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What to shop in Dubai?

Discussion in 'UAE' started by PrashantBiswas, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. PrashantBiswas

    PrashantBiswas New Member

    Following my previous thread about what to do in Dubai, I would like some more help and know what to shop in Dubai.

    I have always known Dubai for being the best place for electronics but also heard that from some people that it's not worth getting electronic items from there, as there is not much of a difference. I would like some detailed information on this and get suggestions on whether I should buy any electronic items from Dubai or not?

    Apart from electronics what other products do you suggest we should shop for in Dubai?

  2. XXwolverineXX

    XXwolverineXX New Member

    Perfumes and jewellery.

  3. Deven

    Deven Member

    Amoungst perfumes and jewelry people also purchase carpets and rugs, spices, dates especially the chocolate coated almond dates which are called Bateel.
    The most common product to shop for in Dubai is electronic items, as it is quite cheap from there.
  4. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    With heavy duty that will be slapped on electronics it is not worth buying electronics in Dubai. There is nothing that is not available in Dubai. Depends on what you are looking for. I have asked someone to get me Medjool jumbo dates which are a speciality there. They are quite expensive though. Nothing like a one time experience.