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Kerala Beaches

Discussion in 'By The Sea' started by UttariJain, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. UttariJain

    UttariJain New Member

    I would like to get some information about Kerala beaches. I know that there are some beaches there, and they are all different, and some are preferred than others. I need help from those who have knowledge about the beaches in Kerala and help me providing information about each of beaches. To make it easier, I have listed a few categories in which you can include the beaches.

    Cleanest beaches in Kerala

    Quietest beaches in Kerala

    Lesser known beaches in Kerala

    Tourist beaches in Kerala

    Best beaches in Kerala

    Beaches to avoid in Kerala

  2. Dhruv

    Dhruv Member

    Kerala is a destination full of beaches and the top ones have been organized below in a list of the beaches in Kerala. These are also based on some personal opinions as well. Some beaches in Kerala are a mixture of things such as Kappil beach is a quiet and lesser known beach, but is also popular with tourists.

    Cleanest Beaches in Kerala
    Bekal Beach
    Varkala beach
    Chowara Beach
    Kizhunna Ezhara Beach

    Quietest Beaches in Kerala
    Marari Beach
    Vallikunnu Beach
    Kappil Beach

    Lesser known beaches in Kerala
    Chithari beach
    Muzhuppilangad Beach
    Kappil Beach
    Padinharekara Beach
    Kizhunna Ezhara Beach
    Snehatheeram beach

    Tourist beaches in Kerala
    Kovalam beach
    Bekal Beach
    Varkala beach
    Kozhikode beach
    Alappuzha beach
    Meenkunnu Beach
    Kappil Beach
    Payyambalam Beach
    Cherai Beach
    Shankumugham Beach
    Beypore Beach
    Kappad Beach
    Kovalam beach

    Best beaches in Kerala

    Varkala beach
    Marari Beach
    Kannur Beach
    Bekal Beach
    Cherai Beach

    Beaches to avoid in Kerala
    Kovalam beach (some mixed reviews about this beach, but no beach in particular which should be avoided)

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    There are many beaches in Kerala. And like what you have posted, we can categorise them into different sections. So let's begin listing these most famous beaches in Kerala:

    The Cleanest Beaches in Kerala
    • Varkala Beach - Although this beach is a bit commercialised, it still remains as one of the cleanest beaches in Kerala. It is also located near the cliff and many restaurants are situated upon this cliff, offering amazing views of the sea and the beach below.
    • Cherai Beach - This is about 39 kms from Kochi. It's a very clean beach with shallow waters. There's an assortment of shacks, restaurants and hotels near the beach as well. It's not as crowded as well like other beaches in Kerala.
    • Bekal Beach - One of the cleanest beaches in Kerala and fairly deserted as well. The Bekal Fort is very nearby which is a major tourist attraction in the region. Downside is that there's not many water activities that you can do here. The water here is bluish green and the sands are powdery.
    • Marari Beach - You can find this in Alappuzha. The sands here are powdery white and the water is very clean. During April to September though, the sea is unsuitable for swimming. There's not many shacks here as well.
    The Quietest Beaches in Kerala
    • Payyambalam Beach - You can find this in Kannur. It's quiet and secluded, very different from the more popular beaches in Kerala. During weekends, there might be an increase in the number of tourists. But during weekdays, it's rare to see crowds in here. There's even a play area for kids just nearby the beach.
    • Thottada Beach - This is untouched by commercialism as evidenced by its virgin beaches and the lack of accommodations or shacks nearby. This stretch of beach in Kannur is ideal for people who want some solemnity and peace though. The water here is very clean and safe for swimming as well.
    • Kappil Beach - This is a secluded beach off Bekal. Although the water here is unsafe for swimming, due to undercurrents, you can still enjoy a quiet walk along the shores and enjoying the scenic views of the sea.
    The Lesser Known Beaches in Kerala
    • Poovar Beach - You can find the town of Poovar in Trivandrum. The Poovar Beach is an isolated beach in the region. You can see many fishermen in this region. But the beach here has white sands and clear water. It's not as popular as the other beaches of Kerala but once you get there, it's even more beautiful than such beaches.
    • Kizhunna Ezhara Beach - This is about 12 kms from Kannur. These are two separate beaches called Kizhunna and Ezhara, but because of their proximity, there are referred to as one. The beach is a bit rocky, that's why not a lot of tourists go here. But it's definitely clean and provides for a great vacation for those wanting to have some privacy.
    • Vallikunnu Beach - You can find this in the Malappuram District. Vallikunnu itself is a small town in Kerala. The beach is untouched and attracts a few numbers of visitors. Although there's not many water activities you can do here, there's a nearby bird sanctuary you can visit.
    • Chithari Island Beach - This is about 7 kms from Kanhangad. Not many tourists go here because you need to ride a boat to reach it. All around the beach are lush greeneries. I'm sure it's only a short while before this becomes popular to tourists.
    • Kanwatheertha Beach - This is located in the Kasargod District. There's a smaller pond near the beach is called "Kanwa Thirta." This is one of the best virgin beaches in Kerala, with its powdery, white sands and clear, blue waters. The tall palm trees around the beach provide some shade for the tourists as well.
    The Tourist Beaches in Kerala
    • Kovalam Beach - Particularly the Hawa Beach and the Lighthouse beach, these are the top destinations for beaches in Kerala. The great thing about these beaches is that they're very well-developed and commercialised. Food stalls, hotels and shacks are easy to find along these beaches.
    • Alleppey Beach - Although the water here isn't suitable for swimming, this beach still attracts a lot of visitors. The view of the Laccadive Sea is primarily the main attraction here. Aside from that, you can find various food stalls near the beach.
    • Allappuzha Beach - This is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala. Expect to see crowds and some trash around. If you must visit this beach, do so in the weekdays, when there are less crowds.
    • Shanghumukham Beach - Because of the great views here during the sunset, you might find crowds gathering during that time. Weekends can be very busy and crowded as well. The folk dances during the night add to the crowds as well.
    The Best Beaches in Kerala
    • Bekal Beach - For me, this is one of the best beaches in Kerala because of its less commercialised nature. For people who hate the crowds and enjoy virgin beaches, you have to go to Bekal before it becomes popular.
    • Varkala Beach - This is one of the more known beaches in Kerala. It's good though that it remains cleaner as compared to other popular beaches. So if you're that person who loves water activities and has a good appetite for food, then Varkala Beach would be for you.
    • Payyambalam Beach - For the families, I'm sure your kids would love this beach. It's uncrowded but has a separate play area for kids. Parents can enjoy the beach and have some privacy as well.
    • Kanwatheertha Beach - I think this is the best offbeat beach destination in Kerala. It's not that difficult to reach the beach but it's still secluded. The powdery sands and the clear, blue waters are surely worth the trip.
    The Beaches to Avoid in Kerala
    • Kovalam Beach - Unfortunately, some parts of Kovalam Beach aren't as maintained. That's why if you hate seeing trash or seeing crowds, it's best to avoid the Kovalam Beach.
    • Cherai Beach - Apart from the trash, the waters here are unsafe for swimming. Don't go on the lower end of the beach where there are trashes and other wastes. Also, the restaurants here don't serve great food and has quite the same selection of dishes.
    I hope this helps!
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