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Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by PratapMangla, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. PratapMangla

    PratapMangla New Member

    I am from Pune and will be going to Mumbai to organize some meetings for business delegates.

    I need to choose quite a grand hotel which also provides a meetings area, and a hotel that came to mind was Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel.
    The hotel offers a meeting area, excellent rooms and is also in a good location.

    I would like to know more about the meeting area, the space provided and also about the refreshments that are organized for the meeting if any.

    I basically need as much information as possible in regards to business terms.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    What is the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel?

    The Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel is a five-star property located at the northern part of Mumbai. Its location is prime, nestled between two lakes and away from the busy centre of the city. The hotel is well loved by business travellers, mainly because they have all the facilities that these specific type of travellers need. But even families can enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of the property. Renaissance Hotels themselves are managed by the world-class hotel brand, Marriott. As such, you're treated to not only the very best of modern facilities, but also the very best of hospitality services. It might be an opulent choice but if you have the means for it, staying in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel won't be regretful at all.

    Where is the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel Located in Mumbai?

    The Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel is located in Powai, nestled on the western bank of the Powai Lake. To its northern side is the Vihar Lake, which is a part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is around eight kilometres away from the property. If you're coming from the city centre, just take the Andheri Kurla Road, then the Saki Vihar Road, until you reach the Sulabh Suchalaya and thereafter, take the first right turn to reach the hotel proper. The nearest railhead is the Marol Naka Metro Station, which is around 6.3 kilometres away from the hotel. If going by bus, the nearest bus stop is the Nitle Bus Stop, merely 1.2 kilometres away from the hotel. There are direct buses from Kurla (Bus No. 25) and Vijay Nagar (Bus No. 186) to this bus stop.

    What is the Overall Vibe of the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel?

    With its pure white facade just adjacent to the blue lake, the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel is easy to distinguish. The exteriors are fairly simple with lots of greenery surrounding the New Tower and Old Tower of the hotel. The reception, in contrast, is more regal and sophisticated, especially with the neutral hues accentuated by the golden pillars and this almost bronze wall just behind the reception. This wall truly stands out having various carvings of ancient men and their day to day lives. The rooms are sleek in design, with some overlooking the picturesque lake through a large window. Contemporary features dominate the rooms and of course, minimalistic designs are apparent. The overall vibe of the hotel is formal yet endearing, the former because of its business-like appeal and the latter because of its serene location nearby the lake.

    What are the Room Options in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel?


    Spread across 15 acres of verdant lawns, the property has over 600 rooms and suites that one can choose from. As mentioned above, they are located in either the New Tower or the Old Tower of the hotel. The central motif of all rooms and suites is contemporary, with very elegant yet functional designs. Flooring is either carpeted or hardwood, both of which are well maintained by the staff. Windows are large with draping curtains that showcase either the lake or the hill view. Tastefully selected furnitures are also found all throughout rooms and suites, not missing of course is a word desk with an ergonomic chair for the health of guests. Suites have their own living room and dining room area as well.

    Room Tariffs in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

    Room TypeViewTariffInclusions
    Superior RoomHillRs. 13,090Breakfast + Taxes
    Superior RoomLakeRs. 14,578Breakfast + Taxes
    Deluxe RoomHillRs. 15,173Breakfast + Taxes
    Deluxe RoomLakeRs. 15,768Breakfast + Taxes
    ConciergeLakeRs. 17,255Breakfast + Executive Lounge Access + Taxes
    Junior SuiteLakeRs. 19,365Breakfast + Executive Lounge Access + Taxes
    Premier SuiteLakeRs. 22,610Breakfast + Executive Lounge Access + Taxes
    Tower 3 Bay SuiteLakeAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request
    Tower 4 Bay SuiteLakeAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request
    Duplex SuiteLakeAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request
    Tower Presidential SuiteLakeAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request
    The table above highlights the various room options and tariffs for the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel. As you can see, the most affordable options are the normal rooms. The Superior Room with just a hill view is the least expensive, perfect for those in a budget. You can still enjoy the view of the lake in other areas of the property. The Superior Room with a lake view is a bit pricier but a suitable option for those who want to have serene views while in their room. The Deluxe Room have the same options, either with a hill view or with a lake view, with the latter being more expensive. The Concierge Room is probably the most luxurious here as it offers guests access to the Executive Lounge.

    Of the six suites, only two have published tariffs online. These two are the Junior Suite and Premier Suite, which have their own living room area to boast of. Just like the former, staying in this suites gives you the possibility to access the Executive Lounge. The other four suites are very limited in number and it's best to inquire in the hotel about their prices and availability. Aside from the living room, these four suites, Tower 3 Bay Suite, Tower 4 Bay Suite, Duplex Suite and Tower Presidential Suite, also have a separate dining area. They're best for families travelling together in the city who want a more cozy and spacious accommodation.

    What are the Meeting Room Options in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel?


    For the business travellers, it's vital to know and learn about the meeting spaces of a hotel prior to booking. The Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel has, in total, 12 meeting spaces. Two of these meeting spaces can be converted into smaller meeting halls, as they're mainly ballroom or events halls when utilized as a whole. There are also outdoor meeting halls that can be utilized by business travellers. For smaller group meetings, the hotel has designated areas for that as well.

    Meeting Rooms in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

    Meeting Room NameArea in Square FeetMaximum Reception-Style CapacityTheatre Style CapacityClassroom Style CapacityRound Table CapacityU-Shape CapacityBoard Room Capacity
    Grand Ballroom (A1, A2 & A3)13,000 (4,335)1,800 (300)1,050 (300)350 (120)350 (120)- (75)- (75)
    Powai Ballroom (B1, B2 & B3)3,060 (1,020)250 (50)200 (60)80 (30)80 (30)65 (30)65 (30)
    Gauri Point5,000150-----
    Renaissance Garden35,0001,200-----
    Meeting Room 1500-3015151515
    Meeting Room 2325-----12
    Meeting Room 3325-1510888
    Meeting Room 4325-1510888
    Meeting Room 5325-1510888
    The table above showcases the various meeting rooms in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel. The largest meeting slash event indoor halls are the Grand Ballroom and Powai Ballroom. The former is larger at 13,000 square feet while the latter is smaller at 3,060 square feet. The Renaissance Garden is the largest outdoor event hall, at around 35,000 square feet. This is followed by the Terrace which measures at around 23,000 square feet. The Gauri Point, another outdoor event hall, is not far behind at around 5,000 square feet. The Grand Ballroom has the largest capacity in its reception-style, as it can accommodate up to 1,800 persons at a time. As mentioned above, the Grand Ballroom and Powai Ballroom can be further subdivided into smaller sections.

    For small group meetings, you can opt for any of the five Meeting Rooms which have sizes around 325 square feet to 500 square feet. In theatre-style, these Meeting Rooms have the capacity to hold around 15 persons at the same time, except for the Meeting Room 1 which can hold up to 30 persons at the same time in this setting. Lotus and Jasmine (800 Square Feet) are also good options for somewhat larger groups not exceeding 40 persons in total, that is, if you utilise the reception-style or theatre-style of settings. For the boardroom-style of setting, these halls can only accommodate up to 20 persons in total.

    As far as the services and facilities provided during the meeting are concerned, the management and staff can help you with that. You can usually plan your meeting or event with them, highlighting the possible number of attendees and with an allotment for exceeding guests. It is up to you what types of meals would be served to your group, typically, you can request for course meals or buffet spreads, your choice. Coffee and tea can also be served accordingly, depending on the duration of your meeting, usually twice a day, one during the morning and another during the afternoon. Of course, audio visual equipment, internet and projector screen can also be provided according to your needs.

    They also offer a special type of meeting concept, the Green Meetings. In an endeavour to contribute to a more sustainable way of living, this concept was established, which is a greener approach to meetings in the hotel. To help with the local agriculture and minimise import fees, only seasonal food items would be served to the group. In addition, organic ingredients would also be utilised in the meals. The usual pens and papers would still be given to guests but these items would be made of recycled materials instead. This is a truly unique but important concept that you can opt to avail of when you do one of your meetings in the hotel.

    What are the Dining Options in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel?


    There are six on-site restaurants that one can choose from in the property. The four main restaurants are fine dining ones with a bit expensive rates. The fifth restaurant is mainly a cafe with casual dining so the rates are a bit affordable. The last restaurant is a bar slash lounge, with a variety of cocktails and other liquor-based beverages.

    Restaurants in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

    Restaurant NameCuisine/sOpening Times
    Fratelli FreshItalian17:30 to 23:30 (Weekdays) & 12:30 to 23:30 (Weekends)
    Emperor's CourtChinese19:00 to 23:45 (Weekdays) & 12:00 to 23:45 (Weekends)
    Lake View CafeContinental, Italian & North Indian11:00 to 23:30
    Nawab SahebNorth Indian and Mughlai19:30 to 23:45
    Mumbai ExpressPastries & Desserts8:00 to 22:00
    A BarCocktails and Snacks16:00 to 1:30
    Fratelli Fresh is the Italian cuisine restaurant which is open during dinner time only on weekdays and from lunch until dinner during weekends. With an elegant ambience, this is the property's most popular dining option. The weekend buffet spreads are especially popular here. But on regular days, their classic Margherita Pizza and Ravioli Pasta are worth trying out. Next is the Emperor's Court, which is another fine dining restaurant mainly serving Chinese cuisine dishes. Must-try dishes here are their Wok Fried Noodles and Vietnamese Roll.

    The Lake View Cafe is a more laid-back restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, namely, Continental, Italian and North Indian. The ambience is still sophisticated but with an air of simplicity. Open from lunch until dinner time, this restaurant has buffet spreads as well. Their highly rated dishes are the Cheese Platter and Dum Biryani. Nawab Saheb is the most luxurious restaurant that boasts of ultimate privacy because of the way the seats are laid out. The combination of red hues and dim lighting provide for a surreal dining experience. You can enjoy Nawab or Mughal dishes here like Mutton Awadhi Biryani or Galouti Kebab.

    The last two restaurants are mainly for in-between meal snacks. Mumbai Express serves mainly snacks like nachos, sandwiches and burgers. It also has a varied set of beverages and smoothies. On the other hand, A Bar serves mainly cocktails but there are also a few meals that one can enjoy here. However, it is recommended that only adults visit this restaurant slash bar.

    What are the Other Facilities in the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel?

    The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool complete with sun loungers and parasols. There's also an on-site spa, named the Quan Spa, which has a variety of massages, treatments, facials and scrubs in offer for guests. Other facilities like a gym, business centre and lawns are also available in the property. There's an indoor games section with facility for billiards. Necessities like an automated teller machine, luggage storage, travel desk, elevator and shops are also located within the hotel premises. Services like laundry, dry cleaning, ironing and airport transfers can also be provided for by the staff. Internet is widely available and speed is quite good, however it is only free for Marriott Card holders. For other guests, WiFi is chargeable on a per day basis, around Rs. 997.

    What is the Verdict?

    If you want to stay away from the busy city centre but still be within accessible reach, the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel is a good choice. This five-star property boasts of the best meeting rooms in the city. There are around 12 of them within the property, which means you have quite a few options as well. Whether you're part of a large group or a small group, you won't need to worry about your conference or meeting needs. Even the amenities and services provided for by the hotel for such meetings are complete, from refreshments, to meals, to stationary and of course, technological needs like projectors and screens.

    Good luck and I hope this helps you!:)