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Where to find the best street food in Kolkata?

Discussion in 'East India' started by RajeshwariK, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. RajeshwariK

    RajeshwariK New Member

    I am in Kolkata for a while and love food, I don't know much about the Kolkata culture or food and need some recommendations on the street food in Kolkata and where I can find it in Kolkata?

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    Like any other city Kolkata is also full of street food and yes there are famous places or should I say street with the popular street foods which are: Dacre Street, AJC Bose Road, East Metropolitan Bypass, BBD Bagh and Sudder Street.

  3. btalivny

    btalivny Member

    Street food is absolutely wonderful in Kolkata. Be warned to refrain from drinking any water based foods such as puchka since you may have stomach issues after the fact. Otherwise, enjoy yourself, food is always good in India.
  4. bragadish

    bragadish Member

    The city with the best and exquisite street food.
    I had been there once,way back in 2010 during my college tour.We all were loving it,especially Jhal muri (puffed rice mixed with other ingredients,spice),telebhaja (Indian version of french fries).

    Oh not to forget,Just in case, should you doubt about the quality of food, the World Health Organization has in a survey, certified the food sold on Decker's Lane in Kolkata as among the best street food available anywhere.
  5. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    That's a good tip about Decker's Lane being certified by the WHO as among the best street food. I'll have to keep it in mind!

    I looked up telebhaja online and it looks and sounds delicious. I'd never heard of it until you'd mentioned it!
  6. Rahul4640

    Rahul4640 New Member

    Though I stay in Calcutta on a permanent basis, had no idea that the vendors in Decker's lane were WHO certified. Thanks for letting me know the same. I may only say that some twenty years ago, my office was located nearby and I was a delightful customer. Thanks for reviving those fond memories.
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  7. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    Yes, WHO in a survey conducted certified the food sold on Decker's Lane as among the best street food available anywhere. It is a place for all types of people from tourists to office goers. The place is also called Office Para (Office Area) as it is surrounded by many public and private offices. "Ghugni" is a top item being sold there which is boiled yellow peas prepared with common spices, a little imli juice and chopped onions. It is a delicious street food item there.
  8. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I just looked up a recipe online for Ghugni since it sounded quite nice! I might have to try and make it at home. I have most of the spices that are needed in the recipe here already. I love to cook so having new ideas for food is wonderful!
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  9. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    Wow, that is really a nice thing to do. It's really nice to know that you like this food.

    I think Ghugni is not a difficult preparation to do if all ingredients are readily available. Its a tangy yellow peas curry. The masala which is used in this food is called moodi masala which is a blend of roasted condiments and spices in correct proportions. I think there are about seven ingredients to this masala which is the main part in preparing Ghugni.

    All the best in your food expedition !
  10. HIraeth

    HIraeth Member

    To be honest, almost all the streets and lanes of this food crazy city has something or the other that will feel like the "best in the city". It's really impossible to name the best place unless you take a scrutinizing survey (like WHO has done and made the city proud!). But to throw a few names, there is Vivekananda Park, Gariahat, Park Street, sudder Street, New Market area. If you're trying out street food, it would be a sin to leave out puchka. Us Kolkatans have feasted on this heavenly snack all our lives and the worst we've had is stomach upset. Have a digestive pill after, if need be, but do try it at least once!

    Also, since we're talking food, if you like Chinese, one of the best places in India for the cuisine is a restaurant named Blue Poppies (Sikkim House). They have the best momos, dimsums, thukpas and noodles that you will ever taste. Another area for Chinese food is Tangra, the Chinese settlement in Kolkata which offers authentic (though inevitably Indianized) and cheap food cooked by Chinese people.
  11. barbara

    barbara New Member

    This is absolutely fascinating since I love food, especially made in different countries. I will certainly have to try the street food in Kolkata on my visit. If you enjoy a particular food that you try there would they give you the recipe to make it at home?
  12. Salman

    Salman New Member

    If you're in Kolkata you must try the sweet dishes that are a specialty in the area. If you don't have a sweet tooth you may like to try their local fish dishes that are available in most restaurants. The city is cheap and so you will get lots of different types of food for cheap.
  13. freddi

    freddi Member

    Hey Salman, do you mean dishes like desserts, or actual sweets that you would buy to take away (what Americans would call candy I guess)? I love sweets/candy, but I tried Japanese 'wagashi' once and wasn't a fan - although they're called 'sweets', I think they're made of bean curd paste and not sugar. Whatever it was, my British palate didn't really like them, they just didn't feel right. What are Indian sweets/candies usually made of?
  14. Rahul4640

    Rahul4640 New Member

    The basic ingredients are almost usually milk and sugar. But sometimes molasses, chocolates, etc, are added to enrich the taste and flavor.
  15. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Kolkata is best known for their Bengali Sweets. However, you can also find street foods from other states and even other countries in the streets of Kolkata. It's a must to try out these street foods, especially for the foodies out there. Here are the top street food destinations in Kolkata:
    • Vivekananda Park - The best place to have some Phuchka as this is where you can find the most delicious ones. Some stalls to visit here are Bhawanipore and Maharaja Chaat Centre. They have the best-tasting Phuchkas but there's also other street foods to try here like Shurmur and Papri Chat.
    • Park Street - There's a shop here called "Zaika" and this is where the original Kathi Rolls came from. They still taste as delicious and authentic as they have years ago. Another shop here called "Kusum's" also sells different rolls like Kathi Rolls, Egg rolls and Vegetable Rolls.
    • Fairlie Place - Although stalls here sell a variety of street foods, it is said that the Luchi Alo Dom is the best to try in Fairly Place.
    • Dacre Street or Decker's Lane - In the mood for some Chinese street foods? Then, head on over to Dacre Street and you'll find some Chowmein variations as well as other types of Rolls.
    • Anadi Cabin - You can find the cheapest and most delicious Mughlai Parathas in here. They are also quite huge in size so can be filling.
    • Ganguram's - The best place for Kachoris, which is mainly served for breakfast.
    • Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit - The stalls here sell delicious and affordable Momos. Originally, Momos are Tibetan dishes but there's a hint of Kolkata in the Momos in Rabindra Sadan. The Kolkata version has vegetables or chicken stuffing and is paired with gravy.
    • College Street - Kalika Mukhorochok is found here which sells the best Telebhaja in the region.
    • New Market - Here you'll find stalls selling everything, from Phuchka, to Chowmein, to Momos. This is the ultimate street food destination in Kolkata.
    • Bhawanipore - Craving for some sweets? Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick are the ultimate shops for sweets in Kolkata, and they can be found in Bhawanipore.
    I hope this helps!
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