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Appu Ghar Delhi entry fees

Discussion in 'North India' started by RandR, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. RandR

    RandR New Member

    I have been to the old and now closed Appu Ghar and this year I am considering going to the New Appu Ghar which I am assuming is in Gurugram. As the park is new I am unaware of the entry fees and whether it is just an amusement park or a water park as well.

    Please, can members provide details of the Appu Ghar Delhi entry fees. These days entry fees on weekends are costlier so please provide entry fee details for weekdays as well as weekends.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    What is Appu Ghar in Gurgaon?

    Appu Ghar (Oysters Beach Park) is one of the newest ventures of the Appu Ghar Group, also known as the International Amusement Limited. The company aims to revive the nostalgia that the residents have for the original Appu Ghar which was once located in Delhi. The original Appu Ghar was India's very first theme park, established in 1984, but was closed in 2008 since the land that it stands on was just leased from the government. Anyway, the new Appu Ghar is now located in Gurgaon and goes by its other name, the Oysters Beach Park. It mainly has wet rides, considered as the best in the Delhi NCR area, and was designed to replicate the atmosphere of a real beach. This is the locality's very own version of lazing in the sun while being surrounded by glorious turquoise water all around.

    Where is Appu Ghar Located in Gurgaon?

    Appu Ghar is located in Sector 29 of Gurgaon. It is just five minutes of walking away from the Country Suites & Inn By Carlson, a luxury hotel in the vicinity. If going by your own car, you can take the National Highway 48, then the National Highway 148A, then the Sector Road and into the Appu Ghar Marg where you would find the theme park proper. For those taking public transportation, your best option is to take the Delhi Metro to reach the HUDA City Centre Metro Station, a part of the Yellow Line. This metro station is just 10 minutes of walking away to the Appu Ghar. The nearest bus stop is the Max Hospital Bus Stop, around 15 minutes of walking to the theme park. There are usually buses from Delhi to this bus stop so you can choose this transportation means as well.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Appu Ghar in Gurgaon?

    Spread around 10 acres of land is this oasis of fun and thrill called the Appu Ghar. The sweltering heat of the city is somehow minimised when you frolic in its clear blue water and test your bravery in its numerous slides. The mixture of various colours, from the blue of the water, to the red, yellow and green of the slides provides for a refreshing sight to the eyesight. The replica of the shore of the beach and the general spaciousness would make you grateful that such a paradise exists very near the city. Numerous cabanas line various areas of the premises as well, to provide for some shade and relaxation after a tiring day of frolicking in the water. Overall, Appu Ghar has a beach-like vibe that can take you to the memory of coastal areas of India.

    What are the Attractions in Appu Ghar in Gurgaon?

    (Images from Facebook of Appu Ghar Gurgaon)

    Appu Ghar is mainly a water park with an assortment of swimming pools and water rides to keep the guests occupied. The most popular and a favourite amongst guests is the Wave Pool. This pool has throngs of waves that occurs at regular intervals during the day, you can view the electronic screen that announces when the next wave would occur. The Sky Fall is India's water slide, at about 90 feet in height, the slide is a straight open one that shoots the rider in full force to a narrow pool of water. The Thunderstorm is a long and spiral tube slide that's going to shield you from the sun but not disappoint when it comes to fun.

    Rapid Racer is a four-lane side-by-side slide where riders are thronged face first unto the water. Whirl Wind lets duos of riders unto a raft where you slide amidst bumps and spirals before being dropped into the water. Torpedo and Cruiser are open slides with a few bumps along the way that riders need to traverse using only their bodies. You also can't miss the Oh My Gurgaon (OMG) ride, where the rider would be dropped using a launch chamber into a looping slide then into the water. Of course, there are also the usual attractions like the Monsoon Mania (Rain Dance) and Lazy River. Kids would enjoy at the Pirate Station, with its spiral tube slides, tilting water buckets, water guns and more.

    There's also a Toddler's Zone where some coin-operated games can be enjoyed by the little ones. These rides are on a chargeable basis though, not a part of the entry fees. The whole family can also enjoy Camel Riding or Horse Riding in designated areas of Appu Ghar. On weekends, near the Wave Pool, performances by local celebrities can be enjoyed. Groove to the latest hits and maybe rub shoulders with the famous celebrities of Bollywood while enjoying the view of the pool.

    What are the Dining Options in Appu Ghar in Gurgaon?

    There are two main dining options in Appu Ghar and one one-site bar. First is Low Tide, located next to the Wave Pool, which serves a variety of dishes from multiple cuisines. Here, you can indulge in Italian, Asian, North Indian and Continental cuisines. The restaurant is known best for its buffet spreads which are very extensive, perfect for after a tiring day of swimming and running around. Second is the Crazy River Food Court, which as the name suggests, is located close to the Lazy River. You can find dishes of Indian and Continental cuisines here. The High Tide Bar is the best place to unwind for the adults with its variety of cocktails and wines that you can indulge in.

    Aside from these main dining options, there are many food stalls spread amidst various sections of the Appu Ghar. The Oysters Bread Company serves an assortment of breads, pastries, cakes and other sweet baked goods that would be appreciated by guests of all ages. Rice in the Bowl is a food stall offering rice toppings which are not only affordable but also quite filling. Dragon Dimsum would satisfy those cravings for Chinese dimsums at very affordable prices. Chaat on the Wheels have an assortment of street food delights to curb your mid-meal hunger pangs. And for beverages, they have the Liquid Dukan and Chai Chaska as well.

    What are the Facilities in Appu Ghar in Gurgaon?


    There are many facilities in Appu Ghar to cater to the needs of the guests. There's a parking area near the gates which can handle a huge number of vehicles at the same time. Souvenir shops and an on-site flea market are available in the water park as well. There are ample changing rooms and bathrooms, neatly maintained and sanitised. For those who don't have swimming costumes, there is a swimming costume counter in the water park as well but they only sell clothes, you cannot rent them. There are lockers too that you can rent if you have lots of items with you, it's on a chargeable and first come, first serve basis. There are also facilities for outdoor games such as volleyball, tug of war, frisbee and more. For larger groups, there are cabanas for rent so you can relax at some points during the day. Finally, you can also rejuvenate with treatments and massages through the on-site spa.

    What are the Entry Fees for Appu Ghar in Gurgaon?

    Appu Ghar has the normal entry fees which include entry and access to all water rides. The entry fees differ depending on the day of the week of your visit. These entry fees won't include anything else though, so meals and beverages would come at an extra cost. You can enter Appu Ghar at any time of the day with these entry fees as well. Children below 3 feet, so-called toddlers, are granted free entry to Appu Ghar. Senior citizens and children between 3 feet to 4 feet are granted some discounted rates as well.

    Entry Fees for Appu Ghar in Gurgaon

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekday Rate (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Rate (Saturdays to Sundays)
    ToddlerBelow 3 Feet in HeightFreeFree
    ChildBetween 3 Feet to 4 Feet in HeightRs. 899Rs. 899
    AdultAbove 4 Feet in HeightRs. 1,299Rs. 1,399
    SeniorAbove 65 Years OldRs. 799Rs. 799
    What are the Packages for Appu Ghar in Gurgaon?

    There are three packages that you can choose from. The first two offers inclusive meals with the entry rates. The latter third is suitable for groups having five members. With these packages, you can save a bit of money, since some include meals already and the other has some slashed rates for a group of a few members. Some packages also include rates per couple so for lovers out there, it's another reason to visit Appu Ghar.

    Water Park + The Fest Indian Buffet Package for Appu Ghar in Gurgaon

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekday Rate (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Rate (Saturdays to Sundays)
    ChildBetween 3 Feet to 4 Feet in HeightRs. 1,099Rs. 1,099
    AdultAbove 4 Feet in HeightRs. 1,599Rs. 1,699
    CoupleTwo Adults Above 4 Feet in HeightRs. 2,800Rs. 3,000
    SeniorAbove 65 Years OldRs. 1,199Rs. 1,199
    Water Park + Multi Cuisine Buffet Package for Appu Ghar in Gurgaon

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekday Rate (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Rate (Saturdays to Sundays)
    ChildBetween 3 Feet to 4 Feet in HeightRs. 1,199Rs. 1,199
    AdultAbove 4 Feet in HeightRs. 1,699Rs. 1,799
    CoupleTwo Adults Above 4 Feet in HeightRs. 3,000Rs. 3,200
    SeniorAbove 65 Years OldRs. 1,199Rs. 1,199
    Package for Five Members for Appu Ghar in Gurgaon

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekday Rate (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Rate (Saturdays to Sundays)
    Group of 5 MembersAdults or Kids in a Group of 5Rs. 5,999Rs. 6,499
    What are the Timings of Appu Ghar in Gurgaon?

    Appu Ghar remains open all-year round, from the summer season, to the monsoon season and yes, up to the winter season. It is open all throughout the week, from Mondays to Sundays. But during weekdays, there's a possibility that some rides would be closed for maintenance. Appu Ghar is open from 11:00 in the morning until 19:00 in the evening everyday.

    Timings for Appu Ghar in Gurgaon

    CategoryDescriptionOpening TimeClosing Time
    WeekdaysMondays to Fridays11:0019:00
    WeekendsSaturdays to Sundays11:0019:00
    What is the Verdict?

    Are you craving for that much-needed beach vacation but don't have much time to spare? Don't worry, within the busy Delhi NCR is the Appu Ghar, a marvellous getaway with its beach-like appeal and assortment of fun wet rides. This water park would satisfy those cravings and needed respite from the city life. A recipient of the Right Choice Award 2016, this is your prime destination for a rolling good time within the city confines. For families, friends, couples and even seniors, take a break from the mundane routine of life and make it a point to explore nearby getaways. It can rejuvenate you and at the same time, get you closer to your loved ones.

    I hope this helps you!:)