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Leh To Pangong

Discussion in 'North India' started by Navi, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Navi

    Navi New Member

    One of the places I want to visit in Leh is Pangong Tso also known as Pangong Lake. I have seen the pictures of the lake and it looks amazingly beautiful, somewhere to just relax and enjoy the scenery, something which British people never get a chance to do especially the working people.

    How long does it take from Leh to Pangong?

    So far all I know is that the lake is there and you can just go there and view it, is there anything else one can do there at the lake as well?

    I was thinking on the terms of maybe having a camp there, a bonfire at night or some small kinds of water sports etc.

    If camping is allowed there, is that something which is available in Leh as a package or do we need our own equipment and food etc?

  2. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    It is about 190 km from Leh to Pangong. That is close to four hours, depending on how you travel. It might take longer depending on the time of year, based on weather and traffic. There are great options to enjoy the area, including camping. There are not many boat rental options, however.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Navi! Welcome to the forum!

    Pangong Tso means High Grassland Lake. The lake is about 134 kms long and extends between India to China, although 60% of it is in the latter. There are no species in the lake, except for a few small crustaceans. There are ducks and gulls though over the area occupied by the lake. It's also a popular place for bird-watching as many species of migratory birds can be found here. Back then, an Inner Line Permit is needed to visit the lake but now, both Indians and foreigners don't need permits anymore.

    From Leh, Pangong Tso is about 175 kms away. It can take you five hours or more to reach it. Along the way, there are beautiful sceneries to capture so even your five hours of journey can easily turn into seven hours. You would need to leave early to enjoy the sceneries along the way and have some time to photograph them before reaching Pangong Tso.

    As far as I know, swimming is not allowed on the lake due to environmental reasons. There are also no boating facilities in the lake. As I've mentioned, fishing or angling isn't also possible as there are no fishes in the lake. There are no activities that you can do in the lake itself, but beside it you can:
    • Do some bird watching - The lake is an important breeding ground for birds especially during the summer season. You can see species of birds such as the bar-headed goose and the Brahmini duck.
    • Camping near the lake - You can bring your own equipment and camp near the lake. There are also other accommodation options in Spangmik and Lukung, they're just a few metres away from the lake and you can view it from there. These are all tented accommodations though. If you'd like a cemented room, JKTDC has the Pangong Camp Resort, which is also a few metres away from the lake.
    • Ice skating during winter - When the lake freezes over during winter, it's possible to do ice skating over it. In fact, an annual ice skating festival is held here during the winter months.

    Camping is allowed and you can either bring your own equipment or rely on the local camps which provides both accommodations and food to tourists. Here are some good accommodation options around the lake:

    Accommodations in Spangmik
    • Padma Guest House - This has both rooms and tented options. They don't have a contact number or anything like that. It's best to inquire about them once you get there. The Pangong Tso is quite visible from their tents and rooms. A bed here is at Rs. 200 per night and meals at about Rs. 150 per person. They do have toilets but it's not attached to the rooms. Aside from that, there's also no electricity nor hot water in this guest house.
    • Himalayan Retreat - This is more of a luxury accommodation in Pangong Tso. Their Swiss Tent is at Rs. 3,000 per night and it has an attached bathroom. Electricity is only available during 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Here is their contact number: +91 9596773999.
    Accommodations in Lukung
    • Eco Huts - This is also a luxury accommodation. Tents and rooms start at Rs. 3,000 per night. They have electricity almost full time. Rooms also have attached and modern bathrooms. Their contact number is: 09419177658.
    • Mar Tse Mik Camping Resort - This is more of luxury accommodation in Pangong Tso. Their Deluxe Tent is at Rs. 3,543 per night. All rooms and tents have attached bathrooms. Here is their contact number: +91 1982 250303.
    I hope this helps!