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Adventure Island Delhi entry fees

Discussion in 'North India' started by SagooR, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. SagooR

    SagooR New Member

    There is an Adventure Island somewhere in West Delhi. It is near a shopping complex. I would like to find out about the Adventure Island entry fees.

    I would like to know about the weekday entry fee, weekend entry fee and also the entry fee if going in the evening as I know some parks charge less when you enter the park in the evening hours.

    Please also specify where exactly Adventure Island is West Delhi.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    What is Adventure Island in Delhi?

    A part of the Metro Walk Complex is the Adventure Island, a theme park on the northwestern side of Delhi. It has an assortment of family-friendly dry rides and also a few wet rides. Situated within a busy shopping complex and set beside a lake, Adventure Island is a getaway right at the city. That means, there's no need for a long drive just to find that adventure-laden place, nor is there a need to set aside your whole weekend just to reach a place where everyone in the family can have a good time. Opened in 2006, as a project of both International Amusement Limited and Unitech Limited, the theme park has modern attractions that fit well for the young and even the young at heart.

    Where is Adventure Island Located in Delhi?

    Adventure Island is located in Sector 11 of Rohini, about an hour of driving away from New Delhi. It is just a walking distance from the Swarn Jayanti Park of Sector 10. If you're coming from Delhi with your own vehicle, just take the Mahatma Gandhi Road, then the Lala Jagat Narayan Marg, unto the Bhagwan Mahavir Marg and finally, the Rammurti Passi Marg, where you would find the Metro Walk Complex along with the Adventure Island. If you're taking public transportation, the nearest metro station is the Rithala Metro Station, which is under 15 minutes of walking to and from the Metro Walk Complex. The Rithala Metro Station is a part of the Red Line of the Delhi Metro, thus you can access the theme park from any point of the city. The nearest bus stop is of the same name, the Rithala Metro Station Bus Stop. There are DTC buses that reach this bus stop from the various points in the city (Bus No. 102, Bus No. 889, Bus No. 975 and Bus No. 987).

    What is the Overall Vibe of Adventure Island in Delhi?

    Adventure Island is spread across 62 acres of land, an example of how nature can be mixed with modernity. The backdrop of the picturesque manmade lake and yet the presence of the shopping complex is a depiction of that. The intermixing of the concrete or paved paths with the surrounding shrubs and trees is also a depiction of that. The vivid hues of the rides blends seamlessly with the blue skies above. Statues of animals and walking mascots are also there to greet the guests at every part of the theme park. Adventure Island therefore exudes this modern vibe that somehow has a touch of nature still. Most of the rides here are in good condition despite being in operation for over a decade now.

    What are the Attractions in the Amusement Park of Adventure Island in Delhi?

    The Amusement Park can be subdivided into two sections, namely: Adults Rides and Kids & Family Rides. The Adults Rides are sets of exciting rides that should only be ridden by the brave-hearted individuals. Z-Force is their big drop or tower ride where riders are taken to the top before being dropped suddenly to the bottom of the tower. Side Winder is a revolving ride supported by a central pillar, where riders are spun in various angles sure to make them dizzy. Sky Riders is yet another rotating ride, starting slowly, as if gaining momentum, before fully spinning the riders into a fun but truly woozy experience. Other spinning rides such as Lightning Bolt, Flip Out and Space Jump are also worth trying out. The Twister is their variation of a top spin ride, which is back and forth ride suspended amidst two arms. There's also the usual rides such as the Wild Wheel (Bumper Car) and Splash Down (Log Flume).

    Next is the Kids & Family rides section, where there are rides suitable for all members of the family. Cyclone is their version of the giant swing chairs, where riders are sat upon swings and the top of the structure rotates whilst spinning the swings as well. Mini versions of the classic adult rides are also available here, like the Kids Bumper Cars and Splash Dunk (Mini Log Flume). Do you have aspiring pilots or drivers in your family? You can let them ride Air Pogo, where they can feel like jet pilots, or Derby Devils, where they can feel like certified truck drivers, or Bush Buggies, where they can explore the forests like a real forest ranger. Fire Brigade is the pendulum ride of the theme park, wherein a fire truck cabin is attached to one end of the axle and so you feel like a pendulum being rocked back and forth. Other must-try rides here are Wave Rocker, Tiny TV Transit and Jungle Maze.

    What are the Attractions in the Water Park of Adventure Island in Delhi?

    The Water Park of Adventure Island is not as extensive or as developed. It can be subdivided into two sections only. First is the Aqua Bump, which is a small and shallow swimming pool area. It also has sprinkling water so it doubles as the rain dance area as well. It is devoid of any slides or canopies though but can be a refreshing attraction during summer. Second is the H20, the multi-play area of the Water Park. There is no pool here though water accumulates from the sprinkling waters. It is a very colourful attraction, with stairs, tilting water buckets, sprinkling waters and more. So if your main intention is to enjoy in a Water Park, it's best to look for other options in the Delhi NCR area as Adventure Island just has very few attractions for that.

    What are the Facilities in Adventure Island in Delhi?

    As a part of the Metro Walk Complex, the facilities offered in Adventure Island are vast. There's a parking area at the ground level of the complex which can accommodate over 1,700 vehicles at the same time. Within the theme park itself, there are ample bathrooms and changing rooms for the utilisation of guests. First aid and wheelchair rental counter are also available within the premises. There are canopied seating areas for all guests, especially the seniors. For food, there are various food stalls and beverage stalls for the convenience of guests. The Water Side Food Court has been recently opened as well, easily accessible from the Water Park section. Within the complex, you can find many restaurants such as Domino's Pizza, Berco's, Moti Mahal Delux and many more. For shopping, you can also do so in the complex as famed brands such as Nike, Levi's, United Colours of Benetton and more are available here.

    What are the Entry Fees for Adventure Island in Delhi?

    There are two types of entry fees for Adventure Island. First is for the entry only wherein you don't have access to any rides, you are just granted entrance to the theme park. For enjoying the rides, you can just buy separate tickets for the ones you'd like to try. Second is the entry with unlimited rides access wherein you can try out any of the rides from both sections of the theme park, except for the chargeable ones. Entry fees vary depending on whether it's a weekend or a weekday. All entry fees don't include beverages or meals yet, so add those into your budget.

    Regular Entry Fees for Adventure Island

    Guest TypeDescriptionEntry Fee Only (Without Rides)Weekday Entry Fee (With Unlimited Rides)Weekend Entry Fee (With Unlimited Rides)
    ToddlerBelow 3 FeetFreeFreeFree
    ChildBetween 3 Feet to 4'6 FeetRs. 250Rs. 550Rs. 600
    AdultAbove 4'6 FeetRs. 250Rs. 650Rs. 700
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 250Rs. 400Rs. 450
    Is There Any Summer Package for Adventure Island in Delhi?

    For summer this year (May 13, 2017 to June 30, 2017), Adventure Island has an ongoing summer promotion. It is called the Summer Special Deal, wherein there are discounted rates for the entry fees of all guests. You can get as much as a 10% discount on the entry fees with unlimited rides. You only need to reserve for your ticket online through the website of Adventure Island which was linked above.

    Summer Special Deal of Adventure Island (2017)

    Guest TypeDescriptionSummer Special Rate (With Unlimited Rides)
    ChildBetween 3 Feet to 4'6 FeetRs. 500
    AdultAbove 4'6 FeetRs. 550
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 350
    What Other Packages are Offered by Adventure Island in Delhi?

    Adventure Island also has some packages that you can avail of as well, provided that you fit the requirements for that specific package or deal. Ladies Day Out is for all female guests who visit during Thursdays, they only need to pay Rs. 350 as entry fee. Happy Hour occurs daily, but after 17:00 on weekdays and after 18:00 on weekends, wherein guests only need to pay Rs. 350 as entry fee. During Happy Tuesdays, all guests can avail of the entry fee of just Rs. 350 as well.

    Packages of Adventure Island

    Package TypeAvailabilityTimingEntry Fee
    Ladies Day OutThursdays (Females Only)Whole DayRs. 350
    Happy HourDaily (All Guests)Past 17:00 (Weekdays) and Past 18:00 (Weekends)Rs. 350
    Happy TuesdaysTuesdays (All Guests)Whole DayRs. 350
    What is the Adventure Island Passport?

    The Adventure Island Passport is a membership scheme of the management. You only need to pay the fees yearly and collect your passport on arrival at the theme park. With this passport, you can access Adventure Island at several times in a year, in accordance with the validity of your passport. You can choose from a half a year validity, a nine-month validity or a year-round validity. Passports are issued by individual names and are non-transferable.

    Adventure Island Passport Types + Rates

    Passport TypeValidityYearly FeeInclusions
    Silver Passport6 MonthsRs. 799Access to Amusement Park & Water Park Within Validity Period
    Gold Passport9 MonthsRs. 999Access to Amusement Park & Water Park Within Validity Period
    Platinum Passport12 MonthsRs. 7,499Access to Amusement Park & Water Park Within Validity Period
    What are the Charges for the Paid Attractions of Adventure Island in Delhi?

    There are four main paid attractions in Adventure Island. The Aqua Bump, which was mentioned above already, the Water Coaster, which is like zorbing but on water, Swan Boat and Carousel. These four rides are not part of the entry fees with unlimited rides, so you need to pay for them to enjoy them.

    Paid Attractions in Adventure Island

    Aqua BumpWet RideRs. 100
    Water CoasterWet RideRs. 100
    Swan BoatWet RideRs. 100
    CarouselDry RideRs. 100
    What are the Timings of Adventure Island in Delhi?

    Adventure Island remains open all throughout the year. The Water Park is closed during winter as the climate isn't suitable for enjoying the water. But all other attractions remain open all year round, all days of the week. Adventure Island opens at 11:00 in the morning and closes at 19:00 in the evening.

    Timings of Adventure Island

    CategoryDescriptionOpening TimeClosing Time
    WeekdaysMondays to Fridays11:0019:00
    WeekendsSaturdays to Sundays11:0019:00
    What is the Verdict?

    Adventure Island is an easy to reach theme park within the city of Delhi. With over 10 years of catering to the entertainment and adventure needs of the Delhi locals, the theme park just keeps on getting better and bigger. It helps as well that it is located within a shopping complex, with a variety of restaurants and shops where the parents can relax while their children are enjoying in the theme park. There are separate entry fees for all guest types and you won't even need to avail of the unlimited rides entry fee if you do not plan on riding all the attractions. Such is the beauty of Adventure Island, it doesn't limit the fun for everyone, you have your options and your choices are all up to you. Have fun!