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Curry Leaves

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Malibu, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Malibu

    Malibu New Member

    I can find curry powder and even curry paste in almost every supermarket in my city; however, I have never been able to find curry leaves. Do you think that I can order them online? If so, will they still be fresh upon delivery?

  2. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    I actually found them on Amazon, but they were dried. It had top reviews though. Your best bet is probably to go to Ebay or Amazon and look for fresh curry leaves. The only fresh curry leaves that seem to be for sale in the US are actually grown in Hawaii. Since you seem to be in California, it doesn't seem like much of a problem to get them to you quickly. So they are bound to be pretty fresh.

  3. Malibu

    Malibu New Member

    Oh! I did not think about either Amazon or Ebay lol. Those seem like two good options to shop from. I am not so used to buying stuff online, so it completely slipped my mind :D I will see what I can find. Thanks!
  4. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    We have them here at the local Asian market which I frequent all the time. I use a lot of it in my dishes and i love to cook. Try some of the Asian markets they tend to carry more spices than the regular markets out there and exotic ones too. However sometimes they have spice market dedicated to spices.
  5. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    My husband and his family visits this China town in Boston when they need any ingredient from Asia. Have you tried to see if your place has that as well? They might have curry leaves because they have everything from China, Korea, Philippines, India. So try and ask around if you have any Asian friends in there. Good luck!
  6. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Yup - I've seen them at my local Asian market too - I think if you have some sort of Asian grocer or international food store nearby they will probably have them, since they also seem to be used in a lot of Asian recipes. I don't think I'd be too keen on ordering them online - it's hard to guarantee the state that they would reach you in!
  7. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    Depending on where you live, I would really recommend you buy some seeds and plant one of these trees. They are fairly fast growing and easy to maintain. If you have a yard, you can have one of these, and it is great for cooking. They smell wonderful too, which is a big plus.