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Golden Triangle tour 5 days

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Chand, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Chand

    Chand New Member

    I require some help with a family trip we are planning which is the Golden Triangle Tour which would be for five days. We can not manage to take more time for the holiday and therefore require some help with planning the itinerary for the tour.

    I know it would not be possible to include seeing everything when visiting the three different destinations, but we want to add the main places and fit in the most that we can.

    Some other recommendations are also required for the places to eat at, as I know Delhi and Jaipur have some famous food outlets, which we don't want to miss out on.

  2. Karan

    Karan Member

    I would say 5 days is enough for the Golden Triangle, you sure would be a bit tired but would be able to cover quite a lot.

    Thankfully because of the Delhi Hop On Hop Off bus you can cover a lot of places in one whole day, so I would suggest that when in Delhi take the bus. The bus actually has either a one day tour or a two-day tour, you can choose whichever you feel is best for you.

    If you take the two-day tour in Delhi then on the third day you can head to Agra and there, you only really need to spend one day to see the Taj Mahal and fort.

    The fourth and fifth day can then be spent in Jaipur, and again in the two days, you can cover many places.

    You didn't mention what kind of places you wish to see so you can have a read of the thread about the places to visit in Jaipur which would help you decide and plan your days spent in Jaipur.

    The best places to eat in Agra are the Bob Marley Restaurant, Joneys Place and Pinch of Spice restaurant. If you have some time do try and go to Sadar Bazaar where you get some good street food like tikkis, gol guppe etc.

    While in Jaipur you should defiantly visit Choki Dhani, its a Rajasthan cultural and heritage place which also serves food, which is authentic Rajasthani food. For some lassi go to Shreenath Lassiwala who is famous there.

    While in Delhi Old Delhi has some very famous places like the Jalebiwala, Giani Falooda, Kaka Di Hatti and Shree Bala Ji Chaat Bhandaar, for South Indian you should go to Karnataka Bhawan for their South Indian thali.
    Although there is plenty to mention you will have to stop at the places according to the Hop On and Hop Off bus. It also takes you to Dilli Haat which serves some great food from the different states of India. I