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Less Known Destinations in North India

Discussion in 'North India' started by Man of India, May 6, 2015.

  1. Man of India

    Man of India New Member

    Everyone has heard and been to the popular holiday destinations like Shimla, Manali, Jaipur, Mussoorie, Nainital etc, and there are travelers who want something different and something new. This post will provide travelers with information on the locations which are lesser known and of course not visited as much as compared to the destinations mentioned above.

    Shojha is a place situated in the Himalayas, around 5km away from Jalori pass (22km from Shimla). Shojha is actually a small village with no hustle or bustle which is seen in places like Shimla. The place has a various number of temples which are made of wood which is one of the attractions of the area. The surroundings of the area filled with beautiful forests and the Himalaya hills are amazing and ideal for you to just sit and relax.
    Apart the wooden temples Shojha has other attractions such as the fort, lake and waterfall. Shojha is best visited from April to June.

    Madhyamaheshwar is a small quiet town in the Himalayas which is 3265 meters above sea level, where you will find a lot of history and culture. The town is surrounded by the beautiful snow covered Himalayas along with forests which are full of green which makes the whole place scenic. There is a very famous temple in Madhyamaheshwar which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the evening pray is something not to be missed. Madhyamaheshwar is best visited from May to October.

    Kaza is a destination which is located in the corner of Himachal Pradesh on the plains of Spiti River and is an ideal location for someone who wants peace and quiet with natural surroundings. There are two parts to Kaza old and new, where in both parts you will find the kings palace, monasteries, Gompas and many other historical sights. For some who have been there have listed Kaza as being a dream location. Best time to visit Kaza is between May and September.

    A small village which is a mixture of nature and history is located in the Himalayas just near the Parvati River. The place is is best known for the Israeli residents who have settled there, the Parvati river, trekking base camps and Malana. Even today you will find tourists who come from Israel which is why you will find many cafes and restaurants serving Israeli food, hukkahs and also continental food. Kasol is a destination which would never be forgotten is visited, as the atmosphere and culture is very different. The best time to visit is October to June.

    Shoghi a small hill station which is just 13km from Shimla is a place where you can find some peace, with the beautiful surroundings of natural beauty full of hills and flowers. It is destination yet to be discovered by many which is why the place is a lot calm than Shimla. Shoghi has a number of old temples which can seen and many products which are made from fruit. When visiting Shoghi make it a must to go to the Jakhoo Hills to view the amazing sunset and sunrise. Jakhoo Hills are around 2455 meters above sea level and it is supposed to be the highest peak in Shimla.
    Weather is brilliant all year round but it is best visited from October to June.
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  2. Anurag

    Anurag Member

    I have never heard of these destinations and they have a lot of offer and the best part that these places are not as crowded. It wont be long until these little towns and hill stations will get a large number of tourists in a couple of years time.

  3. Deven

    Deven Member

    Majority of these places are in HP I think, and it is amazing that I or many others like me have never heard of these places. When on holiday your time bound to a certain number of days and it is difficult to go and explore other places, like mentioned above during your holiday. I think sometimes the smaller the town more beautiful it is.
  4. KaranSingh

    KaranSingh New Member

    The lesser known places are the ones which no one goes to, simply because they don't have much for tourists to do and because people these days have started going on holidays a lot and tend to go to the popular places like Shima, Manali etc. With busy lifestyles these days people want to go to quieter places and these unknown or less known places are the ideal destinations.