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India to Myanmar by road

Discussion in 'Myanmar' started by Miraj, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Miraj

    Miraj New Member

    A group of friends and myself want to go on a road trip and not any ordinary one but one to another country.
    We want to go from India to Myanmar by road. It's a very long way we know, and I think we would need to cross two countries, but it's a trip we all want to make. We would all be contributing in driving and take turns and would also include stopovers, but we need help.

    We would like to know what route we would take and what crossings we need to pass. Some important information we require is what points we need to get permission to enter a country or a certain area.

    We would also like some suggestions on where we should stop so that the rest of the journey is comfortable and easy. We have four drivers in total who will take turns to drive. Please also mention any places which are worth visiting that are on the way, I know that we would need to cross Siliguri and there ar a couple of places to see there.

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    There is no road route open to Myanmar even though there were talks of this bus service starting soon but road is not complete on Myanmar side. Private vehicles are not allowed into Myanmar as far as I know from the Indian land border posts.