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Area 51 Pune entry fee

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by TiwariJay, May 7, 2017.

  1. TiwariJay

    TiwariJay New Member

    I want to take my girlfriend out to Area 51 in Pune. The place looks quite posh and the food looks great too.
    I have a few questions about the prices about Area 51 and would be grateful for them to be answered so I know whether the place is in my budget or not.

    What is the Area 51 Pune entry fee?

    What is the average cost of the food there?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    An Overview

    What comes to your mind when you hear or read the words Area 51? Area 51 has long been touted as a highly secretive extra-terrestrial base located in Nevada in the United States of America. This is the same name of the largest and most fascinating revolving bar of Pune, Area 51. Built on the same premise, the bar has a UFO theme, from the exteriors, up to the interiors. Its location is also quite isolated, giving that mysterious vibe to the place, especially as you party during the wee hours. So if UFOs, extra-terrestrial beings and the unknown universe have always piqued your interest, give the Area 51 in Pune a visit and maybe that innate craving for the uncertain would finally be satisfied.

    The Location

    Area 51 is located in Baner Village in Baner Hills. Specifically, it is located at the Pancard Clubs Hotel, which is owned by the Panoramic Group. It is about 10 kilometres away from the city centre of Pune. The nearest bus stop to the bar is the Shroff Chowk Bus Stop, which is merely 500 metres away. However, there are no direct PMPML buses from the city centre to this bus stop. Your best option is to board aPMPML bus (Bus No. 348) from the Pune Junction Railway Station and alight at the Simla Office Bus Stop. From there, you can board another PMPML bus (Bus No. 256B) for Shroff Chowk Bus Stop. Railway stations are located quite a distance away from the bar so it's not advisable to go by train. If going by your own vehicle or cab, take the Ganeshkind Road and then the Baner Road to reach the bar.

    The Vibe

    From the exterior, the Area 51 bar has a very extra-terrestrial, futuristic appearance. It has a round shape, which is typical of the supposed UFOs that were spotted encircling the atmosphere of the Earth. The motif from the outside is a bit tame, as the colours are a mixture of grey and white. When illuminated during night time, the rounded structure truly resembles the UFOs we have always imagined. Inside, the vibe becomes more bright, as soon as you step into the revolutionary entrance, with lit paths and even entry ways that somehow give you a glimpse of what a space craft looks like. The three-storey structure looks even more striking inside, as the disc-shaped dance floor and the revolving lounge greet you. If you have that knack for the quirky, the eccentric vibe of Area 51 would surely please you.

    The Facilities

    Area 51 is spread over three floors, each one well-thought of and the design executed quite beautifully. The first floor has a glass bottom where the dance floor is located. Illuminated with various colours, this is the best place for grooving to the latest hits. This is also where live performances are usually held, as it is where the hydraulically raisable platform can be found. For special events or conferences, the central dance floor can be converted into a video presentation centre instead, where a huge screen projector can be mounted upon.

    The second floor is where the DJ console is located. This is also where the bar is located, where you can enjoy malts, whiskies, vodkas, rums, beers and other liquors. There are stairs around the disc-shaped dance floor, leading to the various sitting areas where you can rest after dancing. The sitting areas are in the form of comfortable couches with a central table as well. Again, for special events or conferences, this area can be arranged accordingly, with chairs faced upon the central dance floor slash screen projector area.

    The third and last floor is the revolving lounge, wherein the peripheral section can be made to revolve or face other directions. This is the unique feature of the bar which you won't find elsewhere in Pune. This area has various sitting areas as well, where you can enjoy the in-house meals of the bar, ranging from Indian, to Chinese and even Continental. You can also enjoy your beverages here while having a great vantage point, viewing the dance floor with a panoramic angle.

    So what else? Enjoy the latest hit offerings from both Bollywood and Hollywood as mixed by the live DJ. The bar also has live performances from both local and international artists from time to time. The in-house kitchen serves a variety of local and international dishes too. The same goes with the bar which has a variety of alcohol-based beverages that guests can enjoy.

    The Entry Fees

    For the entry fees, they differ depending on the type of guest. The main types of guests allowed on the bar are couples and females. However, stags may be allowed entry upon the discretion of the management. All entry fees include some cover type for drinks and meals but it isn't unlimited so you need to choose accordingly.

    Entry Fees for Area 51

    Guest TypeEntry FeeInclusions
    CoupleRs. 1,000Rs. 1,000 Cover + Access to Dance Floor & All Other Areas
    FemaleRs. 1,000Rs. 1,000 Cover + Access to Dance Floor & All Other Areas
    Male (Stag)Rs. 1,500Rs. 500 Cover + Access to Dance Floor & All Other Areas
    For couples, an entry fee of Rs. 1,000 is imposed upon them, which includes a cover worth of Rs. 1,000. For females, an entry fee of Rs. 1,000 is imposed upon them, which includes a cover worth of Rs. 1,000. For males, an entry fee of Rs. 1,500 is imposed upon them, which includes a cover worth of Rs. 500. All these entry fees include access to all areas of the bar, including the dance floor.

    The Timings

    The Area 51 is open only a few days in a week so you have to plan your trip to it accordingly. It is open only during weekends, twice a week, so it can get crowded during such days.

    Schedule & Timings for Area 51

    MondayCloseNot Operational
    TuesdayCloseNot Operational
    WednesdayCloseNot Operational
    ThursdayCloseNot Operational
    FridayOpen20:00 to 1:00
    SaturdayOpen20:00 to 1:30
    SundayCloseNot Operational
    As you can see, Area 51 is open only during Fridays and Saturdays. It remains closed during the other days of the week. During Fridays, it is open from 20:00 in the evening to 1:00 in the morning. During Saturdays, it is open from 20:00 in the evening to 1:30 in the morning.

    The Verdict

    If you love music and dancing but want a new place to do such activities, consider Area 51. A futuristic looking bar in the Baner Hill area, the Area 51 would surely fascinate and mesmerise you. It has the only revolving lounge in Pune and also has one of the biggest dance floors in the area. Open only a few days a week, it can get a bit crowded but if you love a fun-loving group, then this is the place to be. Good luck and I hope this helps you!