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Ellora Caves Itinerary

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Sandy, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    I recently learned that Ellora Caves are considered one of the best examples of historical religious harmony on Earth. I would like to know how people explore these caves from that perspective. Is there any itinerary, for example, that would allow you to spend a day on the caves in this area from each religion? For those not familiar, the caves are actually man-made from hills and contain temples from different religions that were built at the same time and co-existed peacefully at the time. I would like to visit the Hindu temples, the Jain temples, and the Buddhist caves. I don't know much about the Jain religion, although I do know that it is also a last name (but no one can really explain how that works, or if you have to be part of the Jain religion if you have that last name). But anyway, any advice from those who have explored these caves will be helpful. I recently saw a picture of one of the best carved sculptures I've ever seen, which is an Indian river goddess sculpture from the inside of one of the caves. So even if you don't go based on religion, I think these caves are awesome from a art and architecture standpoint alone.

  2. Vnisha

    Vnisha New Member

    Nice post. I would love to go there.