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Visa Payment Online

Discussion in 'Visa and Passport' started by Elaine, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Elaine

    Elaine Member

    I have applied for my Indian visa online today, but when I tried to pay, I received an error message saying that my payment couldn't go through. I tried at least 5 times today, but in vain. Did anyone experience something like this

  2. Ted

    Ted New Member

    I would say just try again later. If it still does not work, I think that you can contact their service online or by phone. Good luck!

  3. Aurora

    Aurora New Member

    Just keep trying. Sometimes their server could be down or something could be going wrong. Sometimes just changing your browser could do the trick. Try that and see.
  4. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I used to work for a bank! So usually the main reasons a card will decline are whether it's either insufficient funds or an issue with either your bank or the bank at the other end. As long as your account is fine, it could have just been a communication issue with the website too. If you try it and it keeps failing, but other purchases are working, it sounds like it's just on their end of things. Falling short of that - if you keep trying and it doesn't work give your bank a call and they may be able to investigate further as to why it's declining :)
  5. Elaine

    Elaine Member

    Thank you so much, Aurora. I was on Chrome and then I tried doing it using Mozilla Firefox and it worked :) I don't really understand how this technology works but I sure am glad I finally made the payment!
  6. rtorir

    rtorir New Member

    Sometime a blip I the system may arise. You keep trying but ensure that the popup block is turned off. Sometime a small detail may be left out as you fill it out. Either you fill incorrectly or left something out.
  7. hellotraveler

    hellotraveler Member

    Be careful with which credit or debit card you use. When I got a new card not too long ago, they were very strict on international transactions. They wouldn't let some of them go through until I called support and was pretty angry with them for controlling what charges I made when they were legitimate and intentional without any input or feedback from me before declining it. After I spoke with them, they put it onto their computer system not to do that to me anymore, and ever since I have been able to use the card for international charges. So you might want to check on it and see if that is the reason why. If not, I would try a different card and if it still doesn't go through, contact them directly. Also, if there are any pending charges that do not drop off of one or more cards, be sure to dispute the charges so you don't pay for the same thing twice.
  8. deewanna

    deewanna New Member

    If there is any other way of paying, then try it, if you keep getting an error message. Then you should also make sure you can make international transaction with your credit card. It might be restricted.
  9. paudu

    paudu Member

    My bank sends me an email whenever an international charge comes up on my card, so I can confirm that it is or is not fraudulent. It's actually a good idea, and you may be able to set up this kind of a notification system with them.
  10. TravelCheap3

    TravelCheap3 Member

    I would probably call Visa or the border office because they obviously can't get the payment to go through successfully. Maybe it has to do with the country difference, but definitely call if it doesn't work later on.
  11. arica

    arica New Member

    Get payment link in your email id and make payment.