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Pizza Hut India menu with prices

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by Deva, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Deva

    Deva New Member

    It's my girlfriends birthday, and I have ordered a surprise birthday cake and flowers for her, but I would also like to order some pizza for her which is her favorite.
    My order would be from Pizza Hut, and I need to know what they currently have on their menu so that I can place the order according to her likes.

    I would like to get a copy of the Pizz Hut India menu with the prices.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Deva, welcome to the forum!



    Pizza Hut is a global chain of restaurants established in 1958 in the USA. Throughout the years, Pizza Hut has expanded outside of the US territory, even reaching Middle Eastern, Asian and European countries. With over 15,000 branches worldwide, Pizza Hut is a known name when it comes to the Italian American cuisine, serving a variety of pizzas, pastas and chicken wings. In India, the meals offered here have been altered, in order to suit the local cuisine as well. A variety of vegetarian pizzas can be found in the menu, along with Indian flavours infused into them. Pizza Hut is available in many cities around India like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and many more. The menu usually has small variations depending on the region but for the most part, they have the same meals.

    Pizza Hut India Menu (With Prices)


    Veggie_Supreme. SupremeVeggie SupremePanRs. 480
    Exotica. SupremeExoticaPanRs. 480
    Paneer-Vegorama. SupremePaneer VegoramaPanRs. 480
    Chicken_Supreme. SupremeChicken SupremePanRs. 525
    Triple_Chicken_Feast. SupremeTriple Chicken FeastPanRs. 525
    Chicken-Italiano. SupremeChicken ItalianoPanRs. 525
    Ultimate-Chicken. SupremeUltimate ChickenPanRs. 525
    Tandoori_Paneer. SignatureTandoori PaneerPanRs. 425
    Veggie_Lovers. SignatureVeggie LoversPanRs. 425
    Country_Feast. SignatureCountry FeastPanRs. 425
    Chicken_Tikka. SignatureChicken TikkaPanRs. 480
    Double_Trouble. SignatureDouble TroublePanRs. 480
    Chickeroni. SignatureChickeroniPanRs. 480
    Double_Cheese. SignatureDouble CheesePanRs. 340
    Veggie_Feast. SignatureVeggie FeastPanRs. 340
    Rawalpindi-chana. SignatureRawalpindi ChanaPanRs. 340
    Chicken_N_Spicy. SignatureChicken N SpicyPanRs. 425
    Keema_Masala. SignatureKeema MasalaPanRs. 425
    Margherita. ClassicMargheritaPanRs. 245
    Chicken_Sausage. ClassicChicken SausagePanRs. 340
    Big_Pizza_Veggie. Hand Tossed Big PizzaBig Pizza VeggieBig PizzaRs. 219
    Big_Pizza_Paneer. Hand Tossed Big PizzaBig Pizza PaneerBig PizzaRs. 239
    Big_Pizza_Spice. Hand Tossed Big PizzaBig Pizza SpiceBig PizzaRs. 219
    Big_Pizza_Spicy_Chicken. Hand Tossed Big PizzaBig Pizza Spicy ChickenBig PizzaRs. 269
    Big_Pizza_Classic_Chicken. Hand Tossed Big PizzaBig Pizza Classic ChickenBig PizzaRs. 269


    Cheese_Garlic_Bread. BreadCheese Garlic BreadRs. 99
    Garlic_Bread. BreadGarlic BreadRs. 89
    Garlic_Bread_Stix. BreadGarlic StixRs. 85
    Hot-N-Spicy-Chicken-Wings. ChickenHot N Spicy Chicken WingsRs. 149
    Stuffed-Pocket-Non-Veg. Stuffed PocketStuffed Pocket Non VegRs. 79
    Stuffed-Pocket-Veg. Stuffed PocketStuffed Pocket VegRs. 59
    Texas-Garlic-Dip. DipTexas Garlic DipRs. 20
    Cheesy-Pepper-Chicken-Pasta. PastaCheesy Pepper Chicken PastaRs. 159
    Cheesy-Pepper-Veg-Pasta. PastaCheesy Pepper Veg PastaRs. 139
    Garlic-Bread-Spicy-Supreme. BreadGarlic Bread Spicy SupremeRs. 99
    Garlic-Bread-Exotica. BreadGarlic Bread ExoticaRs. 125


    ImageTypeMealGood For How ManyPriceInclusions
    Triple_Treat_Veg. Triple Treat BoxTriple Treat Veg4 PersonsRs. 599Any 2 Veg Pizza + Garlic Stix + Dip + Potato Poppers + 1 Tandoori Paneer Stuffed Pocket
    Triple_Treat_Non_Veg. Triple Treat BoxTriple Treat Non Veg4 PersonsRs. 699Any 2 Non Veg Pizza + Garlic Stix + Dip + Potato Poppers + 1 Tandoori Paneer Stuffed Pocket
    Meal_for_Two. Family MealMeal For Two2 PersonsRs. 4991 Medium Pizza + 1 Garlic Bread Serving + 1 Beverage
    Overload-Meal-for-Two. Family MealOverloaded Meal For Two2 PersonsRs. 3291 Veg Overload Pizza + 1 Garlic Bread Stix Serving + 1 Beverage
    Overloaded-meal-for-four. Family MealOverloaded Meal For Four4 PersonsRs. 5992 Veg Overload Pizzas + 2 Garlic Bread Stix Servings + 2 Beverages
    Box_of_Four_Veg. Family MealBox of Four Veg4 Persons or MoreRs. 2791 Onion + 1 Corn + 1 Paneer and Capsicum + 1 Chola and Onion
    Box_of_Four_Non_Veg. Family MealBox of Four Non Veg4 Persons or MoreRs. 3852 Chicken Hot N Spicy + 2 Keema and Corn


    Onion. Magic PanOnionRs. 55
    Chicken-Keema-and-Corn. Magic PanChicken Keema and CornRs. 99
    Chicken_Hot_N_Spicy. Magic PanChicken Hot N SpicyRs. 95
    Paneer_and_Capsicum. Magic PanPaneer and CapsicumRs. 89
    Chola_and_Onion. Magic PanChola and OnionRs. 79
    Corn. Magic PanCornRs. 59
    Chocolate_Mousse. DessertChocolate MousseRs. 69
    Chocolate-truffle-cake. DessertChocolate Truffle CakeRs. 69
    Appy-edge. BeverageAppy EdgeRs. 35
    Pepsi. BeveragePepsiRs. 25
    Mirinda. BeverageMirindaRs. 28
    7_Up. Beverage7 UpRs. 28
    Red_Bull. BeverageRed BullRs. 127
    Cafe-Cuba. BeverageCafe CubaRs. 52
    Frooti. BeverageFrootiRs. 61


    This is the complete menu of Pizza Hut in India. For further information, you can reach the official website of Pizza Hut for India. All images from the menu posted above are taken from Pizza Hut India's website as well. You can order through their online portal or contact the nearest Pizza Hut branch to you in your city. They have an ongoing promo right now, wherein those with orders above Rs. 499 can have a 10% discount off the total bill. This only applies to ala carte orders, not on the Meals mentioned above (Triple Treat Boxes and Family Meals).

    I hope this helps you!:)