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Best street food in Delhi

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Mohina, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Mohina

    Mohina New Member

    I am from Ambala and will be coming to Delhi to visit some universities. During my time there I really want to eat some Delhi street food which is famous.

    I would require some help in knowing at what places I can find the best street food in Delhi?

  2. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    Chandi Chowk is famous for its street food.. just invade those streets anytime and you will always find some delicious food...

    Delhi haat( @INA and Janakpuri) is another such place but there you will find food from all over India..
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  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Mohina, welcome to the forum!


    Delhi is such a diverse city that you would find an assortment of gastronomic dining places in the city. Of course, for the posh individuals, that means casual dining or even fine dining in mid-range to high end restaurants. But to truly experience the unique cuisine of the city, why not be adventurous enough and try its street foods? From every corner of the city, there are street food stalls that serve delicious snacks, sometimes even full meals, at very affordable prices. Some of these street food stalls have been in existence for years now, proving that they have been serving worth it delicacies. While you can find street food stalls in any point in Delhi, which ones do stand out? Which ones have had the loyal patronage of the Delhi locals for a long while now?

    Best Street Food Places in Delhi

    Parathas - A Paratha is a flat bread, usually baked in an oven and fried thereafter. This snack, sometimes breakfast meal, originated in the Indian subcontinent and even now, is a favourite delicacy of countries around India. The Paratha is usually stuffed with vegetables such as beans, carrots, papaya, chick peas and potatoes. The latter being the most popular one, also known as the Aloo Paratha. Served with a dollop of ghee, sometimes with a siding of a dipping or chutney, the Paratha is one of the most popular street foods of Delhi.

    1. Kake Di Hatti - The mere mention of Paratha can make a local foodie think of Kake Di Hatti. While this is a restaurant slash road side stall, since it has an air-conditioned floor meant for families or groups with girls, stags are not allowed on the air-conditioned seating area, don't dismiss it when visiting the Chandni Chowk area. Chances are, it's hard to miss anyway as there is always a flock of individuals right at its doors, lining up for its delicious Parathas and other North Indian dishes. Parathas here are cooked the traditional way, in a tandoor, or oven, giving it its authentic taste. They also pack meals ready to go, in case you would like to bring home some Parathas to your loved ones. The serving for one Paratha here is enough for two persons, so order accordingly. For the vegetarians, this place is a haven as they serve purely vegetarian meals for affordable rates too. Hygiene is okay, not much that you can expect for dhaba-like restaurants. Service is very good though as meals are served quick and staff are very attentive to the needs of customers.
    • Must Try - Aloo Paratha and Paneer Paratha
    • Address - No. 654/55, Chaurch Mision Road, Fateh Pur, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, 110006, India
    Kake Di Hatti's Paratha.jpg
    Kake Di Hatti's Paratha (Image from Route Explorer)

    2. Moolchand Parathe Wala - Originally, this street food stall was located parallel to the Moolchand Flyover but later transferred in a shop below the Moolchand Metro Station. Watching the masters fulfil your desire for Paratha is quite enticing. No more than six persons are on the shop and a specific job is allocated to each. From the person who takes your money, you're transferred to the one who kneads the dough, to the one who deep fries the kneaded dough, until the person who gives you your designated order. Everything is seamless, because these guys have been in the business for over 30 years now. The shop is mostly known for their Egg Paratha, sprinkled with masala on top, with a siding of mint chutney plus pickled chillies. They do have other variants of Parathas although it's nowhere as extensive as other eateries.
    • Must Try - Egg Paratha and Daal Paratha
    • Address - Shop No. 4, 5 & 6, Moolchand Metro Station, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi, Delhi 110024, India
    Samosas - Supposed to be, Samosas originated in the Middle East before being introduced in the Indian subcontinent in 13th century. These triangular-shaped stuffed pockets are good for breakfast, snacks or even as a meal in itself. The stuffings vary from region to region but they usually have vegetarian fillings comprising of potatoes, lentils, beans and peas. Around Delhi, there are tons of shops selling this deep-fried goodness that usually makes locals gaga because of its delicious taste and enticing aroma.

    3. Kumar Samose Wala - This street food stall has been in business for over 15 years now yet it remains under the radar of foodies around Delhi. They serve different varieties of Samosa, some so innovative that only they have it. It's quite an adventure really, as from the outside, the Samosas look quite the same, it's such a surprise when you bite into different ones and each can give you a unique culinary experience in itself. Perhaps this is what makes Kumar Samose Wala one of the best shops for Samosas in Delhi, the sheer variety in the classic street food, the resourcefulness of the owner and also the experience like any other. For instance, their Pizza Samosa, a mixture of cheese, peppers and corns, is a delight for the taste buds, it's as if you're not eating a Samosa at all! They even have sweet variants of the Samosa, but the Chocolate Samosa is a clear winner. Don't worry though because even classic Samosas such as Aloo Samosa and Paneer Samosa are also worth trying out here.
    • Must Try - Pizza Samosa and Chocolate Samosa
    • Address - No. 2/31, Phase 3, New Moti Nagar, Delhi, 110015, India
    Kumar Samose Wala's Samosa.jpg
    Kumar Samose Wala's Samosa (Image from Food Loot N Tricks)

    4. Munni Lal Halwai - This is one of the oldest Samosa-selling shops in Delhi, having been established in the middle of the 19th century. If you love the classic taste of the Samosa, then this is the place to be. No frills, no gimmicks, just plain old, delicious Samosa. The shop has managed to capture the taste buds of the masses, with their perfectly balanced taste of the Aloo Samosa. Spiced just enough, with a siding of a tangy chutney and a side of chole, relish in the simplicity of this street food when in Munni Lal Halwai. Make sure you reach the shop before the sun sets, as by that time, they would have sold out all their stocks.
    • Must Try - Aloo Samosa
    • Address - Shop No . 4, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Marg, Malka Ganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110007, India
    Momos - This popular Tibetan snack can be found in any corner of Delhi as well. Originally, this dish only has meat for filling but along with modernity, the variations in the types of Momos are quite many as well. You can find Momos with vegetable fillings such as cabbage, potato and many more. You can also enjoy the healthier version, the steamed Momos, or the less healthy version, fried Momos. Either way, you're bound to love this Tibetan dish which has become quite a staple in many street food areas in the capital.

    5. Hunger Strike - This street food stall is known for their delicious Tandoori Momos. Established just in 2010 as a stall for Kathi Rolls, which they still serve, they have expanded into the shop they are today. While they have a variety of meals, their Tandoori Momo is their signature dish. You can choose between their Vegetarian Tandoori Momo, a combination of cabbages, corns and carrots, or their Non-Vegetarian Tandoori Momo, with stuffing of pure chicken. Their Momos come with three types of sauces, the red chilli, the mint chutney and the lesser known, garlic mayo. Ask for the latter as they don't usually give it to customers if not requested, but this sauce goes the best with any of their Momos. You won't spend more than Rs. 150 here and for that, your tummy and wallet would be grateful for you.
    • Must Try - Vegetarian Tandoori Momo and Non-Vegetarian Tandoori Momo
    • Address - C-9, Amar Colony Main Market, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi, Delhi 110024, India
    Hunger Strike's Tandoori Momo.jpg
    Hunger Strike's Tandoori Momo (Image from So City)

    6. Dolma Aunty Momos - The one who started it all, back when Momos weren't even known in the city, it was Dolma Aunty Momos who installed the first street food stall for it. The original street food stall started out in 1994 and has since then expanded into several branches in Lajpat Nagar. Steamed hot Momos, served with a siding of red chutney, it takes the foodie back to the simpler times. Over the years, the recipe, the service and the taste has not deteriorated which is why this is one of the most preferred outlets for authentic Momos in Delhi. You can choose between their Vegetarian Momo (Rs. 40), Chicken Momo (Rs. 60) and Paneer Momo (Rs. 50), each of which are worth sampling. Although they have introduced other options for dining as well, their Momos still prove to be the star of their street food stalls.
    • Must Try - Vegetarian Momo, Chicken Momo and Paneer Momo
    • Address - Shop 39-B, Central Market, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi, India
    Aloo Tikkis - Resembling the popular American patty, the Aloo Tikki is another popular street food in Delhi. It is mainly made from potatoes, onions and other spices, fried to have that golden colour. It is usually served with a siding of chutney and makes for a delicious mid-meal snack. While the dish is popular in India, you can also find it in neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan.

    7. Bittoo Tikki Wala - What started out as a small road-side cart has now become an established restaurant in Delhi. The original location of the Bittoo Tikki Wala is in Rani Bagh in Delhi but you can find it now in most areas, like in Janak Puri and in Dwarka. The best part about this shop is that they sell affordable but very hygienic Aloo Tikkis. Each dish is freshly prepared, not just reheated, unlike other food joints. Their Aloo Tikki is crispy, with stuffings of cabbages, paneer, masala and pomegranate, served with a siding of tamarind and mint chutney. Their rates are also very competitive, even for their stalls that are located in posh areas. So if you're someone bothered by hygiene and sanitation, try out Bittoo Tikki Wala for their satisfying but well-prepared Aloo Tikkis.
    • Must Try - Classic Aloo Tikki
    • Address - No. 2884, Sant Nagar, Rani Bagh, Delhi, 110034, India
    Bittoo Tikki Wala's Aloo Tikki.jpg
    Bittoo Tikki Wala's Aloo Tikki

    8. Prabhu Chaat Bhandar - The sight of the huge frying pan with all the frying Aloo Tikkis would mesmerise you when you visit Prabhu Chaat Bandar. It's rare to see this place unpacked, as it is a favourite amongst local employees and workers. Their Aloo Tikki is traditionally prepared, although they also have other dishes aside from this. Stuffed with a mash of peas, radish and coriander, the potato dish tastes all the more divine when partnered with their signature tamarind and mint chutney. This stall is mostly flocked too as soon as the sun dips, so make your way by that time and enjoy the chaos in the city. Also worth trying here is their Gol Gappe and Aloo Chaat. A meal here won't cost you more than Rs. 60, at the most, although if you can't get enough of them, you might end up spending more than you intend.
    • Must Try - Classic Aloo Tikki
    • Address - UPSC, Man Singh Road Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110069, India
    Chole Bhature - This combination of curry, chole, and fried bread, bhature, originated in Punjab but has made its way in other regions of India as well. Chole Bhature has many different variations as well, just like the other dishes. Usually, the curry is made from chickpeas, spiced just right for that kick of spiciness. The bread is usually made from white flour, baked and fried to make it a bit puffy. When combined, this dish makes for a great snack or even breakfast for many Indians.

    9. Baba Nagpal Corner - Serving Chole Bhature for breakfast, this place is usually crowded during early mornings and weekends. It is more of a restaurant slash road-side stall infused together, as it has a cashier area, with a small standing eating area. While the ambience isn't that noteworthy, the food is definitely worth trying out. The bread or bhature is quite huge, crunchy yet soft on the inside, although it tastes a bit bland. The chole compliments the bread though, as it is very flavourful, with just the right spiciness to it. A perfect ending to the delicious meal is their Lassi, which can wash down the heaviness of the meal.
    • Must Try - Chole Bhature and Lassi
    • Address - Lajpat Nagar Market, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110024, India
    Baba Nagpal Corner ​.jpg
    Baba Nagpal Corner

    10. Sita Ram Diwan Chand - A legend when it comes to Chole Bhature in Delhi is the Sita Ram Diwan Chand. With such humble beginnings, as the original owner, Sita Ram, once pushed a hand cart around Delhi to sell their signature dish, it has now expanded into a restaurant slash road-side eatery in the city. Unlike a normal restaurant, only tables are available in here so you have to eat while standing. On the other hand, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation is well-maintained here, giving you that restaurant-like experience. Loyal patrons of the shop say that the recipe of the Chole Bhature here hasn't changed over the years, giving you that authentic taste of the dish. Their Chole Bhature is lip-smackingly delicious, with the bhature being stuffed with paneer and other spices, while the chole has a mixture of potatoes, onions and other spices, which really compliments the bread. The shop doesn't sell much variety in meals so this means that they focus on their signature dishes and can give you a real exposure to the classic taste of Chole Bhature.
    • Must Try - Chole Bhature
    • Address - No. 2243, Rajguru Marg, Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110055, India
    Chaats - Chaat can be described as any form of Indian snack, typically ranging from a variety of tastes, savoury, sweet, sour or even spicy. In essence, there are many Chaats stalls in Delhi and they can include a variety of snacks, including the ones mentioned above. For this guide though, we'd simply refer to Chaats as dessert dishes, which can be sweet or a mixture of all other flavours.

    11. Hira Lal Chaat - What sets the Hira Lal Chaat street food stall apart is that it is mainly a Kulle Chaat, or simply a Fruit Chaat. Their Kulle Chaat is an explosion of flavours unlike any other. First, several fruits and veggies would be hollowed out, depending on the season, it can be an orange, a potato, a melon, a cucumber and the likes. You can also choose which fruits you prefer, just make sure you choose a total of four. After which, the hollowed out fruits would be filled with chickpeas, masala spices, pomegranate seeds and many other goodies. The vendor, also known as Ram Babu Kushwaha, would then mix all the ingredients together to fuse their flavours together. You need to eat the entire concoction in order to experience the fusion of all the flavours, a mixture of all sorts of tastes, from sourness, to spiciness, to saltiness and to sweetness. Who knew that such combination would be a heavenly delight for your taste buds? This is definitely a must-try delicacy when in Delhi as this local dish was invented right at this food stall.
    • Must Try - Kulle Chaat
    • Address - No. 3636, Gali Lohe Wali, Chawri Bazar, New Delhi, India
    Hira Lal Chaat's Kulle Chaat.jpg
    Hira Lal Chaat's Kulle Chaat (Image from Mint)

    12. Dhani Ram Rakesh Gupta's Daulat Ki Chaat - Delhi's hidden delight for the sweet-toothed individuals is the Daulat Ki Chaat. This dessert-like street food is only served during winter mornings and is quite hard to find in the city. It is made using cream whisked with milk, which would then build up a froth several hours later. Mixed with saffron, pistachio and edible silver foil, the sweet dish not only looks divine, it tastes so as well. It literally melts with the warmth of the mouth and has a perfect balance of sweetness, creaminess and frothiness. While there are some sellers of Daulat Ki Chaat in Delhi, usually they walk around the Chandni Chowk area, only a few have permanent stalls put up. One of which is Dhani Ram Rakesh Gupta's Daulat Ki Chaat, located in Bazar Sita Ram. Serving this creamy goodness for just Rs. 50 per plate, you can enjoy eating without worrying about your pocket.
    • Must Try - Daulat Ki Chaat
    • Address - No. 2792, Gali Arya Samaj, Bazar Sita Ram, Delhi, India
    Kebabs - This snack slash viand is known all over the world. In India, Kebabs can be traced back to the Mughlai dynasty and were mostly meats on skewers back then. Now though, you can find a lot of variations when it comes to kebabs, some even having vegetarian versions. Meat versions can be of chicken, pork, lamb and even deer. Vegetarian versions can be of potatoes, paneer, peppers and many more. They are not only popular as street food items, they can also be found in mid-range and luxury restaurants, with some buffets offering them as starters as well.

    13. Ghalib Kabab Corner - This dhaba-like stall is a must-try for the meat lovers. There are indoor and outdoor seating areas but nowhere luxurious as other restaurants. Loyal patrons reach this place not for the ambience anyway but for the food itself. Established in 1971, they're one of the oldest restaurants selling Kebabs in the city. A cult favourite here is the Boti Kebab, made from heart meat, which gives it its juiciness and softness. With the right amount of spices in the marinade, the flavours are exotic too, which matches the delicateness of the meat. All kebabs of Ghalib Kabab Corner are soft, not chewy at all and spiced just enough. You can request for the meats to be spicier if you like though.
    • Must Try - Boti Kebab and Mutton Tikka
    • Address - Mirza Ghalib's Grave, Minto Road Complex, Nizammudin West Slum, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi, Delhi 110013, India
    Ghalib Kabaab Corner.jpg
    Ghalib Kabab Corner

    14. Ustad Moinuddin Kebab Wale - For that melt in your mouth Kebabs, head on over to Ustad Moinuddin Kebab Wale in Chawri Bazaar. Setup by Haji Moinuddin Qureshi years and years ago, this old Kebab stall in Delhi is popular for their juicy, succulent and melt in your mouth meats. While they have a proper shop now, with a few seating areas, the descendants of the original creator still like to grill the meats outside. Two brothers, the sons of Moinuddi, now operate the shop which has a loyal following now. Their Kebabs are topped with onions, chillies and gingers, with a lemon on the side. They can be relished on their own or you can take them home to savour them with rice too.
    • Must Try - Chicken Kebab
    • Address - Lal Kuan, Gali Qasimjan, Chawri Bazar, New Delhi, India
    Chole Kulche - This is a variant of the Chole Bhature, but instead of bhature, kulche is used, which is just wheat flour, also known as maida. The chole is usually made from chickpeas and other spices too. The bread flour, or kulche flour, can also be mixed with other ingredients such as mutton or even milk. When baked, the bread assumes an over former, a bit thicker than the bhature.

    15. Lotan Chole Kulche Wala - With just a big pot, plates for the kulche and plates for the customers, Deepak sits on the pavement and serves the waiting crowd with his most famous Chole Kulche. This is the best place in Delhi for tasting the authentic flavours of Chole Kulche. Since the 1920's, Mahaveer's father has been serving this delicious dish to local patrons and he continued his father's legacy after his death. His Chole Kulche is best known for its extreme spiciness but for those who cannot tolerate the heat, then just request for a milder version. The dish is served in little foil plates and it's up to you to find a spot to stand or sit on to eat. From the vendor's location, to the experience of dining and to the dish itself, everything is authentically a street food stall dining experience.
    • Must Try - Spicy Chole Kulche
    • Address - Chawri Bazar, Barshabulla Chowk, Chawri Bazar Metro Station, Delhi, 110006, India
    Lotan Chole Kulche Wala.jpg
    Lotan Chole Kulche Wala (Image from Foodie Chora)

    16. Ratan Lal Chole Kulche Wala - Priced at just Rs. 20 per serving, Ratan Lal Chole Kulche Wala's Chole Kulche is not just affordable, it's also quite delicious. The small shop was established about 15 years ago and is a favourite amongst local students and employees. Their kulche is soft and very fluffy, though they are mass-produced. When you mix it with their chole, the taste is heaven, as the blend of spiciness, saltiness and tanginess are sure to perk your taste buds up. The shop also serves other dishes such as Aloo Paratha and Aloo Chaat, all for very affordable prices. Managed by three brothers, they have managed to retain the family recipe all throughout these years.
    • Must Try - Chole Kulche
    • Address - No. 25/24, Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi, India
    Jalebis - Jalebis are pretzel-shaped sweet snacks known in many regions of Asia and Africa. It is made from flour, kneaded into pretzel like shapes and then deep-fried, before being submerged in sweet syrup. Jalebis can be eaten any time of the day, especially for those who love sweets. In other countries, they have variations of Jalebis too but they usually have the same sweet taste and chewy texture.

    17. Old Famous Jalebi Wala - This is one of the oldest Jalebi selling shops in Delhi, having been in operation for the past four generations of the family now. Unlike other shops selling this sweet delight, Old Famous Jalebi Wala fries their Jalebis in pure ghee so you can taste that in every bite. Their Jalebis are also quite huge, which won't be much of a problem if you have a big appetite but a caution for those who gets satisfied with sweets easily. You can watch them as they cook the Jalebis in front of you so you know they are prepared fresh everyday. Their Jalebi is best paired with Rabri too, a concoction of condensed milk, nuts and sugar which compliments that former.
    • Must Try - Jalebi with Rabri
    • Address - No. 1795, Dariba Kalan Road, Dariba Corner, Opposite to Central Baptist Church, Chandni chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India
    Old Famous Jalebi Wala.jpg
    Old Famous Jalebi Wala (Image from Odd Ends)

    18. Kali Charan Gupta Jalebi Wale - Also a legend in the city when it comes to Jalebis is the Kali Charan Gupta Jalebi Wala. While it is not easily accessible, as not many tourists know about it, you can always ask the locals for the right directions. They are known for their pipingly hot Jalebis, with that melt in your mouth texture. Their Jalebis are just sweet enough, not too much or too little. For about Rs. 125, you can enjoy their large-sized Jalebi which you can eat on its own or pair with Rabri as well.
    • Must Try - Jalebi
    • Address - No. 1210, Frash Khana, New Delhi, India
    Kheer - Kheer is a rice dish, mainly made from boiling grains of rice, mixing it with milk and sugar and flavouring with other spices and nuts. Some prefer to eat Kheer after a full meal, mainly as a dessert. In some regions of India though, Kheer is mainly served during special occasions such as festivals or sometimes, weddings.

    19. Bade Miyan's Kheer Shop - This is undoubtedly the best place in Delhi for Kheer. This shop is owned by Bade Miyan Firkiwala, who endows much time and effort for preparing his Kheer. Unlike other shops, his Kheer has this brown-like colour and has a thicker consistency, which means that it has been cooked in slow fire, to retain its flavour. The hours that the man spends to cook his Kheer means much about his devotion and love for his job. His shop only serves Kheer too so you are assured of his focus and dedicated to his craft. You cannot taste Kheer as authentic elsewhere in Delhi.
    • Must Try - Classic Kheer
    • Address - Lal Kuan, Near Chawri Bazaar Metro, Old Delhi, India
    Bade Miyan's Kheer Shop's Kheer.jpg
    Bade Miyan's Kheer Shop's Kheer (Image from On The Grid)

    20. Kamala Sweets - Last on the list is the Kamala Sweets, located close to the Chittaranjan Park in Delhi. They specialise in a special kind of Kheer known as the Kheer Kadom. This delightful dessert looks like small balls, filled with rosagulla inside and covered with a mawa, or milk solid, goodness. The dessert is mildly sweet, with a bit of tanginess to it, which is perfect for a lazy afternoon when you just want something to have a bite on. Kamala Sweets is mainly a desserts shop, with many Bengali treats to choose from. Their Mishti Doi and Litchi Sandesh are also best seller items in their shop.
    • Must Try - Kheer Kadom, Mishti Doi and Litchi Sandesh
    • Address - K1-101, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110019, India

    So whenever you have that inevitable craving for street foods when in Delhi, don't be afraid to give in and try any of these places. Affordable yet delicious, incredibly satisfying yet not guilt-trigging and most of all, proudly local but not commercialised. A visit to Delhi won't be complete without venturing to its busy streets and sampling the local delights of the city. Good luck and happy eating!
  4. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    My wife is fond of street food and I’m sure she would love to sample the street food in India. Last March when we were in Japan, we bought takoyaki, that round meatball like food on a stick. She also bought some meat on a stick. Last month in Hongkong, my wife bought chicken instestines sold in the street. My best bet in India is the round bread that looks like pizza. Other street food are also welcome except those very spicy. I cannot eat hot and spicy dishes because of my acidic stomach.
  5. TiaraSy

    TiaraSy New Member

    I'm looking forward to sampling as much of the Indian street food as I will physically be able to get away with. I have only ever had some Indian dishes like chicken biryani in restaurants but I know that nothing compares to actually having that food cooked for you in the streets of India. I love trying out new tastes and flavors and I know my only regret is going to be the fact that I won't be able to take some of it back home with me.
  6. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    Delhi is famous for Gol Gappa a street food even the celebrities will not give up when they visit Delhi. The crisp tiny purees are stuffed with chaat and the whole thing is eaten at one shot. It is a fun food in that competitions are held how many can one manage to eat at a given time.


    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  7. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    This image above reminded me of a restaurant called Punjabi by Nature who sell Vodka golguppas. If you drink alcohol and live in Delhi then don't miss out on trying them.​

    Another popular street food in Delhi is ram ladoos, which is basically lental fritters which are deep fried and served with sweet and sour chutney and salad.
  8. Prits

    Prits Member

    If your in Delhi I would suggest you go to the Horn Ok Please food truck festival if its on. Its something not to be missed if your a foodie. The food truck fest has over 150 different restaurants and eateries.

    If your going, make sure you take out a full day just being devoted to trying the different food at the festival and make sure you go on an empty stomach.
  9. Kate Collins

    Kate Collins Member

    so sumptous! These dishes are one of the best because of its natural tastes :)
  10. Food O Holic

    Food O Holic New Member

    The list of the best Delhi food has pretty much been listed. But just to add to this, just in case there is anyone who is not able to go to a specific place to eat the special Delhi food, all you need to do is find your nearest big market and the place would be available with food items such a gol guppe, tikki, chole bhature etc.

    One thing I would like to Delhi's food is chole kulche. It's basically white peas boiled, then mixed with masala, onions tomatoes, and green chilies, which is served with a flour-based fluffed kind of bread. These days you get kulcha's made from semolina and wheat flour which actually taste better than the regular white flour ones.