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Metro Walk Rohini entry fees

Discussion in 'North India' started by Deepshika Madan, May 8, 2017.

  1. Deepshika Madan

    Deepshika Madan New Member

    There is an adventure park at the Matro Walk in Rohini, I am not sure of the name of the park, but all I know is that it is located either inside or beside the mall.

    I am planning to go to the park during the summer vacations with my kids and would like to know what the Metro Walk Rohini entry fees are.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Deepshika Madan, welcome to the forum!

    Adventure island in metro walk Rohini.jpg

    What is the Adventure Island in Metro Walk Rohini?

    Adventure Island is a theme park located at the Metro Walk in Rohini. It is situated close to the Unitech Metro Walk Mall and in fact, an artificial lake, the Lagoon, separates these two attractions. You can reach the Adventure Island from a bridge that crosses over the lake, hence the name. The theme park is a joint venture of two big companies in the industry, which are, International Amusement Limited and Unitech Limited. The theme park isn't that huge, but its location, just to the north of the city centre, makes it a prime choice for those who can't get away from the city for a long time. Aside from the dry rides, the theme park also has some wet rides that one can enjoy.

    Where is the Adventure Island Located?

    Adventure Island is located to the northwestern side of Delhi. Specifically, it can be found in Sector 10 of Rohini, next to the Swarn Jayanti Park. The nearest metro station is the Rithala Metro Station, which is around a kilometre away from the theme park. This metro station is in the Red Line of the Delhi Metro so you can just take interchange trains if ever the nearest metro station to you is on a different line. From the Rithala Metro Station, you can simply walk to reach the theme park or take an auto rickshaw if you want a bit of comfort. There are also some DTC buses that reach directly to the Rithala Metro Station from various areas of Delhi, like Bus No. 102 (Fatehpuri), Bus No. 889 (Hari Nagar) and Bus No. 975 (Kendriya Terminal).

    What is the Overall Vibe of the Adventure Island?

    The Adventure Island is a true blue theme park, with various sections for thrilling dry rides and cooling wet rides. With a backdrop of an artificial lake, the theme park all the more becomes picturesque. You would truly feel like you're in an adventure paradise, away from all the worries of the world. For the nature lovers, the theme park won't disappoint as well because it has many plants and flowers to take your attention away. The best part of the theme park are of course, the rides, which look fairly new and well maintained. Overall, the Adventure Island gives off this really young and fresh vibe, due to its modern appeal.

    What are the Attractions in the Adventure Island?

    Adventure Island can be subdivided into three main sections, namely: Adult Rides, Family & Children Rides and Water Rides. Many rides, especially for the Adult Rides section, has restrictions on height instead of age. This is because these rides are imported from abroad and to ensure safety, weight limits must be imposed. Some seats can only be safely locked if the individual riding it is upon a certain height. So it's best to adhere by these restrictions, as these are all for the safety of the guests.

    The Adult Rides are comprised of various thrilling rides suitable only for teens or adults. If you're faint-hearted, literally and figuratively, it's best to avoid this section. One of the main stars here is the Z-Force, which is a big drop ride. You can enjoy the view from the top, if your eyes aren't shut closed during the duration of the ride. The Side Winder is another exciting ride, wherein you are winded round and round, from side to side, as the name suggests. If you still haven't had enough of such rides, then go on for other attractions like the Sky Riders, Twister, Lightning Bolt and Space Jump. Flip Out, another ride here, can take you round and round, but it also takes you to higher heights while doing so. There are also the usual attractions like the canoe river ride, Splash Down, and bumper car, Wild Wheel.

    Next we have the Family & Children Rides, which are the rides suitable for smaller children and their parents. There's the Cyclone, their swinger ride, Splash Dunk, their mini canoe ride, Kids Bumper Cars, their mini bumper cars, and Wave Rocker, their mini viking ship ride. The little ones can get an experience of flying their own airplane with the Air Pogo as well. Simple rides such as the Tiny TV Transit and Derby Devils are also recommended to the very little children. For a bit of adventure, there's the Fire Brigade, which is a ride in the form of a fire truck that takes the little ones up and down. Both the Bush Buggies and Jungle Maze can let them experience a safari ride in the midst of the city. And if these attractions didn't tire them out, take them to the Bungee Trampoline for hours of jumping fun.

    The last section is the Water Rides, which is comprised of two areas, namely: Aqua Bump and H20. Aqua Bump is basically the swimming pool slash rain dance area. The water here is very shallow and there is water sprinkling everywhere. H20 is just an area with falling water from buckets where guests can cool off after a tiring day of queuing and riding. There is no proper swimming pool per se here, just tons of falling water and a few play areas with stairs.

    What are the Entry Fees for the Adventure Island?

    You can choose from two different entry fees, one includes unlimited access to all rides and the other includes just your entry. For the latter, you can just purchase for tickets for rides once inside. Entry fees vary depending on the guest type, whether you're a child, an adult or a senior. No meals or beverages are included in any of these entry fees.

    Entry Fees for Adventure Island

    Guest TypeDescriptionEntry Fee Without RidesEntry Fee With Unlimited Rides (Summer Special)Entry Fee With Unlimited Rides (Regular Season)
    ToddlerBelow 3 FeetFreeFreeFree
    ChildBetween 3 Feet to 4'6 FeetRs. 250Rs. 500Rs. 550 to Rs. 600
    AdultAbove 4'6 FeetRs. 250Rs. 550Rs. 650 to Rs. 700
    Senior60 Years Old & AboveRs. 250Rs. 350Rs. 400 to Rs. 450
    These are the entry fees for the Adventure Island. For kids with heights below 3 feet, they are granted free entry in the theme park. For kids with heights between 3 feet and 4'6 feet, they are charged Rs. 250 for the entry without rides and Rs. 500 for entry with unlimited rides. For adults with heights above 4'6 feet, they are charged Rs. 250 for the entry without rides and Rs. 550 for entry with unlimited rides. For seniors aged 60 above, they are charged Rs. 250 for the entry without rides and Rs. 350 for entry with unlimited rides.

    What are the Chargeable Attractions in the Adventure Island?

    Most of the attractions in the theme park are covered in the entry fee. However, there are a few that requires separate fees if you intend to access them. These fees are per head or per person so you need to take into account just how many of you are in a group.

    Chargeable Attractions in Adventure Island

    Aqua BumpWet ActivityRs. 100
    Water CoasterWet ActivityRs. 100
    Boat RideWet ActivityRs. 100
    Mini Golf CourseDry ActivityRs. 50
    3 Fun Villa Rides (Mirror Maze, Vortex, Scary Villa or 5D Theatre)Dry ActivityRs. 99
    These are all the chargeable attractions in Adventure Island. Aqua Bump, a part of the Water Rides, is included here and it charges Rs. 100 per head. Other wet activities like the Water Coaster and Boat Ride charges the same amount per head. Then you have the Fun Villa, which is also located in Metro Walk though not in the Adventure Island itself. You can choose any three from the mentioned rides above and it would only cost Rs. 99 per head. And finally, there's the Mini Golf Course, which costs Rs. 50 per head for the 6-hole course.

    What are the Packages Offered by Adventure Island?

    There are two packages offered by Adventure Island, namely: Ladies Day Out and Happy Hour. The first one is strictly for female guests and tickets can only be used during Thursdays. There are no age restrictions for this package. The second package is for everyone but entry is limited to only after 17:00 during weekdays, from Mondays to Thursdays, and after 18:00 during weekends, from Fridays to Sundays.

    Packages Offered by Adventure Island

    Package TypeAvailabilityTimingsGuest TypeRate
    Ladies Day OutThursdaysWhole DayFemales OnlyRs. 350
    Happy HourDailyAfter 17:00 on Weekdays & After 18:00 on WeekendsAny GuestRs. 350
    For the Ladies Day Out package, it is only applicable for females and by using this package, you are entitled to just Rs. 350 of entry fee. For the Happy Hour package, any guest who enter the theme park within the specified times only need to pay Rs. 350 per head.

    What are the Dining Options in Adventure Island?

    You can opt to add some meals to your entry through the online website of Adventure Island. There are additional charges for this but you won't need to get out of the theme park for eating once you avail of these meals. There are also designated food counters around the theme park for small snacks and beverages.

    Meals Offered by Adventure Island

    Meal TypeDescriptionRate
    Deluxe Vegetarian ThaliSalad, Raita, Lacha Parantha, Paneer Dish, Dal Makhani, Rice and DessertRs. 150
    Deluxe Non-Vegetarian ThaliSalad, Raita, Lacha Parantha, Rice, Chicken Dish, Dal Makhani and Sweet DishRs. 175
    Meal ComboPopcorn or Pav Bhaji with PepsiRs. 75
    Aside from these meals, there are many restaurants located around the Unitech Metro Walk Mall. However, re-entry to the Adventure Island is prohibited so you need to plan accordingly. Make sure you get your meals prior to reaching the theme park and thereafter, you can have your meals in the mall again. Known food chains in the mall are Pizza Hut, Gola Sizzlers, McDonald's, Moti Mahal Deluxe Tandoori Trail and Berco's.

    What is the Verdict?

    For a fun day out, the Adventure Island in Rohini is a great choice. You won't need more than a few hours to enjoy the rides here, both of the dry and wet variety. They also have quite economical rates and very easily accessible from any point in Delhi. Its location, close to the Unitech Metro Walk Mall, means that you can also enjoy shopping around while your teens are enjoying the rides. For a group of friends, there are thrilling rides here that are sure to excite you.

    I hope this helps you!:)

    Details of Adventure Island

    Contact Number+91 11 4704 1111
    WebsiteAdventure Island Rohini
    TimingsOpen Daily from 11:00 to 19:00