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Nearest Metro Station to Nehru Planetarium Delhi

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Kumars, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Kumars

    Kumars New Member

    I have joined this forum to get some help on reaching Nehru Planetarium. I will be traveling with my wife, and three kids and we would prefer going by metro rail, as there is just so much traffic on the roads.

    In order to get to there, I need to know which is the nearest metro station to Nehru Planetarium?

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    Taking the Delhi traffic into consideration its actually always best to opt for the metro whenever you can.

    The nearest metro station to Nehru Planetarium Delhi would be Udyog Bhawan metro station. The metro station is at a distance of 1.8km from the planetarium and if you get an auto from the station to the planetarium it would only take you about 4 minutes to reach. The image below shows the route that would be taken if you travel in an auto towards the planetarium.

    Udyog Bhawan metro station to Nehru Planetarium by car.jpg

    If you decide that you would rather walk from Udyog Bhawan metro station then that's not too bad either, considering the weather is good. The walking distance is the same and it would take you roughly 23 minutes to reach the planetarium from the metro station.

    Udyog Bhawan metro station to Nehru Planetarium by walking.jpg

    Nehru Planetarium is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed every Monday and gazetted holidays. It is open from 9.30am till 5 pm.
    Entry tickets charges are Rs15 for Indian residents and Rs100 for foreigners.

    The show timings are as follows:

    English Shows: 11:30 am and 3:00 pm
    Hindi Shows: 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm