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Resort with private pool in Munnar

Discussion in 'South India' started by AbhinayJ, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. AbhinayJ

    AbhinayJ New Member

    I will be on my honeymoon soon and the chosen destination is Munnar. I am trying to find a good decent hotel or resort in Munnar which has a private pool, but had no luck. I have joined the forum in the hope to get some information on hotels and resorts with private pools. Budget is no issue yet and will probably be decided after the suggestions given.

  2. Abhay

    Abhay New Member

    There are a few options for resorts with private pools, some within Munnar and some a bit away from it, which I have mentioned below:

    Raagamaya Munnar provides a honeymoon villa with a plunge pool.

    Ragamaya Resort also provides a private swimming pool but is around 25km away from Munnar.

  3. KK

    KK Member

    If you looking for a resort with a pool you are more likely to find them outside of Munnar, although there are some available in Munnar but the prices are quite high and you have not mentioned anything about price.
    Although overpriced The Panoramic Getaway is an excellent place to stay.
  4. AbhinayJ

    AbhinayJ New Member

    Yes I did kind of realise that most of the resorts with pools are outside of Munnar which is not much of a problem it is just that because the destination is popular one would have thought that there would be resorts with pools. Do you think I should reconsider the destination?
  5. neha741258

    neha741258 New Member

    I found there are some resorts with private pool in Munnar, few of them are Mountain Club Munnar, SpiceTree Munnar, The Panoramic Getaway & Aruvi Resorts. for more options you can search on Google and hotels booking sites.
  6. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there! Welcome to the forum!

    There are many hotels in Munnar with swimming pools. However, there are very few properties with private pools in Munnar being that it's a high altitude area. There are a few properties with private pools, but they are further from the city centre. Here they are:

    Hotels and Resorts in Munnar with Private Pool
    • Spice Tree Munnar - This is about 23 kms from Munnar proper. This hotel/resort is between the Kannan Devan Hills and Bison Valley Hills. It has 14 luxurious suites and 2 pool villas in the property. The Private Pool Villa has its own pool and a deck overlooking the mountains. The Villa also has a separate master's bedroom, dining area, bathroom and a living room. It also has a writing desk, television, mini-bar and tea/coffee maker. The pool is an infinity one with a jacuzzi using the mountain spring water. Their Pool Villa has different rates for different seasons: Rs. 29,500 for the monsoon, Rs. 30,500 for summer and Rs. 32,500 for the winter. Aside from that, it has a swimming pool that guests can use which is also solar-heated. The resort also has a family dining room and bar. Their address is: Muttukad-Periakanal Road, Nadukkurissu, Chinnakkanal, Idukki, Munnar, Kerala 685618. Their contact number is: +91 4862 223 577.
    • Kumarakom Lake Resort - This is about 152 kms from the city proper of Munnar. This resort has traditional Kerala styled villas. They also have different villas with private pools. Their villa rates start at Rs. 18,500 per night. You can choose between their Heritage Lake View Villa with Pool, Heritage Villa with Pool and Meandering Pool Villa. The resort also has an infinity swimming pool with a jacuzzi. They also have four restaurants you can choose from. You can also avail of their Ayurvedic treatments. Their address is: Kumarakom North Post, Kumarakom 686566. Their contact number is: 00 91 481 2524900.
    • Ragamaya Resorts and Spa - This is about 28 kms from Munnar's city centre. This is near View Point in Munnar though. The resort has different rooms, cottages and villas. Their two types of villas with private pools are called Aranya Maya and Aranya Leela. They both come with private plunge pools. The rooms come complete with amenities like air-conditioner, flat-screen television, tea/coffee maker, in-room dining and modern bathroom. The Aranya Maya is at Rs. 11,000 per night and the Aranya Leela is at Rs. 7,000 per night. The resort also has a swimming pool, restaurant and spa. Their address is: View Point, Kallimaly, Off Munnar - Thekkady Bypass Road, Rajakkadu, Munnar, Kerala 685566. Their contact number is: +91 90616 80000.
    There you go. These are all the resorts I was able to find that have villas with private pools.

    It depends upon you really. If you'd been wanting to do some sightseeing, then you have to reconsider your options. These resorts are far from the main city centre. But if your main goal is to relax and have a quiet atmosphere, then you can consider these resorts as they're far from the city noise.

    I hope this helps!
  7. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    Well I think that it would have really been outside of the feel that we were going for to have a private pool, but at the same time it would have been really nice to beat the heat. There were times when we were over there when we barely got around because we had to take so many breaks due to the heat. A nice dip in a pool might have worked to ease that pain, but oh well. Thanks for sharing.