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How many days required to visit Goa?

Discussion in 'Goa' started by Tam3421, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Tam3421

    Tam3421 New Member

    We are a group of friends who want to go Goa for a holiday. We are all interested in water sports and activities as well as just relaxing at the beach. Not to forgetting to go to some famous tourist places as well and exploring Goa as well.

    We would like to know how many days are required to visit Goa so that we can easily do the above mentioned and enjoy our stay in Goa?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    For many travellers, a few days of exploring Goa is just never enough. The white sandy beaches, along with the splash of the waves, they are truly hard to resist and makes you feel like not going back home. Then, there are the tourist attractions which vary as well, depending on your location in Goa. There are also numerous activities that you can do, like water sports, wildlife spotting, cruising and many more. Thus, to fully explore Goa, it might take more than a week. On average though, since we don't have all the time in the world, 4 to 6 days would be enough for enjoying your stay in Goa.

    Four Days Itinerary for Goa

    Day 1 - Arrive in Goa and check in to your hotel. By this time, you would have chosen which hotel that you'd be staying in. As always, I recommend staying in Panaji/Panjim. The state capital is a good base for visiting other beaches and also exploring the attractions in the area. You can always change hotels after exploring Panaji.

    Since you are tired from the journey, it's better to just laze around the beaches during this day. Some of the beaches nearby Panaji are Calangute, Baga and Candolim. These are also the most crowded beaches in Goa so it's a good way of being exposed to the culture of the state and as well as being exposed to other cultures of tourists from other regions of the country or the world.

    Of course, by late afternoon, you'd get hungry and need something for your stomach. Some of the best restaurants in Goa are located in Panaji. Try out Black Sheep Bistro, which has Continental, European and German cuisines. They also have plenty of seafood dishes, a best-seller is their Seafood Paella. Or for a more affordable restaurant, try out Edward's Yard, they have North Indian and Chinese cuisines. For the very affordable rates, the dishes are quite good. Do try their Balinese Prawn Curry and Cheesy Garlic Prawns.

    You can go back to your hotel and rest early for the night as you have many things to do the next day.

    Day 2 - So after some breakfast, you can now explore the rest of Panaji. Being the state capital, there are many attractions to explore here ranging from Portuguese structures, museums and some palaces. I'd recommend visiting the Reis Magos Fort first, to get a glimpse of the glorious past of the city. From being the home to many Portuguese viceroys until it became a prison, it is very rich in history and worth a visit. The view from the fort, since it's located near the Mandovi River, is also very stunning.

    Next, you can go to the Old Goa, which is about 10 kilometres from Panaji. The city can give a glimpse about the colonial past of Goa. It has numerous churches in its vicinity like the Se Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi Church, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Church of Our Lady of the Mount. Many of these churches are still intact and depict beautiful sculptures and paintings about the lives of the saints they are dedicated for. Since they are also Portuguese structures, you do get a glimpse of the architectural styles of the colonial rulers.

    In Old Goa, I'd recommend having lunch at Gene Garden, which has North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Situated by the river, you can enjoy the views while having your meal. Dishes here are very affordable as well. Try out their Chicken Tikka and Cheese Garlic Naan. Yum! River Isle is yet another good restaurant here although rates are higher. They also have stunning views of the river. Their best sellers are their Fried Prawns and Crab Curry.

    After lunch, explore Fontainhas, a residential area in Panaji where the houses were originally built during the colonial rule. The houses here are brightly coloured, with typical Portuguese styles of architecture like front balconies and white & blue name plates. There are also some cafes and art galleries here that you can explore.

    By the end of the day, you can opt to explore Panaji during night time or rest in your hotel.

    Day 3 - Enjoy some quick breakfast in your hotel or nearby restaurant. By this time, you might be ready to explore the beaches of South Goa, which are relatively less crowded and cleaner than the North Goa beaches. If you'd like, you can also transfer to a hotel in the Southern part of Goa so you can truly explore the area.

    The nearest area to Panaji from the Southern part of Goa is Vasco Da Gama. Here, you can explore the beaches of Bogmalo, Hansa, Grandmother's Hole and Cansaulim. I'd recommend Hansa Beach, although it's a little bit harder to reach. It's very secluded and has clean water. It is also bounded by cliffs on one side which is quite beautiful to see.

    For lunch, Vasco Da Gama only has very few restaurants. So if I must recommend one, go for Anantashram. They have Biryani, North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. Their meal rates are very affordable as well. Ambience-wise, it's a good choice for families or even group of friends as it's very laid-back. Their seafood dishes are quite good, try out their Tarle Fish Curry and Chonak Fish Fry.

    By late afternoon, you can depart for Benaulim, which is over 45 minutes away from Vasco Da Gama. I'd recommend staying in the quiet town for the rest of your journey and exploring the nearby beaches. As soon as you arrive, you can check into a hotel, there are only a few here or a guest house. Do visit Benaulim Beach and enjoy the sunset here. There are also beach shacks here where you can enjoy your dinner in.

    You can now rest for the night as you have a busy day ahead of you.

    Day 4 - After some breakfast, it's time to explore the wonderful beaches of South Goa. Just nearby Benaulim, there are the beaches of Colva, Betalbatim, Varca, Carmona and Cavelossim. Betalbatim Beach is one of the cleanest in Goa and certainly a must visit. The sands here are a fine powdery white and the water is clean as well as safe for swimming. Water sports can also be done here so you can definitely get in touch with your adventurous side.

    For lunch, I'd recommend Martin's Corner, located in Betalbatim. They have authentic Goan cuisine along with North Indian and Chinese cuisines too. Try out their Prawns Masala Fry and Fish Curry Rice. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the area so do go early or reserve a seat in advance. Otherwise, you'd have to wait a long time before being seated.

    After your meal, you can go back to the hotel and rest. Or explore some of the other beaches nearby.

    There you go, a sample itinerary for you. You can always change the destinations if they are not apt for you. Goa is a small state but it does have many attractions to explore. This itinerary is not that exhaustive but it does cover some of the most important places in Goa. I hope this helps you!