anywhere else; with your wits about you and your mind focused on adventure.
  20. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    It was supposed to be a joke, didint mean any offense :)
  21. btalivny

    btalivny Member

    All countries have their own versions of problems. You must apply common sense and reasoning behind what you do. If you are aware of your surroundings then you should be safe. If you see an empty street and a busy street which both go to the same location, take the busy street. Do not roam alone at night unless you are completely able to handle the possibility of getting lost. Simple things can be done to protect yourself.
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  22. Untamed13

    Untamed13 New Member

    Well I never once felt unsafe or threatened in any way during my stay in India. Even though it was a little tense in Mumbai in 2006 when I was there but that was because of the bombings and had nothing to do with local people/culture. I found Indians to be generally well behaved and polite. I think it's a good idea to learn a few basic Hindi words/phrases if you gonna be there for a while. Most people don't speak/understand English very well, in some of the smaller towns and it's definitely a good thing if you know enough to be able to avoid arguments.
  23. DarkStarling

    DarkStarling New Member

    I mean there are certainly risks to travelling alone, especially if you haven't got any experience in doing so, and if you don't know your way around that can make it risky for other reasons that other people trying to exploit you. But in general I would call it safe, and the worst thing that can happen is probably someone emptying your pockets.
  24. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    Yes, you said it, traveling alone, male or female, to any country is slightly riskier anywhere in the world and India is no different. But we can reduce the chances by applying our common sense at certain occasions. There is no issue in visiting popular places in India even if you are alone. If somebody is very much worried over safety, you can quote one of the female members here who came up with an idea of carrying a pepper spray. I think there is no harm in that and it is a good idea to boost your confidence level.
  25. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    I think people think of India as it was a number of years ago, and maybe then I was more dangerous than other countries, but with the increase in tourism, it's a lot safer these days than what it's ever been so it wouldn't be something that I would worry to much about.
  26. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    You mean before Independence... just joking :)

    I don't know what made you think like that. if you are referring to very old days, India was under British rule and we were the people who suffered a lot. But I think we got this diversity factor from various cultures who dominated India from time to time. Most of the ancient monuments were built by old dynasties like Moghul,. In that perspective we are lucky to have a lot of historical places to offer.
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  27. bluegreen

    bluegreen New Member

    Yes I could't agree more with your opinion btalivny! Every country has it's problems and of course that there are countries where certain problems are more aggravated, I think it's public sense that in Brazil there are certain regions where crime taxes are really high and it's really dangerous travelling there, it's a country that I will definitely never visit in my life. For example here in my country, the capital is somewhat dangerous, there are neighborhoods that are simply too dangerous for you to go there, in fact there are nothing you would do there, other than finding troubles...

    If you know, previously before travelling to an unknown country, the areas that are dangerous and you should never visit them I think you are safe enough ;) But of course if you want to visit the capital, for example, and people tell you that everywhere you go it's dangerous it's up too you to decide if it's worth or not. All this to say just one thing: at the end it's up to everyone to weight the risk and benefits and decide if you do the trip or not!
  28. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Couldn't agree more. For the most part I feel like as long as you take precautions and use common sense you're safe in most parts of the world. I'm a solo female traveller and I've been to Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan alone - not a single problem (perhaps some leering in some places just because I guess I look different being a Caucasian girl) but for the most part I just take normal precautions. I asked a while ago on the forum about traveling along in India and most everyone said it's fine provided you use common sense like not staying out after dark alone -- which isn't something I would really do in my own country let alone overseas.
  29. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    While it's obviously only natural to worry, I think sometimes people can worry a little to much about things, and it can stop you enjoying life. Applying a bit of common sense goes a long way, and as long as you take the necessary precautions, then I wouldn't let the fear or bad reputation of a place stop me from going there.
  30. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Member

    I've always found India far safer in many regards to other countries. Theres certainly excellent security in all the big cities and less crime compared to England and the United States for example. As long as you are respectful to the locals and considerate of their feelings you will have no problems with regards to your safety at all.

    Incidentally there does seem to be a lot of reporting of the negative news stories that come out of India, never any mention of the great acts of humanity and caring that I see everytime I go there. Again, I would say consideration of local culture with an appreciation of the fact that you are visiting other peoples home will ensure you have a safe and pleasant journey.
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  31. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    You're right, sadly the media are always going to report the stories that are "gory" or will sell their papers/get people reading. People seem to be drawn to the terrible stories rather than the inspiring and uplifting ones (I wish there was a newspaper that contained just happy news though - I'd buy it for sure!)

    Also as you mentioned I think knowing some local customs, perhaps even a few words and so forth so that you're being respectful is always a great thing and goes a long way.
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  32. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Member

    Yes, thats a great idea, a few local commonly-used phrases always bring a smile to the faces of the locals, even if you're pronunciation is terrible, they always appreciate the effort you've made to speak their language. You're right about the newspapers of course, bad news sells papers for them and thats why its over-reported. Maybe we should start a newspaper that only has good news, I'd buy it as well, maybe its a business idea just waiting to happen.
  33. Distinctpvp

    Distinctpvp New Member

    I would personally not travel alone depending on the place. Some places have a higher tendency of risks from traveling alone. I would stay away from those places, but ive traveled to many different countries and so far have not had 1 problem from traveling by myself. I think it would most likely be okay to travel by yourself.
  34. GammaRay

    GammaRay Member

    I say before you travel do a little research about the country's culture and the police transparency and safety in the city you're specifically travelling to. Delhi is great, it's mainland India and the people are very progressive and open you don't need to worry about a thing unless ofcourse you're planning to go somewhere dark and shady then in that case every country in the world has that. It also pays to look into the travel tips of your embassy, they really take care of their own.
  35. Zahid Rafique

    Zahid Rafique New Member

    Traveling alone, male or female, to any country anywhere in the world can be risky , but depends on the situation & the place you stay , the people you indulge with ,& specially when you become friendly with people you don't know at all , or when someone comes & tend to be extra friendly and then offer you food or drinks .
  36. Faye1232212

    Faye1232212 New Member

    This is a great question as I was just wondering the same of women. Personally, I think it is best to always travel with a buddy especially if it is for leisure. Too often people are kidnapped , robbed etc while on vacation simply because they are alone. I'd say, no matter where you go, India or anywhere, you should always being someone with you. This just ensures your safety that much more.
  37. taviacurtis

    taviacurtis New Member

    I understand your concerns where safety is involved. Please be aware that safety is important regardless of your sex or location. My advice to you is to always practice being aware of your surroundings. This is a very valuable and lifelong practice that could be effective in any situation that threatens your safety or intuition.
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  38. Devendra patel

    Devendra patel New Member

    Every year thousand of tourists come in India and enjoy peacefully their tour here.Its not true that traveling alone in India is unsafe for male and female both.Some places in all world are risky for traveling alone for tourists.But it depends on their locations,Governing policies and living status of peoples.In every country you can find such type of places and one important thing traveling alone is not good idea for every one because treking alone in mountains,touring in wildlife parks needed some partners.
  39. kokosflocken

    kokosflocken New Member

    It's pretty safe. Just use your common sense. Tip: be especially careful with accepting food and drinks from strangers (don't). And keep an eye on your belongings.
  40. vegito12

    vegito12 Member

    I reckon it is important to be aware of any people being friendly who wants to know about you or wants money for information which can make them think they will get some easy money, by giving information and be aware of what you consume or eat and check it is from a store or well known area. Sometimes learning about the area can keep you and also the media and even some people may exaggerate the claims of violence to tourists, or bad experiences which can cause some people to have fear of travelling. I think that a person does need to be cautious, but being overly cautious can make a person not to trust anyone who is trying to help you if you are lost or need some assistance, and having people you know with you can make the trip more easier and feel more relaxed.
  41. innaf93

    innaf93 Member

    I hope this is a joke, if not, please talk with your friends first.
  42. innaf93

    innaf93 Member

    I am sorry I did not wanted to be rude, but you should really think about before writing things such as women should not travel alone at anywhere. We should and do consider woman just as capable for traveling alone without any harm as men, and they should be too!

    As a men, I don't think you are in a big danger If you travel to India if you use common sense and do not start a fight :)
  43. sillyllucy

    sillyllucy Member

    I think that all travel is unsafe no matter what gender you are. When you travel you are taking the risk and you should abide by local customs at all time so you don't offend anyone. Also travel safe and use common sense and then you will be fine! Don't look like a tourist otherwise you will just be an easy target!
  44. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    Make or female, it doesn't really matter, danger is always everywhere and its important for both sexes not to take unnecessary risks.

    While most people will have common sense and be able to sense when a situation isn't right, sometimes there won't be any warnings, and that could be at the end of your own street somtimes, not necessarily in another country.
  45. SirJoe

    SirJoe New Member

    As it's been said before any country can be as safe or dangerous as you make it. If you decide to adventure into areas that might be considered dodgy, the results might not be the best. Crime rates in India aren't that high taking into account the large population. If it was completely unsafe you would be advised by your travel agent to avoid certain areas of the country.
  46. knitmehere

    knitmehere Member

    Your best bet is to just to a lot of research on the area that you plan to visit. Like any other country, India has bad areas and good areas. Some places the crime rate is high, and others it is low. It really just depends.

    In general, I don't think it's specifically a place where males need to worry about their safety.
  47. comlink

    comlink New Member

    I think it is mostly for women, not men, even in some well developed areas, women are not respected and are sometimes taken advantage of whether it be over priced good, or worse mugging or other acts that put their safety in danger. For men as long as you don't slouch around too much, you should be okay.
  48. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    We should never make general statements about anything in our lives and this is not different. You can go to a country with least crime rate in the world, i do not know which one, probably Japan, and you can get into some kind of trouble. Your well being depends not only on other people around you but on you as well. You will need several factors to avoid anything stressful in any country. You will need to be nice and polite. You will need to avoid places that are infamous. Aggressive behaviour is always around night clubs and bars so even if you go there try not to go into a fight by provoking. Another thing you will need is plane luck and that is not up to you but it is not of the most importance. India as any other country has violence and if you find it you will have problems if not you will have a good time. I heard good things about people from India.
  49. Robert TIganetea

    Robert TIganetea New Member

    I think every place in the world is safe to travel to by yourself if you learn how to be polite and mind your business. In general, bad people do not want to get in trouble if they do not have a reason. So, if you are alone in the night and see a potentially dangerous group, just walk straight by while looking forward and not saying a word. If they stop you or say something, act politely and say that you do not want to get in any trouble and you have a high chance of getting out without a scratch.