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Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort Parwanoo

Discussion in 'Himachal Pradesh' started by Goofy, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Goofy

    Goofy New Member

    My wife wants to go to this Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort in Parwanoo, which I have not heard of before. I would like to know more about this spa resort and know whether it is a proper spa or something dodgy and a waste of money.

    What facilities do they provide at the resort?

    How professional are the people who provide the spa services?

    Is a cable car the only way to reach the resort?

    Does the resort provide night stays?

    What are the charges for a double room?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Goofy! Welcome to the forum!

    The Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort in Parwanoo is elevated about 5,000 feet above sea level. Moksha refers to the final release of an individual from the physical world or the conception of the self. The resort aims to bring this Moksha to its guests. It's where guests can completely let go of themselves and where they can allow happiness and positivity to be infused in their spiritual self.

    First of all, there's a spa with different therapy rooms for different types of massages. There's Ayurvedic, Shiastu and Balinese treatments. There's also a European holistic treatment. Therapists are Western or Ayurvedic physicians, so you're in good hands.

    The spa also has an outdoor all weather pool, jacuzzi and fitness centre. There's also a Moksha Restaurant and a Moksha Bar/Lounge. The restaurant offers multi-cuisines, like Thai, Continental, Indian and Oriental. The bar/lounger has many cocktails, liquor and other drinks you can choose from.

    They also have different halls: The Mansion, The Royal Ballroom and The Boardroom. The Mansion is ideal for big events like weddings or anniversaries. The Royal Ballroom is ideal for a social get together. The Boardroom is ideal for business meetings.

    They also have different suites for their guests. Each room has a king-sized bed and a separate lounge area. You can also enjoy its private balcony. There's two LCD televisions in each room, a min-bar and safe. In the bathroom, there's a tub as well as a separate shower area.

    Like I've said, they're licensed Ayurvedic and Western therapists/physicians. They have great knowledge and experience when it comes to traditional Indian sciences. But at the same time, they're well-equipped with knowledge about modern Western treatments as well.

    There's a very steep and narrow road you can use to reach the hotel. It is mostly only used by the hotel staff to transfer food and other necessities from the city. The best option would be the cable car especially if you're not used to driving challenging roads.

    Yes, they do have suites you can sleep the night in. As I've mentioned, these are luxurious suites with a comfortable bed and its own balcony.

    They only have the Moksha Suites which has a king-sized bed in it. If there's more than the two of you, you can opt for an extra bed. You can also opt for connecting rooms if you have kids with you. Rate of a suite is at Rs. 18,000 per night.

    I hope this helps!