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What's Your Favorite Thing About India?

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by TravelCheap3, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. TravelCheap3

    TravelCheap3 Member

    I really like the cuisine in India.

  2. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Well, India is somewhere I've been looking at visiting for a while - I haven't yet been there but I too am a fan of the cuisine. I also love history and culture and I feel like India has so much of that! It's part of the reason I am so excited to travel there.

  3. Devendra patel

    Devendra patel New Member

    India has many interesting things. The lifestyle of peoples, tourist places, Indian cuisine, festivals and many other things are world famous. I like Indian dishes, tourist spots, culture and many other things.
  4. swalia

    swalia Guest

    Cultural diversity is what sets India apart from the rest. There are so many different religions, communities and sects with different beliefs and rituals. Unity in diversity has been India's motto and despite the occasional incidents of intolerance, India is still driven by peace and harmony.
  5. Aidan

    Aidan New Member

    I think one of my favorite things about India is its diversity in cultures and also its cuisine. I am a food lover and Indian cuisine is like heaven for food enthusiasts.
  6. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    There are many things I love about India, however, if I have to think about few I will chose Hindu pilgrim sites (Khumba mela, Amarnath, Varanasi), Buddhist pilgrimage site (Both Gaya, Kushinagar), food (chicken butter malasa, biryani) etc.
  7. Sharath S

    Sharath S Member

    The most important thing about visiting India is to experience its cultural Richness. There is no country in the whole world that is this diverse in religion, people Language and live in Harmony at the same time. India is one of the most successful Democracy in the world. It is also becoming one of the best places in the world in terms of trade. India has a lot of undiscovered truth that keep it so mysteriously fresh and healthy. The aroma of food, the smell of the soil can not be compared to any place on Planet Earth.
  8. xTinx

    xTinx Member

    I agree with most people here: Indian cuisine is one of the most memorable in the world and definitely worth exploring for tourists like me. I am a fan of Keralan dishes (thanks to a Keralan friend who keeps sending me pictures of his meals). I find India's fauna rather interesting too. I have always hoped to see a live Bengal tiger and ride a large elephant with Indian embroidery draped on its back.
  9. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    I love how different the culture is. India is not just one, monolithic place, with one people. In the US, every state is a little different, but India takes it to another level. Every city is almost like its own country, with different practices, even different languages. Exploring this first hand is amazing.
  10. integrity101

    integrity101 Member

    It is hard to pinpoint one particular thing that makes India tick. From the rich and diverse cuisine, interesting culture and traditions to unique architectural designs and the breathtaking natural views across the countryside, you can never get enough of India. It is enchantingly magical.
  11. integrity101

    integrity101 Member

    The sounds of locals conversing in high speed Hindi, vehicles hooting endlessly, and the crows cawing at every street corner. And of course, the exotic smells of incense and spices
  12. knitmehere

    knitmehere Member

    What I love most about India is how beautiful it is. Even in really busy, crowded areas you can find some kind of beauty in the sites and the people. It's a wonderful place.
  13. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    I love a lot of things about India actually! Here they are:
    • Mangoes! India is the largest producer and even consumer of mangoes. The mangoes in India are very sweet and delicious. They even have a lot of varieties of mangoes ranging to about a hundred! The Alfonso mango is said to be the best mango in India.
    • Their contributions to information technology. I think India is one of the countries in Asia that has the best IT sector. There's no doubt that they are progressing and moving ahead of other countries when it comes to information technology.
    • The diversity of places with natural beauty. There are beaches, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and a lot more to visit in India. Not to mention the wildlife reserves that they have as well. All in all, their scenic places are truly amazing and mesmerising to visit.
    • Hospitality. People in India are friendly and hospitable to tourists, which is why a lot of people love going back to the country.
    • The cuisine. Indian food is flavourful, healthy and delicious! There's a variety as well so you won't get tired of experimenting all types of cuisines.
    Yup... I love India!
  14. Norjak71

    Norjak71 New Member

    Sight-seeing the Himalayan Mountains, even on the foothills. The sight is purely breath-taking. If you want my personal advice, don't even spend your time taking photographs. Of course snap a few, but so many people are so interested in photographing they don't even take the time to enjoy it. Mediating by them is amazing -- you get the best natural high-feeling ever from being there and experiencing it.
  15. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Member

    I like the elephants. I like to feel like a soldier from the middle ages, where units would ride elephants into battle, trampling their opponents along the way. It's really awesome to see these majestic beasts just roaming around and being nice to everyone. It's probably the closest we will ever be with dinosaurs (I meant with the animal's size), and it's really an amazing feeling, that you're just a small part of the universe. I would love to see them in action in the wild, and not just in tourist spots though.
  16. Elaine Lat

    Elaine Lat Member

    I've never been to India (nor anywhere else for that matter) but I'm learning about it's culture through history and folklore. I was a student when we got to pick different countries to make a report on and India just popped into my head. It's not just the history but the culture, lifestyle, folklore and cuisine that intrigued me. I've also been hearing of colorful festivals like the Diwali. Surely, partaking in such an exciting event would make any tourist want to come back for more.
  17. Destiny

    Destiny Member

    Oh, i would definitely have to say the culture. India has such an amazing and deep rooted culture, it's incredible. I absolutely love it.
  18. Jennifer Martin

    Jennifer Martin New Member

    I would say the tourist destinations which includes world heritage sites, religious places and adventure places in India. There are some unexplored places in India which anyone should visit once in life. The first is India's first heritage hotel: Neemrana Fort Palace and the second one of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.
  19. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    I think it's going to be hard for most people to single out what their favourite part of India is, as there's so much to choose from.

    Culture, cuisine, lifestyle, heritage, they all make up India into being one of the most diverse countries in the world.