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Entering India From Myanmar By Road

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Ashwin Mahesh, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    There is a relatively new land route opened between India and Myanmar and it is getting popular by the day. It is also significant because amongst the other land borders India has with its neigbours, this one might yet turn out to be the easiest to cross, less expensive and fewer bureaucratic hurdles. It also the gateway between southeast Asia and India completely avoiding China.

    The border crossing is at a place called Moreh in the north eastern state of Manipur and across the border is a town called Tamu in north west state of Saigon in Myanmar. It is not really a sophisticated crossing so it is necessary to carry proper documents, visas and permits before embarking on this journey.

    I haven't been on this route myself yet and I am currently planning to cross into India from Myanmar. I hold an Indian passport and so should be slightly easier for me to do it.
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  2. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Member

    I hadn't heard about this before, thanks for sharing the information with us. Do you know what sort of paperwork I would need to enter Myanmar. I've only got a UK passport now because my Indian passport has expired, would that give me problems entering the country ?

  3. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    I doubt UK passport should have any issues entering Myanmar, but there is no Visa on Arrival. Your visa should be obtained from a nearby embassy or you can also apply for it online before travelling.

    Applying for a tourist visa before travelling is probably unheard of for someone with a UK passport ;-), most countries in the world are very welcoming to you folks. For me this a routine before I set off on any international travel because of Indian passport. I'm dreaming of day when such restrictions are lifted and crossing borders is not such a pain in the ass.
  4. CWT91

    CWT91 New Member

    I have got my Myanmar Visa and I am waiting for my India Visa now. I am planning to cross this land border from Myanmar into India. Other than Visas if you do need one for both countries, I think you would need a border crossing permit to cross this border. I am trying to get more information about where to get the permit and how much it would cost!
  5. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Entering the Myanmar border requires a special permit to do so. You would also need to obtain a Myanmar visa provided that your country is not on the list of countries allowed to enter Myanmar without a visa. You can either:
    • Apply for a visa in the embassy. Just fill in the form, bring a copy of your passport and two passport pictures with white backgrounds. You can opt for the rush processing which costs $27.
    • Apply for a visa online. Sadly, this one isn't allowed for land border crossings.
    Then, you would also need to apply for an Indian visa. Make sure you time your application accordingly as once you applied, the visa days are running already. You can:
    • You can apply online. Indian reference can be a hotel. Then choose a port of entry within any airport. You also need to passport sized photos on a white background. You'd have to make an appearance at the embassy and pass your requirements.
    You would then need to obtain a border permit:
    • Choose from the MTS Office or agencies.
    Like others have mentioned, the India-Myanmar border is at Tamu-Moreh, in the Northern-Western part of Saigon. There are several passport checkpoints along the border. Carry photocopies of your passports to save the hassle of having it photocopied there.

    I hope this helps!
  6. dane

    dane New Member

    This is so good, I'm in SE asia now, hoping to go to India next but would love to go through Myanmar to get there! Anybody actually done this? I have Irish passport. In Thailand now. Got another two weeks left on my tourist visa but can top up in Laos ;)