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Nearest Metro Station To Delhi Hapur Bypass

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Ashu, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Ashu

    Ashu New Member

    My friends and I have planned a trip out and they would pick me up from the Delhi Hapur bypass, as it is easy for them and me. I need to know the nearest metro station to Delhi Hapur bypass, so I can get there easily. I can always take an auto or taxi but because I would be traveling in the evening I would end up being stuck in traffic.

  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    Technically speaking there are quite a few metro station which are near the Delhi Hapur Bypass, with just a difference of about 200 - 400 meters.
    As you can see from the image of the map below there are four metro stations which you can stop off at and go to the Delhi Hapur bypass, Preet Vihar metro station, Karkardooma metro station, Anand Vihar metro station and Kaushambi metro station.

    nearest metro station to delhi hapur bypass(1).jpg

    Out of all these four metro stations, the nearest ones to Delhi Hapur Bypass are Preet Vihar metro station and Kaushambi metro station. Neither of them is at a walking distance so you would have to get an auto from the metro station to reach the Delhi Hapur Bypass.

    From Preet Vihar metro station the distance to Delhi Hapur Bypass is 3.4km, which when taking an auto would take you around 14 minutes to reach.

    preet vihar metro station delhi hapur bypass by car.jpg

    The Kaushambi metro station is slightly closer to the Delhi Hapur Bypass at a distance of 3.1km and when taking an auto from the station to the bypass it would take you around 9 minutes to reach.

    kaushambi metro station to delhi hapur bypass by car.jpg