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Club Mahindra Resorts

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by MinaliChopra, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. MinaliChopra

    MinaliChopra New Member

    Can someone please shed some light about Club Mahindra Resorts. I have always seen their resorts when I have been on holiday but have never thought about finding out about them until now.
    I would like to know some things about Club Mahindra and their resorts, so please can members answer my questions.

    I can easily ask the Club Mahindra customer service, but I prefer to get customer feedback, at least, I will get honest replies.

    1. How does Club Mahindra work? Do we pay membership money?

    2. Do they have resorts all across India?

    3. What is included in the Club Mahindra resorts?

    4. If you take out Club Mahindra membership and use their services is there anything additional you need to pay for?

    5. What is your review about Club Mahindra and their resorts?

    6. What is the quality of their accommodation at their resorts?

  2. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    Mahindra runs about 44 resorts in their network. They have a variety of membership packs, although it is not necessary to have membership to stay at their resorts. Out of memberships stays will cost more, but not much. The bigger worry is that these places can be packed by members, so it might be difficult to get a room even with a reservation. They have places at all major locations in India, so there is quite the selection. The amenities included in a stay depend somewhat on the resort and the membership pack. Generally, they include meals and some drinks, if not more. These are generally mid-tier resorts. They are good, but not the best. I think they are great for family vacations.