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Best way to travel from Delhi to Ajmer

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by MrX, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. MrX

    MrX New Member

    I want to make a trip to Ajmer Shariff and I would be travelling from Delhi. I have checked the distance from Delhi to Ajmer and it is quite a lot. I need advise on the best way to travel from Delhi to Ajmer, and some options which I have thought of are either having a break at Jairpur and then taking off for Ajmer the next day or getting a taxi straight to Ajmer. Please suggest other best ways to travel, cost and comfort wise.

  2. Vinita

    Vinita New Member

    How many days are you planning your trip for or with whom will you be travelling?

  3. Prits

    Prits Member

    From experience I think it is best to travel from Delhi to Ajmer is by car and taking a halt at Jaipur, it would be less tiring for you and this you will get to see two places, if your budget allows you.
  4. MrX

    MrX New Member

    I will be traveling with my wife and five year old daughter. I have not planned how many days I will go for but it is flexible as I am on leave from work. The holiday duration would depend on how the trip would be planned. i.e mode of travel.
  5. Freddy

    Freddy New Member

    There are three ways you can reach Ajmer from Delhi, first choice is bus, second is by train and third by car. All means of transport are comfortable, the choice is yours which way you find more comfortable and whether you would go directly to Ajmer or have a stop over at Jaipur.
    If you have a Jaipur stop over then I would then suggest going either by car or bus.