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Tree of Life Resort & Spa Jaipur

Discussion in 'Rajasthan' started by SunilGa, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. SunilGa

    SunilGa New Member

    I want to treat my wife to a trip to Jaipur at the Tree of Life Resort & Spa and I would like to know more about the services the resort provides.

    I plan to spend about 3-4 days there with here, and it would be good to know the facilities and services provided so if need be I would extend the duration of the holiday.

    I would also like to know about the location of the resort and whereabouts in Jaipur it is.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

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    What is the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur?

    The Tree of Life Resort & Spa is a five-star property located in the outskirts of Jaipur. It is an oasis, away from the chaos of the city, amidst the lush greenery that is quite rare to experience in Rajasthan. Comprised of just a few luxury villas, this is not just a resort, this is a destination getaway where you can be in the solace of nature. Blending with the local architectural style yet seemingly still in touch with modernity, the property is a wonderful paradise even at the midst of the barren desert. It's where couples can truly bond with one another, where families can get connected with nature and where any traveller can enjoy the tranquility.

    Where is the Tree of Life Resort & Spa Located in Jaipur?

    The Tree of Life Resort & Spa is located in Kacherwala in Jaipur. It is around 30 kilometres away from the city centre of Jaipur. Attractions like the Amber Fort and the Jaigarh Fort are under 20 kilometres away from the property. For those coming in from Delhi, you can take the National Highway 48 route until you reach Kukas, from which you can take a detour to reach the property. Railway stations and bus stops are further from the property, so for those without private vehicle, you might need to hire a cab to take you to the Tree of Life Resort & Spa. The Jaipur Railway Station, the main railhead of the city, is about 38 kilometres away. You can opt to reach this railway station though if you're coming from other distant cities and then arrange for a cab to take you to the resort proper from there.

    What is the Overall Vibe of the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur?

    Enveloped in seven acres of lush greenery, the Tree of Life Resort & Spa is your abode of peace in the city. The lobby area is of pure white with a central pond-like setting. Even this area is one with nature, with the leaf accent designs and the gorgeous stained glass window. Outside the lobby, you would find the villas, which stand out from the surroundings because of their pink-hued walls and red domes on top. From a distance, you can also spot the Aravalli ranges, as if standing guard upon you during your stay. There's a central infinity swimming pool as well, with its own canopied or dome shelter. The overall vibe of the resort is sophisticated while still being serene.

    What are the Villa Types in the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur?

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    There are four villa types in the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur, which are the following: Luxury Garden & Spa Villa, Luxury Pool & Spa Villa, Two-Bedroom Luxury Garden, Terrace & Spa Villa and Two-Bedroom Luxury Pool & Spa Villa. All these villas, 13 in total, feature the signature sandstone pink walls reminiscent of the structures in the main city centre. All villas are two-storey high, with a bedroom located on the upper floor, marked by a dome-like structure. The four-post beds, the hardwood flooring, the minute decors of flowers and other murals, these all add to the charm of the villas. The best part? Privacy is maintained because they are located quite a distance from one another.

    Villa Types in the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur

    Villa TypeViewTariffInclusions
    Luxury Garden & Spa VillaMountains & GardenRs. 9,307Breakfast + Taxes
    Luxury Pool & Spa VillaMountains & GardenRs. 14,736Breakfast + Taxes
    Two-Bedroom Luxury Garden, Terrace & Spa VillaMountains & GardenRs. 18,392Breakfast + Taxes
    Two-Bedroom Luxury Pool & Spa VillaMountains & GardenRs. 25,262Breakfast + Taxes
    The table above highlights the various villa types in the resort. Their most affordable villa is the Luxury Garden & Spa Villa, which has its own living room on the ground floor plus a bedroom and bathroom on the domed first floor. The villa also opens into a walled private garden which has its own shower and sunken tub. For the couples, there's are also shaded beds for couple spa treatments within this garden. The wonderful interiors of the villa, with the framed paintings, regal furnitures and delicate inlays are sure to make your stay even more memorable.

    The Luxury Pool & Spa Villa is the epitome of luxury. It has the same features of the dome, the pink-hued walls and traditional Rajasthani architectural design. This villa has a separate living room on the ground floor as well as a bedroom and bathroom on the domed first floor. This villa also has its own walled private garden, the difference being that it has a plunge pool, aside from the same features mentioned above. This villa is located on a higher level and hence, approachable by a few climbs of stairs.

    Then there's the Two-Bedroom Luxury Garden, Terrace & Spa Villa which is an apt choice for families travelling together. It has the same features as the Luxury Garden & Spa Villa with a few additions. There's a living room but instead of just one of each, it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the first floor, there's a terrace area with sit-out that guests can also utilise. The other features such as the walled private garden with sunken tub, shower and beds for spa treatments are also present.

    The last villa type is the Two-Bedroom Luxury Pool & Spa Villa is the most opulent option. It has two bedrooms with attached bathrooms each. The ground floor has a separate living room too. The walled private garden has its own infinity swimming pool, sunken tub, shower and of course, couple's massage beds. The living room overlooks the lush lawns and swimming pool. This villa is suitable for large families or even a group of friends. The beautiful flower decals, overhanging lamps and wooden interiors all give their beautifying effect in the villa too.

    In-villa facilities include a fireplace, sitting area, surround speaker system and LCD television in the living room. The bedroom has a king-sized bed, closet and some sitting areas. The bathroom is unique in that it is almost like in an open light setting. Yet the surrounding greenery shades the glass walls so that you won't be seen from the outside. The villas have this mixture of modernity and tradition, which would surely delight the guests.

    What are the Dining Options in the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur?

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    Located in an isolated area, there are no nearby restaurants to the resort. There's an on-site restaurant named Ashtam, from where you can enjoy your meals. You can opt for their ala carte menu or for their four-course menu, either way, you're bound to be satisfied. With a variety of Indian and Western dishes, your palate is also treated to the fullest here. For the healthy eaters, don't worry, the ingredients used in meals here are outsourced from the resort's very own organic garden. Thus, you're not only treating your tummy, you're also treating your health in a good way. For special requests or diets, you can always contact the head chef for such. The menu here is limited though, there are no buffets, as the owner believes in serving only fresh meals to guests.

    What are the Facilities and Services in the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur?

    (Images from Booking)

    The facilities in the resort are very limited as this is supposed to be a relaxing getaway. For starters, there's the infinity swimming pool, which is perhaps one of the best facilities of the resort. The pool overlooks the Aravalli ranges and has various sun loungers on its sides. The lush and well-manicured lawns are perfect for strolling around with your loved one. You're bound to find a secluded spot here and there, which can be venues for self-introspection as well. In some sections of the resort, you can even find natural plants or veggies growing which add to the rustic experience.

    For the spiritually inclined individuals, there are two religious abodes in the resort. First is the Navagraha Temple, where deities of the celestial bodies are celebrated. You can ponder on your life or your spiritual side here. Even the Ganesha Abode is a sight to behold, with various small and large statues of Lord Ganesha. These statues are the personal collection of the owner himself and would surely be appreciated by the devout Hindus. In fact, at every nook and corner of the property, you can find statues of the deity as well.

    Ekam is the on-site spa offering various massages and treatments to guests. You can enjoy body wraps, facials and even utilise the steam and sauna of the spa though for surcharges. Internet is available in the entire resort though signal isn't assured in the rooms. You can however access it easily from the lobby or other public areas. These are the facilities of the resort and as you can see, they are not as varied because the property aims to provide for a relaxing experience, not for an activity-laden weekend.

    The management and owner though can arrange for various activities outside of the resort. These activities range from sightseeing, to village visits, to camel or elephant rides, to yoga, to trekking and even bird watching. But to avail of these activities, it's a must to contact the management and request from them such activities beforehand. Services like dry cleaning, laundry and ironing can also be provided for by the staff for a surcharge. Room service also comes at an additional charge. Other services such as babysitting, luggage storage and photocopying are also available in the property.

    What is the Verdict?

    For travellers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Jaipur, the Tree of Life Resort & Spa is your best option. It is located just on the outskirts of the city, nestled amidst lush greenery that overlooks the amazing ranges of the Aravalli. If luxury on the laps of nature sounds like a good idea to you, indulge in this luxury property. Marvel in the calming effect of nature without having to venture too far out from the city. Enjoy wholesome meals that won't trigger the guilt inside of you. Have that little piece of haven in your own private villa, relish in the grandeur of the past architecture while still enjoying the modernities of life. All of these and more can be enjoyed in the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur.