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Need for Travel Itinerary

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by HariOnline, May 27, 2017.


Do you always have a travel itinerary in place ?

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  3. Sometimes

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  1. HariOnline

    HariOnline New Member

    Travelling is not as easy an task such as choosing a destination and booking your plane ticket & accommodations. Although many know that we need an itinerary for travel, many people who are travelling do not place special importance to it. Even though it is good to get surprises in our travel, an itinerary is must so that we don't miss places of interest. So why are there people who makes traveling look like a piece of cake ? They can fly in and out without any major hitches. These travelers have one major secret; they all have a travel itinerary in place before travelling.

    According to my experience, three important reasons for travel itinerary are :
    • Make account of Tour essentials : A travel itinerary must include all the necessary essentials you will need when travelling. If you are traveling to more than one place, your itinerary must include what to bring, which clothes to wear, any specific medicines that must be on hand, and emergency numbers such as hospitals, police stations etc.
    • Managing your time: Travel itineraries ensure that you manage your time in a fruitful way. A travel itinerary should always include your travel time to numerous attractions with a leeway for unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions and traffic. This might affect your plans but with a travel itinerary on hand, you can be more flexible.
    • Minimizing your expenditures : If you have a travel itinerary, you can estimate the cost of your travel beforehand. By knowing how much you are going to spend makes it easier to plan your budget and also helps to minimize your expenditures.
    Hope I was informative regarding the need for Travel Itinerary. Happy Travelling and Exploring :)

  2. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I always try to make an informal research on the country when we are going there for the first time. Right now, our first time country is Indonesia, we have a trip to the capital city of Jakarta in August. I am now on my search for itinerary and hotel. First to settle is the itinerary so we can then find a nearby hotel. We had experienced arriving in Singapore for the first time with no itinerary. Thanks to the internet and to the hotel concierge. We were able to find some good spots to visit although we spent more for the hotel car. That's another factor to be concerned with, the transportation. It's expensive to be taking the taxicab or hotel car all the time.

  3. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    Most of our holidays have been through travel agents that draw up an itinerary a copy of which is given to us. Once this itinerary is received I search the Net for whatever information that I can gather on those places to get familiar which helps us in further enjoying those locations. I even suggest some addition if it is possible within the budget
    Even when we go on our own we draw up a plan so that no time is wasted on thinking what to do once we reach our destination. Everything is done in advance such as hotels and packages that we want to cover.
    While on the subject, it would be of great importance to draw up a checklist of things to carry.