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MGM Dizzee World entry fee

Discussion in 'Tamil Nadu' started by AkhilYadav, May 8, 2017.

  1. AkhilYadav

    AkhilYadav New Member

    There is a resort/theme park in Chennai by the name of MGM Dizzee World. The park looks quite big and a place which pretty much includes everything for an adult and children entertainment.

    I am planning to celebrate my son's birthday there with his friends and I need to know what the MGM Dizzee World entry fee is.
    There are some adult package and children package, I don't know what this is, so if anyone knows please explain more about this package.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    mgm dizzee world.jpg

    What is the MGM Dizzee World?

    The MGM Dizzee World was established in 1995 in Chennai. It started out as an amusement park but now has its very own water park as well. Owned by the MG Muthu Group of Companies, this was their first venture into the entertainment and leisure industry, as they are mainly a logistics company. An assortment of fun family rides, kiddie rides and thrilling adult rides can be found within the amusement park. The water park, though small, can help in cooling off guests after a whole day of queuing and enjoying the dry rides. So if you're looking for a quick getaway, a place where adventure and fun can be found, look no further as the MGM Dizzee World is here to save the day.

    Where is the MGM Dizzee World Located?

    The MGM Dizzee World is located in Muttukadu in Chennai. Specifically, it can be found at the East Coast Road, so it can be easily accessed by road if you're coming from the city centre. The theme park is located near the beaches of Uthandi and Kovalam. Reaching the theme park by rail isn't much of a feasible idea. It's best to board the local bus from Koyambedu (Bus No. 568C) or from Thyagaraya Nagar (Bus No. 599) that goes to Mamallapuram. Both these buses pass by Muttukadu and the MGM Dizzee World along the way. The nearest accommodation option to the theme park is the MGM Beach Resort, which is merely 750 metres away.

    What is the Overall Vibe of the MGM Dizzee World?

    Acres of fun awaits you when in the MGM Dizzee World. Coverings of plants and coconut trees can be found in many areas of the theme park. It is set upon a vast open-air land though so it can get quite hot during summer season. The colourful hues of the rides provide for a nice contrast to the green surroundings. In some places, there are artificial trees, an artificial mushroom and artificial rock edifices that give a more childish appeal to the theme park. Statues of characters from nursery rhymes, dinosaurs and various animals lend their presence in many areas too. The overall vibe of the MGM Dizzee World is charming with a bit of vividness to it.

    What are the Attractions in the Amusement Park?

    The Amusement Park can be subdivided into three sections, namely: Adult Rides, Family Rides and Children Rides (Mary World). The Adult Rides section has the usual Ferris Wheel (Star Wheel), Viking Ship (Caribbean Swing), Flying Saucer (Disco Saucer), Bumper Cars (Dodgem Car), Cage Rotator (Revolution), Swinger Ride (Wave Swinger) and Double Loop Roller Coaster (Rolling Thunder). They also have variations of the usual rides like the Giant Wheel, which is a higher version of the original Ferris Wheel. There's also the Creeper Bug, which is a round and round ride on a spider-like creature. The Kamikaze Ranger would truly test your braveness as it takes you high and drops you low suddenly. The Rock O Plane has a ferris wheel like appearance but takes you on a thrilling journey as it spins you round in the cabin itself.

    adult rides at mgm dizzee world.jpg

    Next, we have the Family Rides section, which has quite a number of attractions that the whole family can enjoy. Round and round safe rides like the Balloon Race, Carousel and Sky Glider are suitable for the young or old of the family. The Reindeer Coaster is a bit exciting though not as nerve-wracking as the original Roller Coaster ride. Taking you to new heights is the Rainbow, almost like a magic carpet ride. Do take the toy train ride named as the MGM Express, which would surely be a hit to your kids. This section also has many photo opportunities with attractions like the Tree House and Rain Tree. There's also a Cricket Ground and even a Game Arcade in this section.

    family rides mgm.jpg

    The last section is the Children Rides, which is also called the Mary World. Of course, there are mini versions of the usual rides like the Viking Ship (Kids Swing), Bumper Cars (Kids Dodgem) and Carousel (Mini MGR). Round and round rides like the Tora Spin, Batman Jet, Caterpillar, Cup Saucer, Mini Jet, Mini Slambam, Scooty Rider and Rough Rider. There are also various train rides like the Dizzee Express and Jurassic Train. The little ones can also have fun exploring the Shoe House, adapted from the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe nursery rhyme, or maybe having their picture taken with Humpty Dumpty. Don't forget to view the Stone House and Giant Mushroom House as well.

    kids rides mgm dizzee world.jpg

    The Amusement Park also has Carnival Games, where you can win prizes like stuffed toys and more. There's a Manmade Lake too, where boating can be enjoyed by guests. And finally, there's an open-air Amphitheatre where live musical or dance performances can be viewed from on certain days.

    What are the Attractions in the Water Park?

    The Water Park can be subdivided into two sections, namely: Slides Swimming Pool and Wave Pool. The Slides Swimming Pool is quite vast and has over eight slides that one can enjoy. There are open slides and tube slides that flank the sides of the swimming pool. There are umbrella canopied areas with falling water and also some buckets with splashing water as well. The Wave Pool, also known as Alai Osai, is another fun attraction. Enjoy the ripple of the water which is done using a machine. There are life jackets that can be used by the little ones so they can be safer on this section. The Water Park is just small though very well-maintained. There are changing areas and bathrooms that guests can use as well.

    mgm dizzee world water park.jpg

    What are the Other Facilities in the MGM Dizzee World?

    Just adjacent to the MGM Dizzee World is the Parking Area. It is around 400 metres away from the main entrance and has capacity for parking for around 500 cars. If you have some unimportant items that need to be stored away while you're enjoying the rides, the theme park also has Locker facilities but they can be rented for a surcharge only. For dining, there's a Food Court named as Fortellow, where guests can buy snacks, meals and beverages from. The theme park also has two main restaurants, one is a Vegetarian Restaurant and the other is a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant. Other facilities in the theme park are a Taxi Booth and First Aid Counter.

    What are the Entry Fees for the MGM Dizzee World?

    The entry fees for the MGM Dizzee World differ for adults and children. These entry fees won't include anything else aside from the access to the Amusement Park and Water Park.

    Entry Fees for the MGM Dizzee World

    Guest TypeDescriptionEntry FeeInclusions
    Child Jumbo PackageBetween 2.6 Feet to 4.4 FeetRs. 549Access to Amusement Park & Water Park
    Adult Jumbo PackageAbove 4.4 FeetRs. 649Access to Amusement Park & Water Park
    Children below 2.6 feet in height are granted free entry but they won't be able to enjoy much of the rides. For children with heights between 2.6 feet to 4.4 feet, their entry fee costs Rs. 549 per head. For adults with height above 4.4 feet, their entry fee costs Rs. 649 per head. With these entry fees, they can access the entire theme park except for the chargeable attractions that we would mentioned below.

    What are the Chargeable Attractions in the MGM Dizzee World?

    There are three chargeable attractions in the theme park. These attractions are not included in the entry fee so you need to pay for separate charges for each of them. It is also your choice if you would be entering any of these attractions as it is not compulsory to do so.

    Chargeable Attractions in the MGM Dizzee World

    Amazing Mesmirrorise MazeMirror MazeRs. 100 Per Head
    Devil HouseHorror HouseRs. 100 Per Head
    5D Theatre3D Film with Physical EffectsRs. 100 Per Head
    First is the Amazing Mesmirrorise Maze, which costs an additional Rs. 100 per head. In this attraction, you'd be provided for a pair of gloves as well. You need to make your way out through the mind-boggling sets of mirrors. Second is the Devil House, which is mainly a horror house. This costs Rs. 100 per head as well and is not much of a suitable attraction for the little ones. The last chargeable attraction is the 5D Theatre, which also costs Rs. 100 per head. You can enjoy watching short films here while being shaken and rattled all along the duration of the movie.

    chargeable rides at mgm dizzee world.jpg

    What are the Timings of the MGM Dizzee World?

    The MGM Dizzee World remains open all throughout the year. You may find though that some rides won't be operational during weekdays. Weekends, on the other hand, see the most number of crowds. Rates don't differ, whether you visit during the weekday or weekend, but it depends upon you which would be the suitable timing of your visit would be. Weekdays are best for avoiding crowds but you have to compromise on the number of available rides. Weekends are suitable if you want to enjoy all the rides but do expect queuing a bit.

    Schedule & Timings of the MGM Dizzee World

    WeekdaysMondays to Fridays10:30 to 18:30
    WeekendsSaturdays to Sundays (Including Public Holidays)10:30 to 19:30
    What is the Verdict?

    The MGM Dizzee World is one of the oldest theme parks of Chennai. Despite this, a visit to the theme park can rekindle your childhood. Even for the children, they can make new memories that they would cherish forever with just a visit to the theme park. For the whole family, they can enjoy bonding and connecting with one another while on the theme park. One tip to consider? Explore the entire Amusement Park section first and then reach the Water Park thereafter to cool off. Enjoy!