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Weekend getaways from Delhi within 100 km

Discussion in 'North India' started by Sachdeva19, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Sachdeva19

    Sachdeva19 New Member

    I am someone who loves short trips and have often thought about going somewhere with friends or family over the weekend.

    I don't know much knowledge about weekend places near Delhi and would like some suggestions to some of the weekend getaways from Delhi within 100km.

    People have mentioned places like Nainital or Nahan, but they exceed the 100km limit, and for such places, you need more than a weekend.

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    For the 100km distance, you are left with very little choice of places to visit.

    Are day adventures something that you maybe interested in?

  3. Sachdeva19

    Sachdeva19 New Member

    I am not quite sure, unless I know more about them, so please do suggest some day adventures.

    As you said the options are very less, feel free to post all kinds of places to visit near Delhi.
  4. Deven

    Deven Member

    Great so here is the information about the weekend getaways from Delhi which are within 100km. The information provided below is in no particular order.

    1. Manesar - Manesar is a town in Gurugram and is about 58km away from Delhi. Many people go to Manesar for their short trips with their family and friends and it has become an ideal place to visit, with lots of greenery and lovely surrounding. There are a number of resorts where you can stay and some of the most popular ones are Heritage Village Resort, Golden Turtle Farm Resort, Best Western Resort Country Club, Surjivan Resort.
    You can either stay at your resort and just relax or visit some tourist attractions near. The places you can visit in Manesar are:
    • Heritage Transport Museum
    • Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary
    • Aapno Ghar Amusement and Water Park
    • Shikhar Adventure Park
    • Damdama Lake
    • Brahmrishi Geetanand Lake
    • Mata Sheetla Devi Temple
    • NeverEnuf Garden Railway

    2. Sohna - Sohna is another city in Gurugram where many people go for weekend breaks. It is 62km away from Delhi, which is ideal for short breaks. Some of the popular resorts in Sohna are Botanix Nature Resort, The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake and The Westin Sohna Resort. Again just like Manesar this location is peaceful away from the busy hustle and bustle. Although many prefer staying at the resort they are at, others like being more adventurous and go out and try things like (some which are also similar to the things that can be done in Manesar):

    • Power paragliding
    • Awara Adventure Farm
    • Adventure activities at Botanix Nature Resort (an advantage if staying at the resort)
    • Damdama Lake
    • Sohna Hot Springs
    • Old Fort Sohna Hill

    3. Neemrana Fort Palace - Slightly over the 100km mark at 130km is Neemrana Fort which is a 15th-century heritage hotel. This is one of the most popular resorts to visit for the people of Delhi. The hotel provides a beautiful view of the surrounding hilly area and also provides many facilities for its customers such as and two swimming pools. Weekends are special at Neemrana Fort Palace, as they provide their customers with a live cultural performance which include dance and music. Amongst this, you can enjoy camel cart rides, vintage car rides, and a zipping tour.

    4. Partapgarh Farms - This is a sort of day picnic place for the family which provides experience as well as adventure. You get the real feel of village life and surroundings, experience the daily activities one would do. Some of the old rural activities include playing gilli danda, pitto and many others. It provides a touch of modernism as well, as activities like cricket, and volleyball can be played. While at the farm you get to see the traditional folk dance and music as well as listening to modern songs from the DJ. The list of activities to do is simply endless. Although this is a day picnic, many decide the stay there the night and carry on with some missed activites the next day or simply just relax there.

    Some of the activities which you can do near Delhi are:

    Flyboy Air Safari - This is an air safari activity which is based in Gurugram, which allows you to fly across parts of Delhi

    Camp Wild in Dhauj - This is just 8km away from Delhi in The Aravali Hills. It is a camp both suited for adults and kids which provides a number of adventure activities that include rappelling, flying fox, zorbing, rock climbing, obstacle course and much more.

    Awara Adventure Farm - Awara Adventure Farm is in close to the Aravali Hills in Sohna and like the name suggests it provides adventure. It is not just outdoor activities which you can do but also indoor activities infact there is a wide range of activities which suits everyone. Some of the activities include, team games like volleyball, cricket, swimming, board games, carom, chess, and the much adventurous approach of the suspension bridge, zip line, parallel rope and much more.
  5. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    There are a few more I would like to add to the list.

    Thakran Farms is about an hour away from Gurugram and its suitable place to be at during the weekend. It's peaceful and surrounded by greenery. As well as relaxing at the farm there is plenty for the ones who want some excitement and entertainment. Thakran farms provide some great experience of village life, where you can actually take a bath in the tube well, and even go on a tractor trolly while viewing the green fields. The accommodation options consist of huts and camping.

    Baghaan Orchard Retreat is just over 100km in Garhmukteshwar of district BullandShaher but is worth the visit. Baghaan Orchard Retreat is a resort surrounded by mango orchards. The retreat is in a very quiet location but not a place for you to get bored, as there are plenty of activities for both adults and children, such as zip line, mountain climbing, archery, paintballing and a cycling tour.