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Cafe Coffee day menu with price

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by ParasRaj, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. ParasRaj

    ParasRaj New Member

    I used to be a regular at Costa Coffee with my small meetings which used to be held. Now the problem is that the place I used to go to is now closed down, and the other coffee shop option I have is Cafe Coffee day. I haven't been to any of their outlets and would like to know what the Cafe Coffee day menu is with price details as well.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Harsha KR, Wikimedia, Wikimedia and Nikilok)


    With over 1,500 branches in India alone, Cafe Coffee Day has established itself as one of the most popular coffee chains in the country. A part of the Coffee Day Global Limited company, the Cafe Coffee Day doesn't just make coffees, they actually grow them from their own plantations in Chikmagalur. To this date, the company has expanded, from its original location in Bangalore, to many more express branches, vending machines and even retail stores for its coffee beans and powders, around India. It rivals even international cafes such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, being the preferred hangout place of local students, office employees and IT employees. Cafe Coffee Day serves a variety of snacks, sandwiches and burgers, aside from their signature coffees, frappes and smoothies.

    Cafe Coffee Day Menu (With Prices)

    As mentioned above, Cafe Coffee Day has many branches around India. The menu is usually the same for all branches though but some branches have variations or additions in the dishes.


    Cheese-Croissant. Cheese CroissantRs. 45
    Garlic_Bread. Garlic BreadRs. 65
    Veg_Cutlet. Veg CutletRs. 55
    nachos-with-red-beans-and-salsa-cheese. Nachos with Red Bean and Salsa CheeseRs. 85
    Munch-On Nachos. Munch-On NachosRs. 65
    Veg_Samosa. Veg SamosaRs. 30
    Chilli_Cheese. Chilli Cheese ToastizzaRs. 70
    Egg_Wrap. Egg WrapRs. 70
    Cupcake. CupcakeRs. 45
    Cookiees. CookiesRs. 15

    Burger Bounty

    PhotoBurger BountyPrice
    Big Crunch Veg Classic Burger. Big Crunch Veg Classic BurgerRs. 95
    Big Crunch Veg Spicy Burger. Big Crunch Veg Spicy BurgerRs. 105
    Big Crunch Veg Cheese Burger. Big Crunch Veg Cheese BurgerRs. 115
    Big Crunch Chicken Classic Burger. Big Crunch Chicken Classic BurgerRs. 105
    Big Crunch Chicken Classic Burger. Big Crunch Chicken Spicy BurgerRs. 115
    Big Crunch Chicken Classic Burger. Big Crunch Chicken Cheese BurgerRs. 125

    International Burgers (New)

    PhotoBurger BountyPrice
    Afghan-e-paneer. Afghan E PaneerRs. 135
    African-pepper. African PepperRs. 135
    American-Classic. American ClassicRs. 135
    American-Crispy. American CrispyRs. 135
    Egyptian-Falafel. Egyptian FalafelRs. 135
    Egyptian-Roast. Egyptian RoastRs. 135

    Lip Smacking Sandwiches

    Tandoori-Paneer. Tandoori PaneerRs. 125
    Spinach-and-Corn-cheese-sandwich. Spinach 'N' Corn CheeseRs. 105
    Couch-Potato-sandwich. The Couch PotatoRs. 105
    Roasted-Chicken-n-Cheese-sandwich. Roasted Chicken 'N' CheeseRs. 125
    Tandoori-chicken-sandwich. Tandoori ChickenRs. 125
    Smoked-Chicken-sandwich. Smoked ChickenRs. 130

    Freshly Made Specials

    Afghani-chicken-biryani. Afghani Chicken BiryaniRs. 175
    Chicken-Hot-Dog. Chicken Hot DogRs. 105
    Crispy-Veg-wrap. Crispy Veg WrapRs. 100
    Peppy-chicken-roll. Peppy Chicken RollRs. 140
    Tawa-Pizza-smoked-chicken. Tawa Pizza - Smoked ChickenRs. 125

    Sinful Desserts

    Cocoa-Fantasy-Cake. Cocoa Fantasy SliceRs. 95
    Twilight-Dessert. Twilight DessertRs. 170
    Pure-Indulgence-pastry. Pure Indulgence PastryRs. 115
    Hazelnut-Karat-Pastry. Hazelnut Karat PastryRs. 110
    Nutty-Fudge-Brownie. Nutty Fudge BrownieRs. 85
    sizzle-dazzle-brownie. Sizzle Dazzle BrownieRs. 170
    Dark-Passion. Dark PassionRs. 170
    Chocolate-Ice-Cream. Chocolate Ice CreamRs. 80
    Vanilla-Ice-Cream. Vanilla Ice CreamRs. 80
    Cocoa-Fantasy-slice. Cocoa Fantasy CakeRs. 550
    Pure-Indulgence-Celebrations-Cake. Pure Indulgence Celebrations CakeRs. 550
    Hazelnut-Karat-Celebration-Cake. Hazelnut Carat Celebrations CakeRs. 550
    Mango-Shots. Mango ShotRs. 29
    Belgian-Choco-Shot. Belgian Choco ShotRs. 29
    Scoopy-Doo. Scoopy DooRs. 130
    Sinful-Strawberry-Sundae. Sinful Strawberry SundaeRs. 89
    Nutty-Hot-Fudge-Sundae. Nutty Hot Fudge SundaeRs. 89
    Chocolate-Overload-Sundae. Chocolate Overload SundaeRs. 89
    Choco-Cookies-Sundae. Choco Cookies SundaeRs. 89


    PhotoCombo MealPrice
    120combo-meal. 120 ComboRs. 120
    69-combo-meal. 69 ComboRs. 69
    chiller-non-veg-combo. Chiller Non Veg ComboRs. 170
    chiller-veg-combo. Chiller Veg ComboRs. 160
    classic-non-veg-combo. Classic Non Veg ComboRs. 160
    classic-veg-combo. Classic Veg ComboRs. 150
    cup-n-slice-combo. Cup 'N' Slice ComboRs. 150

    Coffee 'N' More

    EspressoRs. 80Cold Cocoa LatteRs. 120
    Cappucino Rs. 91/Rs. 105 (Regular/King)MacchiatoRs. 100
    Hazelnut CappuccinoRs. 110/Rs. 135 (Regular/King)Irish CoffeeRs. 120
    Irish CappuccinoRs. 110/Rs. 135 (Regular/King)Cafe AmericanoRs. 100
    Vanilla CappuccinoRs. 110/Rs. 135 (Regular/King)Cafe MochaRs. 115
    Cafe LatteRs. 95/Rs. 110 (Regular/King)Aztec CoffeeRs. 130
    Hazelnut LatteRs. 120/Rs. 140 (Regular/King)Ethiopian CoffeeRs. 130
    Irish LatteRs. 120/Rs. 140 (Regular/King)Hot Gourmet CoffeeRs. 115
    Vanilla LatteRs. 120/Rs. 140(Regular/King)

    Cold Coffee Delights

    Devil's OwnRs. 165Vegan ShakeRs. 120
    Iced EskimoRs. 115Cold SparkleRs. 110
    Kaapi NirvanaRs. 165Cafe FrappeRs. 120
    Tropical IcebergRs. 105Dark FrappeRs. 160

    Slurpees and Fruiteezers

    Crunchy FrappeRs. 120Cool BlueRs. 120
    Rasmalai SmoothieRs. 135Green Apple SodaRs. 120
    Strawberry Pom SmoothieRs. 135Classic LemonadeRs. 110
    Mango Peach SmoothieRs. 130Strawberry Blast SlushRs. 105
    Strawberry Cheesecake SmoothieRs. 130Watermelon Lychee PunchRs. 120
    Tiramisu SmoothieRs. 130Cool Green Apple PunchRs. 120


    Green TeaRs. 95
    Darjeeling TeaRs. 95
    Assam TeaRs. 90
    Masala ChaiRs. 90
    Iced Pomegranate LemonRs. 100


    This is the menu for Cafe Coffee Day, along with the prices for each dish and beverage. However, not all these meals are available in all branches. Further, there might be slight price variations, depending on the city where the Cafe Coffee Day is located. I hope this helps!
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